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Thread: Shops open Sundays in Chinatown?

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    Default Shops open Sundays in Chinatown?

    Hi, all. My sister-in-law is visiting from out of state on Mother's Day. She wants to go to Chinatown (and, I admit, look for knock-offs, I'm sure!). Does anyone know if the little shops along Canal St. are open on Sundays? Would they be on Mother's Day? I would assume so, but thought I'd ask if someone knew for sure...

    thanks so much!

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    Knock-offs aren't sold in "little shops," but everything in Chinatown is open every Sunday, and Mother's Day is certainly no exception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikicool View Post

    ... Chinatown ... knock-offs ... if the little shops along Canal St. are open on Sundays? Would they be on Mother's Day?
    Business never seems to stop down thataways. Look for the gaggle of guys with the huge black bags who tend to congregate along Church Street on the south side of Canal (mostly purveyors from the equatorial nations of Africa). Also: On the opposite side of Canal along Greene and Wooster you'll find many an Asian "free-marketer" who might lure you into their "shop" on Wooster above Canal -- which is in actuality the back of a windowless white van usually parked in the vicinity of 25 Wooster.

    Just keeps your eyes out for the undercover types. But they tend not to nab the folks who are buying and, instead, go after the sellers instead. A fairly sure sign of someone with "knock-offs" (or Counterfeit Goods in the legal parlance -- and the words of Mayor Mike) are the darting eyes and the ubiquitous cell-phone (used to direct the carrier of the goods parkeda block or so away to the location of the potential buyer).

    I've found these enterprising folks really hate it when a camera is pointed in their direction. No harm meant -- just some neighborhood fun . Lawbreakers on the run are so much fun to watch.

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    The thing that always got me about counterftters is that the only thing they are copying is a name/style. I can see why some designers might be pissed, but if a simple name or logo is worth that much, you are setting yourself up for an easy copy.

    If people were more concerned about quality than name brand, you would see less counterfitting around, but you would also see these guys making much less money off of a "LV" logo on a bag.

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    Default Shops open Sundays in Chinatown?

    I will look around and shop in 1 shop at a time in Chinatown in New York City if not this summer somtime next decade.

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