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Thread: Ireland in pictures and words

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    Water wheel after last nights heavy rain

    A couple of the previous guests to the hotel

    A walk in the rain swept garden.

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    Ontop of the world

    Sitting in silence surveying the world
    Thinking thoughts of loved ones lost
    Lives cut short as part of some plan
    Whispering whine of the broad blades
    Steady rythme in the mountain breeze
    Slice approaching creeping clouds
    Silence allows good memories to rise
    Gaze at the beauty in the valley below
    Live to honour those no longer here

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    For hundreds of years all the hill was good for was grazing sheep or cutting turf.
    Now the farmers harness the power of the wind.

    Exposed and desolate, battered by the Atlantic winds
    Hardy grass, rushs, moss and heather coat the thin turf
    Planters banished the poor to the tops of the hills
    Homes no more than holes between the rugged boulders
    Land only fit to graze nimble footed sheep or goats
    Foreign trees coated some slopes to make a pound
    Destroying any chance of our nature to thrive there
    Their black gold being savaged by the gluttonous
    Poor man's mountains now offering a hope for the future
    Giant monsters have their blades slice the clouds
    Pulling out the hidden power man seeks far away
    Luxury homes now be built with the power man's quid
    How the tables have been slowly turned
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    Ageless dark stones hewn from the earth's heart
    Battlements forged with man's blood and sweat
    Purely defences or a sign of power and suppression
    Redundant jail turret stand high for everyone to see
    Ireland's troubled past displayed in these cold stones
    But hope for her future springs and nearby grows
    The young oak stand in a row to give us all heart
    The symbol of our ancient city our Oak Grove

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    Towering fortification standing tall and menacing
    Rock upon rock designed to repel all attackers
    Windows shaped for the archers long bows
    Ramparts with sharp steep impossible climb
    Wise souls avoided it's menacing defences
    Invaders though they could never be defeated
    But time has now slowly leads an assault
    Ivy roots seeping into every gaping crack
    Moss growing on the damp exposed stones
    Ice and frost weakening the crumbling mortar
    Walls blasted by winter's gale crashing down
    Invaders now long gone their castle will follow

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    Racing river rests between the tides
    Still waters disguise a leathal secret
    Tiny boats bob gently in the breeze
    Elegant heron stalks muddy shallows
    Sloping meadow meets the blue water
    Cops of trees shadows shade the bank
    Homes face this beautiful vista
    What a wonderful way to close a day
    Watch a sunset over peaceful water

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    A nice little shot I took while out for a walk near my home in Ireland.

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    Is that where Bilbo Baggins summers

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    Quote Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
    Is that where Bilbo Baggins summers
    Ha, could well be. Stunningly beautiful part of the world. Another shot from the same morning looking back down toward my village.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    What village/county are you from IrishInNYC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wobert Wedford View Post
    What village/county are you from IrishInNYC?
    Small place in County Fermanagh.

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    I haven't been to Fermanagh but as my mother comes from Co Clare and my wife from Co Cork so we tend to head west when we go over, not forgetting fly-over weekend trips to Dublin of course. We went to Belfast for the first time the year before last, very impressed by the friendliness of the people and so interesting to see the place after the events of 'the troubles'.

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