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Thread: 150 Charles Street - by Cook + Fox

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    It's looking pretty nice.

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    Default 12 April 2014

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    Corner windows, a nice touch. But I hate that they're pop-outs.

    The old Holland Hotel (1903), now part of the little Weehawken St historic district, hasn't recovered from Sandy.

    It was never an elegant hotel, more part of the once bustling waterfront fabric.

    Christopher St marks the northern boundary of the Trinity Church farm holdings. At the turn of the 19th century, the area was well north of New York City. The state built the first penitentiary here in 1797, the infamous Newgate Prison. Those convicted of serious crimes did not go to Blackwell's (now Roosevelt) Island. They were sent by boat up the Hudson to Newgate. Thus, although from old movies, the impression is that being sent "up the river" was Sing-Sing, the origin was Newgate.

    Newgate, not able to keep pace with NYC's exploding population, only lasted 30 years.

    Article about the Holland Hotel, with a 1929 photo.

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    Neighbor-Hated 150 Charles Street Is A Real, Live Building

    by Jessica Dailey

    For as much complaining and lawsuit-slinging that happened over 150 Charles Street, one would have expected that the neighbors to diligently track its rise, but since construction started, the whole giant building seemed to sprout up without anyone caring to look at it (then again, maybe everyone just got bored; this building has been in the works for more than seven years). The last we posted a photo of the site, there was just a crane and some steel framing. Now the COOKFOX creation is nearly complete, as evidenced by photos from pro construction watcher Field Condition.

    And while the neighbors may hate its size, the design looks pretty nice, so the buyers of the 91 condos—who snatched the units up when the building was just a steel frame—should be pleased. They sold for more than $3,000 per square foot.

    150 Charles [Field Condition]

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    Another win for Cook + Fox

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    Nice. Cook+Fox does a very nice job of blending 'traditional' architectural design elements into a 'contemporary' design aesthetic: alway quality work done by this firm. I like this building much more than the nearby 'glass towers' along the hudson: I know those are all also star architect designed, but just look at how much better a building looks with the right of masonry and thoughtful detailing.
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    WOW the black trim works really well with the red brick...another keeper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    Gorgeous building! Is that POS with the sign on top of it coming down soon?

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    It's got an X inside a square - DOB unsafe notice. Probably Sandy damage.

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    Thanks. I know that many of those sites on West St. have developments planned, but I've lost track of which.

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    The entire block is part of the Weehawken St District. That building is quite old; it was built in the 1930s. Anyone that wants to develop it will have to deal with the LPC.

    The district extends 2 buildings north of W10th St (up to the taller red brick building).

    At the far left where the white truck is parked, two buildings that were tagged unsafe by DOB have been demolished. There is construction work going on there, but I'm not sure if it's a new project or stabilizing the foundations of the adjoining buildings.

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    The little building with the grey shingles looks very old. In fact, everything on that block looks great other than the one-Story brick building.

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