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Thread: dallas: dealing w/ dealey plaza

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    Default dallas: dealing w/ dealey plaza

    certainly we have conspiracy buffs here don't we?

    I just spent a week in dallas. Make that 'the dfw metroplex' as they say.

    Lots more to come, but let’s get that elephant in the room out of the way first.

    I’ve been, well, not a fan exactly, but let’s just say curious about the jfk assassination conspiracy phenomenon ever since I first saw this hilarious scene from richard linklater’s move ‘slacker,’ one of my very favorite films. so, to see where this thread is coming from you gotta check it out first (3:58):

    ^ What really makes that gold is I saw this follow-up on a dallas blog -- incredible, but really now, hasn’t everybody met someone at least kinda like john slate? :-D

    ....this nugget you might be interested in: John Slate, the Kennedy-assassination conspiracy-a-go-go guy in Richard Linklatter's movie Slacker loitering around Half-Price Books, lives in Dallas. And not only that, but Slate, who appeared in only that movie, works for the city of Dallas as our very own archivist--which means, yes, he handles JFK documents all the time and gets paid for it. Says Slate in Salon (not Slate, oddly!): "When people approach me about JFK, it gets tiresome. But rather than be annoyed, it's easier to be flattered. I now work with real JFK materials on a day-to-day basis. I'm the archivist for the city of Dallas, so I'm in charge of all the Dallas police department records on Kennedy. I've got to have a little professional distance. I'm interested in the materials, but as far as being a junior detective, I'll leave that to the professionals."

    *** and with that forward here we go with…“just the whole tragic sequence…”
    grab your tinfoil hats you are going to need them...! :?

    Sequencially first I guess, I saw this plaque in downtown fort worth.
    The kennedy’s stayed at the hotel the night before he was killed

    Nearby to dealey plaza is dealey’s iconic dallas morning news building

    This building hasn’t changed a bit, but…

    …the skyline of dallas sure has - hang on for that typical & much more pleasant stuff later.

    from our car and the turn off commerce -- newspaper publisher dealey looks over his town square

    The texas school book depository – as would have been seen from the motorcade

    driving toward the ‘grassy knoll’ with ‘the triple underpass’ on the left

    yikes -- needless to say as we drove past here and under the underpass we freaked out :-o

    i went back later on foot -- here is the view as seen from zapruder's perch on the grassy knoll.
    the first of the alleged three shots rang out when the motorcade was under this street sign,
    it likely missed.

    conspiracist's have duly marked the spot of the second bullet aka ‘the magic bullet.’
    this is the one that caught kennedy in the throat and then supposedly hit connally in the front seat.
    connally said,"Oh, no, no, no!" and "My God, they are going to kill us all!"

    Here it is again – marked on the curb and in the street

    All marked out – the site of the third shot aka ‘the kill shot.’
    it was here jackie said, "i have his brains in my hand!" as they raced off to parkland...

    And this is the trajectory view today from directly on top of the kill shot ‘X’ on the street.
    It is unhmm, umm, crazy popular with tourists….me included I guess. :|

    Finally, why I love/hate America chapter 6879…
    This texas shop next to dealey will…blow…you…away! :whip:

    Here’s a pic I grabbed of parkland hospital from I-35 (no, I wasn’t driving!!!)

    and this is a shot I took of the texas movie theater out on west jefferson in oak cliff where they arrested oswald. employees called the cops after oswald snuck in without paying & he was nabbed "after a brief scuffle." The films being presented on that day were Cry of Battle and War Is Hell. Oswald briefly viewed the latter.

    Inside, oswald’s seat is embossed in gold...! :wtf:

    ^ more on it:

    finally, after seeing these sites you are definitely going to need this bar I saw in dallas’s deep ellum neighborhood!!! :drunk:

    *** Just to keep the paranoia level raised – a little more stuff re ‘that day in dallas’....

    Read all the so-called jfk assassination "facts" *uses the finger quotes* via wiki.... :roll:

    ....then get yr conspiracy on here:

    *** hey did you know there is so much more than the famous zapruder film? I didn’t! :-o :?
    so do your own search for suspicious characters here (note - these films are more historic time capsules of the event, they are in no way graphic like the zapruder film):

    the towner film (0:23)

    the orville nix film (0:27)

    the maria munchmore film (0:34)

    the Charles Bronson film (0:31) noooo, not the actor....or is it? hmm, he had access to film... :laugh:

    unknown film – newly discovered (0:40)

    the mark bell film (2:54)

    ***note: you can youtube zapruder yourself, i'm not even linking that one!

    as you know, there is soooo much more on this topic....! :-o

    ^ The above photo was taken at the time of Kennedy's shooting. Bush, at the time, was President of Zapata Off-shore Drilling Company in Houston, Texas. WMR's intelligence sources have confirmed that the above photo is that of then-CIA operative George H. W. Bush. Zapata was used as a CIA front for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961. Individuals standing in the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) have always been a subject for controversy in the Kennedy assassination.

    Dallas hospital room where JFK died now stored in Kansas
    2008-02-07, Dallas Morning News (Dallas' leading newspaper)
    A piece of JFK assassination history now lies buried in the most unlikely of places: a former limestone quarry in Kansas. It is the end – at least for now – in the long and sometimes strange journey of Parkland Memorial Hospital Trauma Room No. 1, where President John F. Kennedy died on Nov. 22, 1963. The entire room was purchased by the federal government 35 years ago, when Parkland officials decided to modernize their emergency facilities. It was dismantled and the contents – all of them, the examination table, clocks, floor tiling, lockers, trash cans, surgical instruments, gloves, cotton balls, even a towel dispenser – were placed in a locked vault in a Fort Worth warehouse run by the National Archives and Records Administration. The artifacts lay undisturbed there until September, when they were moved to an archives facility in Lenexa, Kan., a suburb of Kansas City, Mo. "It's in a secure location," Reed Whitaker, the agency's Central Plains Region administrator, confirmed last week. And in a comment guaranteed to get the conspiracy theorists going, he added: "Basically, it's not to be examined, not to be shown to the press, not to be photographed, not to be exhibited to the public." Under the sale agreement between Parkland and the federal government, archives officials agreed to close the trauma room and its contents to the public, saying that they wanted to shield the pieces from exploitation. A formal request in 2000 from The Dallas Morning News to view and photograph the artifacts was summarily rejected.

    *** alrighty now -- that’s enough of that folks. :-P


    “be sure to look for my book, ‘profiles in cowardice’….or, ‘conspiracy a-go-go!’” :laugh:

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    The whole thing gives me a headache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 195Broadway View Post
    The whole thing gives me a headache.

    David Ferrie: "Oh man, why don't you f*ckin' stop it? Sh*t, this is too f*ckin' big for you, you know that? Who did the president, who killed Kennedy, f*ck man! It's a mystery! It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! The f*ckin' shooters don't even know! Don't you get it?"

    JFK - 1991

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    A few years ago I visited the Sixth Floor Museum at the depository. Even though I am too young to have any personal memory of JFK, the whole experience was incredibly moving. My mother used to tell me how the whole country was in tears, and how she was depressed for so long afterwards. People loved that man.

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    The TV in my house was constantly on the entire weekend (and Monday). On Sunday, along with my brother, sister, and parents, I watched live as Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. For TV at that time, this was an incomprehensible thing.

    I think this scene on Air Force One was the most vivid image from that weekend.

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