Hi Guys,

This is my first post so first of all "Hi everyone!" Glad to be part of the Network.

I need your help!! I'm writing a Trilogy of fictional books and the Chrysler building is to feature in them connecting two characters in the stories. I need photographs of the Chrysler in all its newly built glory from the inside.

If you guys have any photo's you can share and post in this thread so I can build as accurately as possible a description of the following parts in the building:

Express Elevators interior
360 degree view of the lobby
A typical office circa 1930-1931
61st floor offices of Margaret Bourke-White
Cloud Club
Viewing Gallery

I have tons of information on detail, and numerous books on the building to refer to, but I cant get enough information to build my story and any visual help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing what comes up.




I seen the thread re the former cloud club. Was I the only one cringing at what they did by ripping out all the fixtures and fittings? Ayeeeee!!!!