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Thread: A City along MA's North Shore

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    Default A City along MA's North Shore

    I have family in this area, and recently I was up in Beverly (directly north of Salem and about 20 miles northwest of Boston) visiting them and had time to go for a walk. Like any New England municipality along the ocean, it has a lengthy maritime history, and was the place where the first boat for the US Army was built (the Navy didn't yet exist). Also, the first "cotton manufactory" was built here back in 1787.

    Today, it doesn't get much for tourists, but it still has a lively main street with a well-regarded restaurant row and art-based businesses to serve the adjacent Montserrat College of Art, which gives the city a youthful vibe lacking in many other nearby towns.

    It is also well-served by the commuter rail network, having more departures for Boston than any other suburban station. Partly as a result, it has seen sizeable residential growth on the main road that runs parallel to the tracks.

    Here's the general, clockwise route I followed:

    Cabot Street, the aforementioned strip with restaurants and art establishments:

    Big addition at the high school, the only development I saw going on:

    I LOVE love love streets that end in the big blue:

    And it don't get much more New England-y than this:

    Looking towards the Salem Harbor power plant from Lynch Park, the town's biggest park:

    And looking back towards mainland Beverly and the public beach:

    About Lynch Park, its strategic point at the mouth of Beverly Harbor made it an ideal location for a Patriot fort in the Revolutionary days, and it became an estate in the 1800s. A cottage on the property became the summer White House when then-president William Taft leased it from 1909-10, thrusting Beverly into the international spotlight.

    After 1910, the cottage was moved (allegedly because the landowner hated the bustle associated with a visiting president) and in its place was built a rose garden within the cottage's basement:

    Back in the main part of town, with the public beach at left:

    Lynch Park can be seen dead ahead:

    Now heading back towards the train station via Rantoul Street, where the newest and biggest residential developments are:

    Back at the station, it's time to head home!


    If you'd like to see more of this town, I have an old wintertime thread of it over at archBoston
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    You put a lot of effort into a thread on a sub-forum that is sadly virtually abandoned.

    That is part of the reason why I am giving you some comment love, to do my part to rejuvenate an underrated photo section. Please note, however, that this is only 5% of my reasoning.

    The other 95% is that you have documented an incredibly attractive New England town that I have never seen before. The photographs are lovely.

    Thank you!

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    What a gorgeous place. I wish I had visited New England when I was living in NYC. There is time for that though.

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    Hi, I really enjoyed the pictures you took of Beverly. My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving there and are planning to take a trip up this week. I was wondering if you could tell me the street where the first picture was taken with the beautiful pale yellow house. I'd like to see it in person. From what you saw on your visit do you consider Beverly to be a "walkable" town? Thanks!!
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