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Thread: Ireland in pictures and words

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    Default Ireland in pictures and words


    No noisy neighbours to trouble you now
    Save the cry of a thousand seabirds
    Or the roar of waves on the rocks below
    Televison reception not great with no lecky
    Can't get a delivery of oil for,love nor money
    That paper boy just refuses to come around
    Going for the groceries can be a bit of a pain
    Rowing ashore and humping them up those steps
    But that homely smell of furf slowly burning
    Or the sunlight seeping though the tiny window
    Make this a cosy little place away from the rest
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    Sitting breathless I look accross the valley
    Dark greens and browns with a dash of bare rock
    Mountain bog to poor to produce a crop of food
    Land that grass would struggle to grow upon
    Cliff dangerously close I'm saved by the gale
    Rushing noisily pushing all back from the edge
    Wild Atlantic winds that have raced unchallanged
    Pushed shyward by the rising stark dark land
    Modern engineering dares to face the gales down
    Standing elegant like poising grey clad models
    Swiping blades, cutting each blast, over and over
    They turn and face the beast emotionless
    Capturing the gale's power silently
    Warming the turfless homes in the valley
    Turf cutters spade hangs rusting unused

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    Climbing the broken tarmac path shaded from the sun
    New boots stabbing my ankles with each painful step
    Only the faintest breath of breeze to cool my face
    Light and shade with a thousand tones of green
    Song birds sing their songs hidden from any gaze
    Squirrels feast on the swelled nuts still on the branch
    Peace in this sanctary far from the buzz and noise
    Light at the end of the tunnel of green draws me on

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    What unseen hand has carved these grains of sand
    Gently stroking their neighbours slowly away
    Carefully creating this hidden work of art
    Knowing just how far to push the boundry
    No gallery will ever capture this beauty
    No speculator will invest a fortune to hold it
    No art critic will every wax lyrical or scorn
    It is there for all to see if they choose to look
    Open their eyes and wonder at it all around
    Free admission and no bull to listen to

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    Crisp clear skies bathe us in weak sunshine with no heat
    Wet sand pounded hard by winterís grey waves
    Bodies well wrapped shield us from the icy breeze
    Some visit safely cocooned in their cars
    They fail to hear the beauty all around them
    Song birds hidden in the waving grass dunes
    Sea birds swooping down from rocky nests
    Peace disturbed by the racket from a bared engine
    Clung from taught fabric, propeller, cables and struts
    Rich boy swoops low to show off his new toy
    Does he know the beauty here to be had for free

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    Skimming over peaceful waters set on fire by the setting sun
    Amber sparkles from every ripple over the glassy surface
    Riders hold on tight hoping not to hit a hidden hazzard
    Spray in their faces adding to their thrilling excitement
    Thankfully far enough away not to be heard roaring
    Just the sound of the waves lapping the shore fill the air

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    Calm silver sun setting over the deep waters
    Reflection on the dark water almost blinding
    Peaceful tranquillity in the still evening air
    Birds getting the last few bites before bed
    Gentle breeze chilling as it comes ashore
    Mist clinging to the reed beds slowly soaking
    Cotton clouds in blue sky getting ever cooler
    Restful nights sleep could be on the cards

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    Sitting silently at peace in the beautiful Lisnagar
    Soft sunlight kisses the freshly sprouted green leaves
    Welcoming them into this secret sheltered paradise
    I lay back on the fallen trunk and gaze up at the rays
    Passing gently through the growing green canopy
    Bringing the hope of life to the dormant seeds blow
    My breathing eases and my ears focus on the sound
    A hidden choir joins me from the wood all around
    Each singer trying to outdo their feather neighbour
    I close my eyes and just peacefully enjoy their harmony
    Movement over the crispy carpet gives me a start
    A flash of red fur tinted with silver zips by
    The secret keepers of Lisnagar show themsleves
    Winter coats fading from pointed ears and fluffy tail
    How honoured I am to be accepted in their kingdom
    The shaded peaceful wood of Lisnagar

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    Carrick a Rede rope bridge near the Giant's Causeway, North Coast Ireland

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    Ballintoy Harbour, North Coast

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    Nun's Walk, Portstewart, Co Derry

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