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Thread: Amanda Knox gets 26 Years

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    It was never proven that Amanda's blood was mixed with Meredith's blood in any part of the cottage. It was DNA.

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    ^ The judge and jury accepted Stefanoni's findings: mixed blood. The only forensic evidence being revaluated is the bra clasp and the knife.
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    fabrizio said,

    "Frankz and Dougm. First time posters to WiredNewYork both with attacks on Barbie Nadeau. It's a funny coincidence that there are 2 infamous pro-knox campaign bloggers out there named Frank Sfarzo and Doug Bremner. Probably just a coincidence.".......

    Sorry Fabio...not Frank Sfarzo but he is a reporter who attended every session , he speaks Italian and English and he doesnt have a book to sell he is more reliable than Nadeau.

    But that is all meaningless...the fact is no reporter is a reliable source of fact in this trial nor should they be.

    Fabio says....

    "Nadeau coverage of affairs in Italy... her articles about her run-in with Antonio Ricci are excellent (although it would be nice if she'd report what she actually said about him). Her taking on Ricci, her dismay about Italy's press freedom rankings, her objections to aspects of the Knox trial ...should also give credence to her reporting on the Knox case. "

    Nadeau is a housewife who should have stayed at home. She is doing everything she can to sell her book...nothing more. In the end her story will show that her fact checker was broken. Personally I think her allegation about the police attacking her is her fantasy and designed again to keep her book in the news...shes smart...just not a good reporter.

    Fabio says...

    "BTW: She believes Knox is guilty."

    REALLY! I didnt notice that...I suppose you think Mignini thinks Knox is guilty too?
    Your observations are stunning.

    Fabio says...

    "Note that above I state: "I'll go with her and Andrea Vogt's reporting, warts and all, as they were the only American reporters actually attending the trial and who speak fluent Italian. Their reporting and character has been picked apart by the pro-Knox bloggers and arm-chair sleuths, but they seem to me to give the most balanced reporting and have the best credentials."

    If this is how you fact find in this case its no wonder the drivel you spout.

    Fabio says...

    "I don't always agree them 100% and I try to look at their articles with a criticle eye as well: but if you know of better reporting about the Knox case and better credentials please post them. Andrea Vogt, Barbie Nadeau, Rachel Donadio, John Follian... these are American journalists that I read reporting about Italy that IMHO do the best job.".....

    I stated before that reporters are a terrible source for facts in any case... I actually trust none of them...not even Frank Sfarzo...who you incorrectly identify as me...try checking time zones... I dont know maybe Frank S stays up until 5AM to answer a guilters post.

    Fabio says...

    "The CPJ article I'll get back to later. This is the BBC article the letter refers to:".....

    Yes I expected your type to dodge an honest question until later....Never!
    Fabio says....

    "I've also posted here on other occasions about the defamation laws here (and in Europe) and what that means. Defamation letters are thrown around here all the time. It a a matter of course. Cases are never tried. The Italian beuracracy sees to that.
    An excellent article about Mignini by Vogt:"

    Yes, I suppose defamation letters are thrown around all to seems that and other abuses of office are what makes Mignini now a convicted criminal.

    Fabio goes on...

    "I too, urge people to read the Massei report." we agree 100%. The Massei report should be read by everyone. It will someday be listed in the law books as one of if not the dumbest reports ever written by a so called judge.

    Please count the number of times Massei acctually says "Lets theorize", or "In theory" etc... Not satisified with the prosecutions 4 theories...Massei comes up with his own theory...noticing a pattern here? This is supppose to be a finding of fact... but in the end it is only a very poorly told novelette ...facts made up as it goes short a bad, bad joke.

    Fabio says....

    "The Knife: I agree that the prosecution not wanting to open it is odd and I don't understand their reasoning for that."

    REALLY! ....thats all you find odd? How about the prosecution doesn't want the semen stain tested? That seems odd...
    Or how about the prosecution failing to investigate charges brought by police against Knox claiming that they were slandered by her. They interviewed no witnessess, they failed to review the tapes of the interrogation...they didnt even check with the boss from Rome who stated.." I was in a nearby office when I heard Amanda screaming"...find any of that odd Fabio?

