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Thread: You Can Personally Help the MOMA Spire (Tower Verre) Get Built, Here's How

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    Exclamation You Can Personally Help the MOMA Spire (Tower Verre) Get Built, Here's How

    For the last couple of months now I've met with some very nice people at the MOMA who are committed to seeing this project get off the ground. I am scheduled to say a few words about the project and my petition, basically reiterating the petition and my support for the project at upcoming community board meetings.

    I'm sure many will agree with me that this project is too important (altering and defining the midtown skyline, architecturally a 21st century landmark, exhibition space for the MOMA, and jobs in a recession, the list goes on) for the NIMBY voice to be the only voice in the approval process. Sometimes the community residents voice legitimate concerns and offer reasonable suggestions but the overwhelming merits of this project should be defended, this project is too important to residents of the greater City. That’s where we come in as residents of New York City and even extending beyond New York as this projects impact will be worldwide just as the Empire State Building is recognized the world over. People that will be in New York on June 3rd and June 11th can come voice their support for the project. People outside of New York can write. Below are the actions people who support this project can take courtesy of the MOMA. If you will be writing or attending an upcoming meeting please let me know ASAP and I will relay the information to the appropriate people at the MOMA.

    On Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 6:00 p.m., the project proposed for 53 West 53 Street, designed by Jean Nouvel will be considered by the Community Board 5 Land Use Committee. In order for the project to gain the necessary City approvals, it is important for New Yorkers to express their support and desire to see this building built. It will also be voted on at the Community Board 5 full board meeting on June 11, 2009.

    If you wish to voice your support, the best way to do so will be to attend the Community Board meetings. They are open to the public (location see below) but if you are unable to attend and still want to express your opinion and support, please write you your local New York City Council Member

    (contact information may be found at and cc the Council Speaker Christine Quinn.


    Time/Place: Community Board 5 Land Use Committee Meeting- Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 6 p.m., FIT 227 West 27th Street, Building A, 8th Floor.

    Time/Place: Community Board 5 Full Board Meeting- Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 6 p.m., First Alliance Church, 127 West 26 Street, b/t 6th & 7th, 2nd Floor - Buzz # 3003 for entrance.

    Although none of us are directly involved with this project by voicing our support we will be able to say that we indirectly contributed to the creation of a landmark for future generations.

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    See you guys there...thanks for the comprehensive info!

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    You're the man, NooYaka!

    Good tip!

    I will write my support.

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    Can I write from here in Scotland? Im willing to use my old NY address if I have to though.

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    Sure. I'd be honest, you might want to mention that you lived in NY but an international following and support can only help the project IMO.

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    I spoke at the meeting today, another forum member did as well. A few other people spoke in support of the project. The overwhelming majority was people speaking in opposition of the project though, it ran the gamut from the tower will block the sunlight from my cat and my cat will die as a result, to the tower will be a terrorist target, to the Taniguchi expansion is ugly. While many members of the community didn't know what they were talking about they are the far more vocal party. They should not be the only voice in the process I would like to match their opposition cries with supporting testimony. This project is too important to New York City to allow some misguided and selfish community members to have the final word and be responsible for killing it. The next meeting is June 11, let me know ASAP if you plan on speaking.

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    Loud and irrational doesn't work anymore. The Dumbo Dock Street project opposition is a nice example of this. Unjustified protest carries even less force when the economy is lagging. Logic is on your side.

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    Community Board opposition will not stop this porject. 53 W 53rd was nearly unanimously voted down by CB5 in Round One of the public proces, but then LPC / CPC gave it the thumbs up. The same thing will happen this time around.

    In an economic climate like we have now all NYers should be thrilled that Nouvel / Hines / MoMA / St. Thomas Church are partnering to create such a great vision for the City's future.

    Be forewarned: If this specific project isn't built then the opposition will only succeed in assuring that another big box will fill that slot -- there is no doubt that something will go up on that empty lot. The alternative is something shorter and squatter -- something that will bring nearly the same 3 years of construction, the same loading dock, the same increased activity on W 53rd / 54th and all the supposedly terrible, horrible, frightening things that the locals seem to think will only come about if Nouvel's Tower rises at 53 W 53rd.

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    Where were all of these loudmouths when the townhouses were razed on 56th? Why don't these lazy schmucks protest the imminent demolition of 120 West 57th? They're phoney pretenders. They show up to these events simply because they think that being anti-development is chic and makes them seem intellectual. They should do something good for a change and prevent the demolition of 120 W 57th.

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    They show up when a specific development will directly impact their immediate surroundings. For those who live on West 54th Street what happens on West 56th Street is a world away.

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    I agree with this. Did these people raise a peep when Macklowe tore down the Drake. Now there is a big vacant lot that will probably be there for a long time. Where were they when related gutted 42nd street or when 8th ave was turned into one vacant lot after another. Any other world city would jump at the chance for a building like this.

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    I agree with Lofter and Lester.

    These people are phoney misfits.

    Historic buildings are razed constantly in NY, and they do nothing. They protest only when someone wants to construct a landmark. To be honest, I could live with their protests if they were consistent, but they're not. They do nothing when gems are threatened. These a_holes' time would be better spent protecting Admirals' Row.

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    For all they know there would be more light reflected down to the street with Nouvel's tower than the alternative boxy hulk. And if the views would be blocked either way, one version would have the view of a landmark and the other wouldn't. They're fighting against their own best interests.

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    Are these people whose specific views will be blocked or are they just nutbags that oppose any tall building?

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    I attended last night as well just to listen to the presentations and in my opinion the opposition to this project was not nearly as strong as what I have seen at other CB meetings. Sure there were the crazy comments about cats and terrorist attacks, but they didn't seem to be taken too seriously and there were a good amount of supporters who would applaud any positive comment. And I thought that it was interesting that even the opposition would comment in their statements as to how unique a building this is, but that they just didn't want it to impact their daily lives.

    Second point I wanted to make was how effective it is for WNY members to attend these CB meetings. I personally am not a public speaker, but I think that having a contingent of members go and speak on behalf of NYers who are concerned about the city's future and the great benefit that good architecture brings to the city does carry weight in a process like this. So good job last night guys. I enjoyed the points you made and the passion that you spoke with on behalf of the future of NY1

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