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Thread: Moving to NYC with Kids & Rentals for Foreigners

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    Default Moving to NYC with Kids & Rentals for Foreigners

    Hi All

    I am looking at moving to NYC next year with my husband and son (2 year old) to go to NYU grad school. We would be looking at renting a 3bed apartment with a budget of around $4000-$5000 pm. Which areas would you recommend to live in when there are kids? I like the idea of Greenwich Village as it is nice and close to college, but how kid friendly is it?

    We are from Australia, but my husband living in NJ for awhile so he has a SSN etc etc NYU have told me that I can apply for one when I get to NY with some paperwork from them. We were thinking about offering to pay rental 6 months in advance. Is this normally acceptable to landlords?

    We will have income, through several internet companies that we own (based in Australia) so are technically working, but not really in the USA if you know what I mean ( this has been Ok'd by local consulate, as we are not being paid for a US job etc) Will landlords accept this income if verified through our accountant? And that we will have the equivalent to about a years rent in our bank accounts? As well as our monthly income coming in.

    Any advice or information about kids in NY and getting a rental as an foreigner would be appreciated. We are looking at spending at least 2 years in NYC, possibly more depending on how my study goes.



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    Just about every neighborhood that exists in Manhattan is kid-friendly. In the Village you will experience baby-stroller gridlock.

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    As a foreigner, you might be asked to pay a couple of months up front - but in this market, I doubt it.

    Greenwich Village is a very kid friendly area. Tribeca and BPC as well.

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    $4k-$5K not going to get you a 3-BR in either of those areas -- you will get a small two (around 1000 square feet).

    You need to be looking either much farther north, or in Brooklyn or Queens. I would recommend Forest Hills.

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

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    I would say in your budget you would probably do much better on the upper east side, central park is great for the kids and a lot of those buildings have families w/ kids. I would think paying a month or 2 upfront in this market would get you in the ues even if the credit was spotty, with the foreign income.

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    Can you really justify renting a 3 bedroom with only 1 kid though? It's likely to run you an extra 1500/month easily, and if it is just to have a spare bedroom for the occasional visitors, I don't think that pays off very well.

    Anyway, as Ali says, 4-5k/month doesn't get you a 3 bedroom in those areas, at least not unless you're willing to go into a very tired apartment. The eastern end of UES has some decent priced options though, and it is a quite pleasant area for kids too, I think. It's a few blocks walk to the park, but nothing too horrible.

    Always keep in mind commuting to work places when looking for an apartment.

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