    I also find odd that a police computer expert burned up 4 hard drives.... Its a little odd that the one computer they did not ruin they insted decided to surf the Net with this evidence, thus overwriting the time stamps in the VLC player...thats odd no?

    Its odd that Stefanoni found DNA from Meredith on a random knife pulled from RS flat. Also odd that she was able to perform a LTN result from a sample less than 10 picograms ...maybe 0 picograms...Odd that.

    And that she could produce this result from this too low sample in a lab not designed for and on a machine not capable of working at this level... Any of this odd to you? Or is it odd that she used all the sample so no retest could ever be done...or odd that she failed to run neutral samples as required by every certified lab in the world?...ohhh thats right...her lab was not certified to any standard at the time she did her pesudo science.

    Fabio says...

    "Circumstantial evidence: because I'm trying to post things here from good sources and my time is limited, give me some time."

    Save yourself some time...forget the looney reporters...just stick with Massei... theres enough trash in there that I can refute you for weeks...In fact I have 47 pages full of notes on the errors, convoluted logic, and just plain judicial misconduct.

    Fabio incorrectly states...

    "The mixed blood that has been attributed to her at the house."

    Please report the page number of Massei that discusses "mixed blood" If you can not then stop repeating lies told by with the facts...what page?

    Fabio says...

    "The cell phone activity: reported here by ABC.:"

    Again with the reporters??? Do you have anything from the trial or even Massei? Page please. Also while you are searching out those details look as well for the cell records that show Patrick Lumumba near the basketball court the night of the 1st...which by the way according to his air tight alibi was impossible...odd that no?

    Fabio says....

    " The cell phones being turned on early in the morning contradicts their claim of having slept late. And Sollicito claimed he was working at his computer."

    I disagree...she claims to have slept late...not they or he. She was could she possibly know what he was doing? Try some logic...sometimes it works. For the computer... I take it you are speaking about the computer that was burned up by the police expert or was it the other one that used to surf the Net on 2 Nov?

    Fabio says...

    "Blaming Lumumba for the murder. He was in jail for 14 days. She had time to right this wrong."

    So did the police have time to right the wrong...In fact the police had the chance to investigate (ahemmm their job) Lumumba's alibi before tearing him from his home at 5AM and upon finding his air tight alibi then to have never have arrested him at all. Lets blame a scared illegally interrogated non native speaker but somehow you give a overzelous rabid unprofessional police force a nod...Odd that. I can post Lumumba's description of his arrest, interrogation and beating if you would like.

    Fabio says....

    "If you are not guilty you do not blame others. The fact that she pinned the blame on a black man is suspicious because Guede is also black (and Italy is a country with a small black population)."

    In a forced confession it is common for the abused to answer leading questions exactly as the abusers pose in ...We know you met Lumumba...we know you were there...Try to imagine being at the flat ...what did Lumumba do?

    The illegal interrogation was carried out by 12 detectives rotating by pairs every hour. An attorney was refused. And she was "rabbit punched" in the head...know why they do that? It doesnt leave a mark. Its all on the video....opppsssss odd that??? No??

    Fabio says....

    "All of these things begin to add up and they test her and Sollecito's credibility. They are (because of their testimony) linked together. One adds to the other. Remember too that Knox was not the only roomate: these was Filomena. There was another apartment of students downstairs. Everyone was questioned but only Knox had conficting stories."

    Glad you mentioned that there were other flatmates and housemates... Filomena and Laura hired lawyers on Nov 2...odd that? Also odd is that no other flatmates were swabed for DNA or had footprint samples taken...odd that? Merediths boyfriend from down stairs was the person who brought Rudy Gudie into Merediths life...odd that.

    Fabio finally says...

    "There are plenty more but it takes time to pick through this and I will try to post things later."

    You present a weaker than normal set of facts... but I will gladly and easily refute anything you want to throw at me. You see...its quite easy when one has truth and logic working for rather than against you.

