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Thread: Derek Jeter

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    Completely made-up statistic, but what the hell.

    The most hits in a season vs age is 225, by Paul Molitor in 1996. But most of those was as a DH.

    Coincidentally, the the record for most hits in a season by a position player vs age is by a SS at 38 years old.

    In 1912, Honus Wagner, playing SS for the Pittsburgh Pirates, collected 181 hits.

    With 127 hits so far this season, Jeter is on a pace to get 209 hits. But subtracting 21 hits as a DH, the projected total is 175.

    Interesting to see how this turns out, and if the broadcast media picks up on it.

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    Not to sound dumb, I am not sure what you mean by most hits vs. age. Can you expand on that? Thanks.

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    I should have added that Paul Moilitor was 39 years old in 1996. His 225 hits that year is not the single-season record, but it's the most hits for any player aged 39 or older.

    The same for Honus Wagner. His 181 hits in 1912 is the most for any position player aged 38 or older.

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    Ahh. Thanks.

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    Hits vs decrepitude: 209 hits is excellent for a guy who was washed up not long ago.

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    Revisiting my useless statistic:

    The number at issue is total hits for a position player age 38 or older. Recordholder is Honus Wagner with 181 hits.

    Last checked a month ago, Jeter was on pace to finish the season with 175 hits at SS (minus hits collected as a DH).

    After 123 games, Jeter has 168 hits, 29 as a DH. This projects to a season total of 221 hits, 183 as a SS. The 221 would surpass his own career best of 219 hits in 1999.

    On another note: Although I think it's a distant long shot for Jeter to catch Pete Rose in total hits, a psychological barrier was reached with Jeter's HR yesterday. He now has 3256 hits, exactly 1000 less than Pete Rose. It's still a big number, but 970 feels a lot less than 1030. He was 2000 hits away in July 2007. Not really that long ago.

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    ^ I wrote my note below before I saw this.

    Even if Jeter keeps up his August pace in hitting, he won't catch Trout for a batting title, but he should lead MLB in hits and may break his own single-season record of 219 hits, when he hit .349 in 1999.

    Right now he has 169 hits over the Yankees 124 games to the season thus far, which is about 1.36 hits per game. With 38 games left he is on pace for another 52 hits, which would give him 221 hits for 2012.

    It never works out as projected, of course. He may slump or strain a muscle and have to sit out, or he may stay ultra-hot and even catch Trout. Regardless, he's having one of his best seasons of a fantastic career.

    He's 38. Who knows how long he can keep this up.

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    He just doubled in his first AB while I was writing that.

    What's more fun than baseball?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbcat View Post
    Even if Jeter keeps up his August pace in hitting, he won't catch Trout for a batting title,
    It's not really a question of Jeter catching Trout, but the other way around.

    Jeter has about 110 more ABs than Trout, so his BA won't move as much. But with 414 ABs so far, Trout can "catch" Jeter, if he goes into a slump. Well, not really a slump.

    Trout's BA so far in August is exactly .300, and he lost 12 points in his season BA to .341. Figuring about 150 ABs for the remaining games, if Trout bats .300 for the rest of the season, he would end up at .330.

    Jeter would have to bat about .350 the rest of the season and collect 224 hits to reach .331.

    Their seasons are somewhat mirrored. Jeter had a June swoon, while Trout was hot for the month. Jeter is .385 for August, while Trout is experiencing the dog days. The difference is that Jeter was under .300 for his bad month, while Trout has batted over .300 every month. So if Trout has that sub .300 month, there's a chance.

    But let's not forget Miguel Cabrera, who's right there at #2.

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    Yes, Cabrera is in the thick of it, for sure. He'll probably win an MVP this year whether or not he passes Trout and stays ahead of Jeter.

    Trout was in a mini slump at the start of August, apparently, but is hitting .349 in his last ten games. He's also been pretty steady since he came up: .341 pre-All Star and .342 since, so there does seem to be any reason to believe he'll go flat from here through September.

    I'd love to see Jeter win a batting title, but I don't think it is a good bet. I'd love to see him get 220+ hits this season, regardless of awards and accolades. He's doing fine in those categories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbcat View Post
    Trout was in a mini slump at the start of August, apparently, but is hitting .349 in his last ten games. He's also been pretty steady since he came up: .341 pre-All Star and .342 since, so there does seem to be any reason to believe he'll go flat from here through September.
    I don't think that 10 games is enough of a sample to base a prediction. Trout has batted .250 his last 10 games. He could finish the year batting .250, but I doubt it. However, his numbers through August and now into Sept have shown a consistent drop off. Over the last 33 games from August 1, Trout has batted .275. Nothing bad, but it'll drive down a high BA built on fewer ABs.

    For a few reasons, I thought there was a good chance that, while very difficult for Cabrea or Jeter to catch Trout, he might come down to them.

    He only played in 40 games last year; this is his first full season in MLB, and rookies often hit a wall late in the season. His BA was very high with over 100 less ABs than the other two players. And he is in the middle of a playoff run; unlike the others, new territory for him.

    Since July 31

    Jeter: batted .349, BA moved from .312 to .319
    Cabrera: batted .353, BA moved from .322 to .330
    Trout: batted .275, BA moved from .353 to .330

    So Trout has caught Cabrera. If they both get hot, Trout has the advantage. The opposite if they both slump. At this point, I think 4 decimal places are necessary.

    Cabrera: .3301
    Trout: .3298

    What makes this more interesting is that Cabrera leads the league in RBIs by two, and is fourth in HR, three behind the leader. RBI is a two man race between Cabrera and Hamilton, while six players have a shot at the HR crown.

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    You called it right on Trout. Cabrera has an outside shot at a triple crown. Unless Jeter goes wild for the rest of the month, he won't win a batting title. I don't think we can count on Cabrera to stop hitting; he's not prone to streaks.

    Jeter will have 200 hits in about ten days, if luck holds. Not bad at all no matter how you break it down.

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    If Jeter finishes with a very good month (above .350, 35 more hits), he could raise his BA to about .325. So Cabrera and Trout would have to drop.

    If Cabrera hit .290 the rest of the way, his BA would drop under .325. For Trout, .300 would get him under .325.

    Any one of these is reasonably possible, but I think all three falling into place is unlikely. I really can't see Cabrera hitting .290 down the stretch.

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    Unlike that little dweeb in Boston, Cabrera will have deserved any individual awards he earns this season. All Jeter really "needs" is another ring. An mvp or batting title would be icing on that cake. It hasn't really looked like any of this will come to pass for some weeks now, however.

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    Little dweeb? LOL

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