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    © March, 2009

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    Breathtakingly Stunning!
    Thank you for the visual getaway!!

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    Looks pretty sterile, everything looks the same, and those commie blocks.

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    The scenery is beautiful but the architecture in the first half of the photos is dreary and lame. Makes me wonder if Princess Grace didn't just aim that car right off the cliff to get away from it all.

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    OMG, I missed this thread. Awesome, Troyeth .

    \/ Wow.

    High Living: The Simona Shakes Up Monaco’s Skyline

    by Molly Cotter

    As cities continue to pack in people and homes, designers have realized the only way to build is up. In coastal harbors like Monaco, buildings are usually rather low and flat, nestled into the enclaves of hills, creating that picturesque-postcard view. Well, Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte is shaking up the luxurious Monaco landscape with his staggering, speckled high-rise the Simona. The gorgeous white tower will not only add modern flair to the historic coast, but also help move Monaco into a more sustainable, spacious future. Read more.

    The Simona stands heads and shoulders above the rest of Monaco with a striking sliced facade that allows views of the mountains and ocean to peak through the building. Each floor includes an open-air pathway and half- glazed sunlit terraces to warm and brighten the spaces while protecting them from wind and rain. Residents will enjoy unparalleled views of the ocean from a number of green decks and outdoor pool areas.

    While the view inside the Simona is breathtaking, the view from the outside is that of history in the making. The Simona stands as a symbol of the future development of the coastal area, and will always be the first of many major vertical moves for one of the world’s most popular destinations.

    images © Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte

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    The horror! Has no one heard of the perils of exposed slab edges in Monaco? Give me a flat facade please.

    The favela like jumble of buildings is somewhat impressive but the architecture itself does nothing for me I'm afraid.

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    It's just another ghetto.

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    Too many buildings barfy peach, yellow and pink.


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