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    Thumbs up Abandoned subways was invited on a press tour (to get interest for the "Taking of Pelham 123 remake) through many abandoned subways and City Hall station.

    While we've all seen City Hall station in various galleries, there are some excellent photos here of abandoned sections of the subway tunnels and Brooklyn Bridge tunnels.

    Taking Sony's Pelham 1 2 3 Secret Subway Tour
    Source: Edward Douglas
    June 10, 2009

    ...After roaming around for a bit, taking pictures and learning more about the history of the station from our hosts, we got back on another car and headed to the Brooklyn Bridge station where we exited the subway system and were taken into a secret room, which we learned was once inhabited, but it was now being used for storage. At a portal at the end of the room, we could look out and see the old entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge that had since been rebuilt.

    There was a conspicuous stairway leading down further in the center of the room, but we were told not to go down there. Of course, being journalists, who are we to listen to instructions? A small group of us followed one of the trainmen with a flashlight into the dark and we fumbled around in the pitch black, starting to feel like we were in a bad horror movie as we wandered around in the dark, using our camera flash to light up sections and get some idea where we we going...
    - Full article at ComingSoon.Net HERE
    - Or to get to the good stuff and go directly to the image gallery, click HERE

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    Default Abandoned subways.

    I just looked at both websites of abandoned subways.

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    I love New York history, and that would have been a blast to have experienced. Makes you wonder what other hidden secrets the city has. Thanks alot for sharing that.

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    Get lost in here:

    And thank you in advance, Bronxbombers, for thanking me.

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    Default Abandoned subways

    Good more information about abandoned subways in New York City.

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    Article with pics about a party in an abandoned subway tunnel last Friday. I imagine now that the cat's out of the bag, there won't be much more opportunities for it, but you may as well use them for something.

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    If I had to guess that's under the Manhattan Bridge/Confucius Plaza section of the 2nd Ave Subway built in the 1970s.

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    OK, that looks like a very cool party.

    But this totally exposes the massive NYC techno-security complex, operating now as a multi-billion $$ scheme, as a complete pile of BS.

    And it leads me to believe that worries over the NSA knowing everything about what we do at any given minute is a much more minor concern than Mr. On-the-Run Snowden would lead us to believe.

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    So do you think they just want to gather information about us for the fees they can charge for doing this?

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    Beneath the Streets: Photos of New York’s Secret Underground

    Read Article
    Play Slideshow

    A new book opens the door to a subterranean New York only seen by transit workers and graffiti artist.

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