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Thread: Where to live? Working in Long Island...

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    Unhappy Where to live? Working in Long Island...

    I'm moving to NY next month. My boyfriend's job is in Melville, NY but I'd like to work in Manhattan. Not sure where a good mid-point is in terms of commuting. I've only been to NY once and never to LI. His job suggested Huntington but I'd rather live closer to Manhattan. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, Huntington has direct trains to Penn Station, so I guess that is partially why they recommend it. I'm not overly familiar with LI yet, but the one area I have visited a bit is Port Washington, and it seems like a very nice place to live to me. It's going to give your bf a bit longer commute to Melville, but shouldn't be too horrible I think.

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    Do you know how long the commute is from Huntington to Manhattan?

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    you can try queens. forest hills in particular is very nice and halfway between manhattan and LI. if you live near a subway, you can be in manhattan in 30 min or less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkc2515 View Post
    Do you know how long the commute is from Huntington to Manhattan?
    A little over an hour by train:

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    I lived in E. Northport for the better part of a decade (next town over from Huntington). There are a lot of surrounding areas by Huntington that are very nice, but there are also parts of Huntington that not as desirable as well. Melville is not a bad ride from the Huntington area. The train ride to the city is a bit long though as noted above.

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    I have lived in LI worked in LI, Lived in LI and worked in Manhattan and well lived in Queens and Manhattan.

    If you would rather live in Long Island and save $$ on Rent, I would suggest Mineola or Hicksville (I grew up in Hicks). Hicksville to Manhattan is about a 45 min commute on the LIRR (just to Penn Station), but Hicksville might have the greatest of frequency for trains especially during the evening commute. A monthly LIRR pass will cost you around $200. Mineola is a bit closer to Mahattan and will save you about 10 mins on the commute.

    Melville from Hicksville is about a 20-30 minute drive depending on traffic.

    Another nice area in Long Island is Long Beach. If you like living by the beach and want a decent commute to Manhattan this is an option. I can not tell you specifics of commute times as I never lived there, just went to see friends once in a while.

    As gitalk suggested Forest Hills is a great option as well. Keep in mind few things with FH, you will probably have to pay for parking (somewhere around 150-20/month), and rents will be higher then LI. Driving from FH to Melville will be about 40 mins and the subway to Manhattan is aprox 30 mins.

    Having grown up in Both FH and Hicksville, I prefer FH as you can walk around more then most Long Island areas.

    Hope this helps a bit, feel free to send me a private message w/ any other questions you may have.


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