    I deleted the rest of the trash you posted...these luminol footprints are meaningless unless one were to consider that they were caused by a few one legged persons hopping around in a random pattern and that they had a substance that was not blood but reacted with luminol on the bottoms of said feet...or is it foots?

    Dont give me reporter trash...and pseudo science...Stefanoni tested for blood ...she lied in court when she said she did not...TMB is a test for showed negative... She has the skill, ability, machines , and resources to further test these "prints" any half assed lab tech with a microscope could examine samples from red blood cells...there were no blood cells becasue there was no blood and in fact no prints even had DNA in them...odd that.

    Enough with your lies... Fabio...

    You mentioned earlier that you found it so terrible that Lumumba was falsely accused... How about the convicted prosecutor who dreams up 4 way Satanic sex gone wrong with three knives...yes three...who ignores the known burgular and the fact that this is a very common crime...burgulary gone wrong, rape , murder? But yet holds two innocent people falsely accused for 3 1/2 years now.

    Stop quoting reporters... try actually imagining how the murder happened as you state it did.... If it is clear to you and you are beyond a resonable doubt that this happened as the prosecutor or even Massei claim then look in the mirror and say good....Im satisified!

    Then check yourself into the nearest mental hospital....cuz youre not all there.

    Peace Out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabrizio View Post
    ^ The judge and jury accepted Stefanoni's findings: mixed blood. The only forensic evidence being revaluated is the bra clasp and the knife.
    The evidence did not show mixed blood. It was DNA.

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    "There are plenty more but it takes time to pick through this and I will try to post things later."
    And then he posts the same "things".

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankZ View Post
    I have 47 pages full of notes on the errors, convoluted logic, and just plain judicial misconduct.
    47 pages ?? That sure shows dedication. What's the source of your unusual interest in this case, FrankZ ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc View Post
    47 pages ?? That sure shows dedication. What's the source of your unusual interest in this case, FrankZ ?

    The source of my unusual interest?

    I started reading that there may be little or no real fact based evidence in this case and yet somehow 2 people are still in jail 3 1/2 years later. The 47 pages of notes are simply a habit I retain from college when trying to study a report.

    In this instance a guilter site suggested I study the Massei report. And so I did. The 47 pages are my notes about what I consider inconsistancies in this judges report. BTW I thought Ak, RS had some involvement until I read that report. Now I realize that this court decision was more about overzelous prosecution, tabloid reporting and jury poisoing rather than hard fact.

    Other than that I have no "unusual " interest. But Im sure you are going to elaborate more about my interest now ....arent you.

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    Well, as long as Frank Sfarzo was mentioned...

    Authorities Called Out For Harassing Journalists
    in Amanda Knox Case

    by Bruce Fisher April 21, 2011

    We have long been told by the media that the family of Amanda Knox launched a million dollar public relations campaign, shortly after their daughter was detained in Perugia, Italy, for her alleged involvement in the murder of Meredith Kercher. We were told the Knox family was attempting to manipulate the media's coverage of the case. This claim was repeated by many journalists but none were more insistent than yellow journalist Barbie Nadeau. Constant repetition of this claim has been damaging to Amanda Knox but has done nothing to give the allegation any credibility. The truth is Amanda's family hired a PR firm to organize interviews with the media. There was a media storm surrounding their daughter and they had every right to voice their support. The situation was new to them so looking for professional guidance was not out of the ordinary. The alleged million dollar price tag is absurd. Amanda's family made no effort to manipulate the media and any claims to that effect are outright lies.

    This week, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an independent, nonpartisan organization dedicated to defending the rights of journalists worldwide, told the world who was really working to manipulate the media in Perugia, Italy. In an open letter to Italy's President, Giorgio Napolitano, CPJ expresses great concern for journalists who have been harassed by authorities and even jailed for speaking out about the current case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

    CPJ is especially concerned with the conduct of Giuliano Mignini, the public prosecutor that led the investigation of the Meredith Kercher murder. CPJ reports that the anti-press actions of Mignini and those under his supervision has caused the press to shy away from reporting on the Meredith Kercher case including the ongoing appeal trail for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. They report that pressure has been put on local reporters and individual bloggers who do not have the backing of large news organizations. They note that these individuals are most vulnerable to retaliation, including prosecution and physical attack.

