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Thread: Ireland in pictures and words

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    Calm silver sun setting over the deep waters
    Reflection on the dark water almost blinding
    Peaceful tranquillity in the still evening air
    Birds getting the last few bites before bed
    Gentle breeze chilling as it comes ashore
    Mist clinging to the reed beds slowly soaking
    Cotton clouds in blue sky getting ever cooler
    Restful nights sleep could be on the cards

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    Breeze has clouds drifting along
    Breaking into cotton wool balls
    Blue haze lit by setting sun
    Dropping after a hard days work
    Baking bathers now driving home
    Leaving the beach in solitary peace
    Soft water gently lapping ashore
    Wetting sand leaving it shimmer
    Ripples tracking the soft surface
    Cleaning away the dropped ice cream
    Sandwich now coated and crunchy
    Odd sock and forgotten favourite toy
    Silver road as clean as a whistle
    Sparkling and moving as it flows
    Preparing for tomorrows throng

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    Midges nip and bite at ever inch of bared skin
    Sweat draws them in like burly for sharks
    Sodden turf sucks at the boots on my feet
    Trying to drag me under it's chocolate face
    Sweet heather blossom scents the pure air
    It's course twigs cut into my aching limbs
    Light green moss hides booby trap within
    Beware the walker who thinks it's easy

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    Thanks for the tour. You are obviously one who pauses to smell the roses. Seems so rare these days..... a relic, you may be.

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    Lovely contribution, thanks for sharing this with us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 195Broadway View Post
    Thanks for the tour. You are obviously one who pauses to smell the roses. Seems so rare these days..... a relic, you may be.
    Would not the world be such a boring place without it's relics.

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    Invisible seed that float on the still Autumn air
    Bursting into life when all else starts to fade
    Feeding on the decay laying all around
    Glowing like small light bulbs in the dark wood
    Sticky and damp while still growing strong
    Nature's parachute with the lines below
    Ready to cast open and spread your life

    A sure sign that Autumn is racing towards us.

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    Days growing steadily shorter with each passing week
    Long dark nights creeping closer like a prowling tiger
    Their bite the crisp frost that silently kills the weak
    Stripping foliage from every tree in the forrest
    Sending birds fleeing to their far away winter homes
    Bare cliffs coated in white no place for nesting now
    Beautiful to stand and view from inside the warmth
    Spare a thought for those not as fortunate as you

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    Do you live in Ireland?

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    Default Rolling Thunder

    Black bassalt standing guard against crashing water
    Giant waves constantly probing, looking for weakness
    Barnacles cling for life in every nook and crack
    Crystal blue waters morph to snow white on crashing
    Constrast of vivid colours steels my vision
    Soothing sounds ring around with every movement
    Fresh salty air fills and cleanses my lungs
    Rolling thunder,crash, hiss quietly slowly away
    I close my eyes and the sound surrounds my soul
    Letting me drift to a warmer shore far away

    A picture taken near my holiday home on the North Coast of Ireland.

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    Default Tranquility

    Greeted with a welcome like a long lost friend
    Embraced by the homeliness all around you
    A house steeped in the history of Ireland
    But greater in the history of the world
    US Marines who lived there during darker times
    Presidents who enjoyed the comfort given
    Guests from all nations just welcomed the same
    Feed only the best and delivered with perfection
    My every wish answered by a joyful staff
    Sitting in the luxury of this beautiful home
    Surround by antiques and comfort supreme
    A view from my bedroom window inspiring
    An artist's pallet of colours grace the tree line
    Beech Hill is truly a special place for all

    A picture taken from our bedroom window in the Beech Hill Hotel in Derry. My Dad worked for the US Marines during WWII when they used the Beech Hill as a base. A truely beautiful place.

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    Default Beech Hill

    Giant wheel turning by the steady trickle of cascading water
    Every full cup dragging the heavy cast iron monster forward
    Splashing water sending ripples across the deep dark pond
    Moss covered stones testimony to the many passing years
    Imagine back many years to different times, troubled times
    Laying on the grassy bank listening to this soothing sound
    US Marines resting in preparation for the battle facing them
    Young men so far from home nervous, but hiding it well
    Normandy beaches won't deliver this perfect peace
    Many will never return but those that do will never forget
    Forget the living hell they would battle through
    Nor forget the peaceful welcome still here at Beech Hill

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