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Thread: 678 Lexington Ave.

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    Thanks, GB.

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    They filed demo permits for all these buildings last week. It'll be a large site, so I doubt the tower will rise very high unless there's a plaza or something. Kiska has done some decent work and had commissioned SHoP Architects for 290 Mulberry, so hopefully they're committed to some good architecture. It will most likely be hotel or residential.

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    Did they develop the bankrupt and unfinished 290 Mulberry?

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    What is up with 290 Mulberry?

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    Yea, scratch that. They were only the construction managers for that project. Kiska has only developed semi-crappy stuff in Brooklyn. They've been using Karl Fischer a lot.
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    It's great to see this blighted corner go. Sadly, these little buildings probably were quite nice once. It would be nice if the crappy TGI Friday's and Bellmarc real estate across the street were redeveloped too.

    Then again, a very cheap glass box with concrete sides is likely to rise here, so ultimately, who cares? As I said in another post, I am resigned to NY's fleabag status when it comes to architecture.

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    Actually, I think this is quite a nice jumble of buildings. I'm quite sure they'll be replaced with something soulless and overscaled.

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    ...and then add in a bank branch for the ground floor retail to finish it all off.

    This city is dying block by block.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
    ...and then add in a bank branch for the ground floor retail to finish it all off.

    This city is dying block by block.
    You know, Antinimby, I used to think that you were overly cynical about "development" in NY. However, I now agree with you. With limited exceptions, such as Gehry's IAC and Beekman Place, by and large, it's a very bleak situation.

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    Blanket landmark status for all pre-wars. It's the only thing that will ensure NY has any character to speak of in 20, 30 or 40 years.

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    I agree with you, Stroika, but it will never happen. Kandahar-on-Hudson will look like a huge Houston in 40 years.

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    I walked by this site the other day, some of the businesses on the corner appeared to be vacated already, probably not long before we see some sort of construction/demolition starting. Definitely very curious to see what the plans are for this site. I am optimistic that something decent can be built here, the Bloomberg headquarters is just nearby which I think is a pretty successful mixed development and has some architectural merit. Given the prices per square foot that people have been paying in the area, I hope the developer sacks up and doesnt build anything cheap.

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    I believe that these buildings are all vacated, but for the one that used to house the Harley store, and I believe that it's not part of the site. I walked by here late on Sunday night and was sad to see that these pieces of crap have not been razed yet. I hope that the junky real estate office and TGI Friday's, which are located across the street, are razed during the next boom.

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    This will be a 40 floor hotel.

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