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Thread: Mondrian SoHo - 9 Crosby Street

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    Mondrian New York Delays Opening To 2011

    Where: 9 Crosby Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10013
    August 3, 2010 at 9:18 AM | by MsRebecca| 1 Comment

    Putting aside our excitement over the 6 Sexy Hotels opening in NYC this summer, we now have some more sobering news about one of the planned fall openings in the city: the Mondrian New York has been pushed back to 2011.
    We learned of the opening delay via a press release about Morgans Hotel Group securing additional funding for the development of the hotel.

    Marc Gordon, President of MHG said:
    "The additional funding allows us and our partner to focus our attention and resources on completing this spectacular new hotel in downtown New York."

    Sure enough, over at the Mondrian New York's website, it no longer says "Coming in November" but "Premiering Soon."
    While the press release says the hotel is "expected to open in January 2011," the online rezzie system won't let you make a booking before February 1, 2011.
    Even more of a bummer is that the room rates seem to have jumped up. Earlier, we had seen special rates starting at $374 a night for the opening, but now the rates start at $489 a night—and that's still billed as a special rate. We know it's hard to come by credit these days, but didn't we just learn that the hotel has secured some extra money? Why the room rate increase, MHG?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pics are not the best, but figured I would try and grab a few with my Iphone on a recent lunch break. It appears that the site is busy with its interior build-out.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Not pretty.

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    That tan material at the base is not the final cladding.

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    Agreed. They were sealing it when I was there. No indication of what the base is going to look like yet. The top of the tower is taking a more edgy shape though. However, I do not like the exposed water tower. It appears cheap to me.

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    View from the other new SoHo hotel, James NY.


    Paul Brady
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    That tan material at the base is not the final cladding.
    It's now getting an overcoat of white.

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    Which doesn't look any better.

    Large: pamhule

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    I look forward to the day when the POS with the Coors light billboard is razed. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later.

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    How could Barry Rice Architects design such a characterless building in an area so full of it. This could have been dropped anywhere.

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    Are they friggin' serious with that blank wall on the ground floor?

    Why does zoning even allow that?

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    Even Sam McShame gives us glass lobbies at ground level!

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    It actually looks like it would be more at home in Fort Lauderdale than in NY. If you've seen some of the newer hotels down there you'd see what I meant.

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    Mondrian New York Sets Its Party Plans for February Opening

    October 29, 2010, by Pete Davies

    The Mondrian's future Crosby Street welcome center.

    The Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz vision for the party in the Garden.

    Possible diving platform atop the Mondrian Soho.

    The new Mondrian New York—our apologies for calling it the Mondrian Soho these past couple of years—promised an opening last spring but that got bumped back to November. Now Soho's latest luxury hotel will be welcoming guests at 9 Crosby Street just in time for Valentine's Day. The hotel's website proclaims "Opening February 2011," and introductory rates come in as low as $275.

    Hoping to see some signs of the hotel's fantastical Cocteau-influenced design from Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, we headed down to the foot of Crosby Street to check out the 25-story tower. Up above everything is neat and tidy, with fritted windows framed in white rising forever into the Soho sky. But down at street level things looked entirely different, where construction of the low-level but high-design plaza has left things askew. We wouldn't have been surprised to see a sign saying "Charlie Sheen Slept Here."

    The site on this quiet block of Crosby, with the hotel tower set back from a wide courtyard where a "garden room" will grow, is a mess of construction equipment. A broad concrete pad has been laid down and a wall of cinder blocks is starting to climb up the old bricks to the north. Along the south side of the plaza will be the Mondrian's guest entry, an outdoor corridor leading to a whole medley of meeting spots tucked away inside. Amid a slew of filings at the Department of Buildings, plans are found for the subterranean Crosby Ballroom, big enough for 337 guests.

    There's also the Crosby Garden Building (room for 118 loungers) and the Crosby Bar (108 quaffers). Not to mention the Lafayette Lounge, the Banquet Room and an unnamed restaurant that will, altogether, host an additional 410 eaters and drinkers, all provided for by chef Sam Talbot. Come February it should be fun to see how this assemblage of folks figure into the rule-filled agreement hammered out last year between concerned members of Community Board 2 and the intrepid Mondrian team.

    Hotel Overview [Mondrian New York]
    Mondrian Soho coverage [Curbed]

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