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Thread: San Francisco Achitecture Photographs

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    Default San Francisco Achitecture Photographs

    Whilst I'm at it, I might as well start to put up some architecture photographs from my last 3 month tour of 14 of the western and central United States.

    These ones are of San Francisco taken in the autumn of 2004 (November).

    Please excuse the lack of quality, was using a 1.3mp digital camera at the time I was there.

    Here we go:

    Oh my giddy aunt, the image quality is appalling, I'm so terribly sorry. It's almost laughable putting these up, feel a mite embarrassed now.

    Ok lets see how these look, before I post up some more.
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    Blimey!! It's worse than I thought.

    Might as well carry on I guess.

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    Last random few of SF and area, some general ones too:

    Alcatraz in the background:

    Alcatraz in the background again:

    And again:

    Overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge:

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    Great pictures!! I'm going there myself in a few months

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    Absolutely best City (and area) of the US, this coming from a Native New Yorker.

    If your going make sure to get a Irish Coffee at Buena Vista, and grab Dinner at the Stinking Rose. And even if your not into baseball AT&T field is an amazing place to visit.

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    I first traveled to this city for graduate school, not expecting it to be anything other than an American version of say Vancouver, but it surprised me.

    I lived in this city, or near it for several years thereafter, off-and-on, before finally going East for even more schooling, and what turned out to be the pursuit of a second career. I still have a home there, several miles north of the City by the Bay.

    As many know, the Architecture is different than most California cities, but aside from a few gems, it is just not that adventuresome for my taste. Yet it has a certain inexplicable charm, and a very strange and equally fascinating history that continues into the present. One is reminded of this history in tiny Russian cemeteries, Japanese enclaves, dual Chinatowns, the Haight, Mission District, Telegraph Hill, and the Stockton Street Tunnel that pierces the hills.

    I would not want to say it is the greatest in the US, just one of the most urbane and livable. I do remember those marvelous vistas down streets, and on hilltops, particularly in the golden light of late afternoon, when weather and time-of-year permitted it. Then there are the many fine restaurants and the fact that it's so small that you can traverse it quite easily, in spite of those monstrous inclines in many areas. This makes it the right scale, comprehensible rather than too large to grasp. And it photographs well with the crudest of equipment or with the slightest eye.

    I never tire of looking at it, even once removed with photographs, but the sights, sounds and even the smells will never be captured so easily in this way - necessitating that trip you must take to just experience it in the proper way.

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    Interesting Photo essay by Witold Rybczynski on the New Thom Mayne designed Federal Building, in Downtown SF

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    Well, this kinda, sorta looks a teensy bit familiar.

    Do the Twist

    Studio Gang tower in San Francisco bolsters downtown boom.

    by Sam Lubell

    Glassy entry at street level. Studio Gang/Tishman Speyer

    It has been known for some time that the firm of Chicago architect and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Jeanne Gang has been planning a residential tower for San Francisco’s Transbay District, south of Market Street. Now Gang and developer Tishman Speyer have revealed renderings of a 400-foot-tall, 40-story building clad in masonry tiles at 160 Folsom Street.

    The design shows units with large bay windows, a staple in the Bay Area, but the bays jut out at sharp angles and change configuration up the elevation, lending a twisting profile to the tower.

    The design is inspired in part by the bay windows of Timothy Pflueger’s 450 Sutter Street building. “What I like about tall buildings is what you do with the height, the incremental moves along the way,” Gang told San Francisco Chronicle critic John King. Studio Gang and Tishman Speyer both told AN that Gang could not comment at this point in the process.

    Looking up at the tower (left). The tower’s bay windows shift slightly as they prorgress skyward (right).

    Thanks to a deal with local officials in which the building was granted another hundred feet of height, the development, located about a block from the Embarcadero, will, if approved, contain about 35 percent affordable housing. That is the same figure the overpriced city is hoping to achieve for future developments. Currently all projects in San Francisco are required to set aside about about 12 percent of their units as affordable, or pay a fee. Gang’s building will house 390 condominiums, split between the tower and an eight-story shorter building of 139 units, 75 of which will be designated low-income.

    The haggling over height is part of a larger debate over Transbay’s character, as the once sleepy area stands at a crossroads. OMA has proposed a 550-foot tower nearby, and SOM’s transbay tower is also 400 feet tall.

    The Transbay District, anchored by Pelli Clarke Pelli’s 1,070-foot Transbay Center, is now set to contain new buildings by Studio Gang, Pelli Clarke Pelli, Renzo Piano—a remarkable conglomeration in an area that just a decade ago was a relative afterthought. Overall the district is set to contain more than six million square feet of new office space, nearly 4,400 new housing units, and about 100,000 square feet of new retail space, according to the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

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