    The open letter highlights the abuse of freelance reporter Frank Sfarzo, who has been very critical of the case on his blog Perugia Shock. The details coming to light about the abuse suffered by Sfarzo are startling. According to Sfarzo, police regularly tried to prevent him from entering the courthouse, often harassing him on the street. Once inside the courtroom, insults were mouthed at him and officers stared over his shoulder as he took notes.

    Sfarzo said the harassment escalated when police forcibly entered his apartment without producing a warrant or showing their badges. Four of the five shoved him to the ground, struck him, handcuffed him, and climbed on top of him, crushing his air supply. Police then took him to the Perugia city hospital, where they claimed he had attacked them. Police attempted to persuade a doctor to issue a medical report for the injuries he was alleged to have caused the police. Sfarzo was then brought before a psychiatrist, where the police demanded that he be diagnosed insane. Police told the doctor that Sfarzo was pathologically obsessed with the case, being so fixated on it that he must be insane. Thankfully for Sfarzo, the psychiatrist refused to comply with the officer's request.

    Sfarzo's ordeal did not end at the hospital. Officers took him to the police station and in Sfarzo's words: "they displayed me as a trophy," referring to him as "the bastard who defends Amanda Knox." Sfarzo's requests to call his lawyer or relatives were denied and he spent the night in a jail cell. Sfarzo was released pending a trial in May where he faces up to six years in prison.

    As you can see the abusive action taken by the authorities to manipulate the media has been far more sinister than hiring a PR firm. It is well documented that Giuliano Mignini, the man in charge of the campaign to silence the media, not only relied on threats of physical violence but also abused the power of his office to threaten legal action against his detractors. Mignini filed defamation charges on no less than a dozen people, including Amanda's parents and even her attorneys. What is most disturbing is that Mignini abused his power while under investigation for abuse in a previous trial. Shortly after the Amanda Knox case reached a verdict, Mignini found himself convicted.

    Mignini was convicted in Florence of abusing his official powers while investigating the death of Dr. Francesco Narducci in relation to the Monster of Florence case. Mignini was sentenced to 16 months in prison. Normal procedure in Italian criminal justice allows him to live his life and carry on—business as usual—until his appeal is heard. This freedom also allows him to continue to prosecute cases. Mignini described the charges against him as technical and difficult to understand. But the charges are not confusing at all: Mignini abused the power of his office.

    Mignini was convicted of illegally investigating journalists who had criticized him. The court found that Mignini had targeted Italian journalists because they had criticized his investigation of Narducci’s death. Mignini was also convicted on two separate charges of ordering illegal investigations. These illegal investigations targeted the Florentine ex-police chief Giuseppe De Donno as well as two officials of the Viminale (the Ministry of the Interior in Rome), including Roberto Sgalla, former director of the office of external affairs.

    These investigations were unlawful because they involved illegal wiretaps. Mignini also created investigative files for his targets without proper approval. The court determined that his investigations were designed to "harass and intimidate" people who had criticized him or Chief Inspector Michele Giuttari for their conduct during the Narducci investigation.

    The charges against Mignini are serious. Some members of the media have reported that these charges are simply administrative. This is not the case. Mignini was given a sixteen-month prison sentence, six months more than the prosecutor asked for. However, he is unlikely to see jail time and his sentence is suspended while his case is on appeal.

    Unfortunately, Mignini will most likely never spend any time in jail. However, his career is in serious jeopardy. If his conviction is upheld, he will be removed from public office and will no longer be allowed to serve as a prosecutor or judge. His career will be over.

    The harassment of journalists in this case has caused inexcusable damage to Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. These actions have helped fuel the anti-Knox campaign observed in the media and online. One group online has fully embraced Mignini's wishes. This group gathers on the website, Perugia Murder File, operated by Seattle resident, Peggy Ganong. Their comments regarding Frank Sfarzo's treatment have been nothing short of disgusting. No matter what side of this case you find yourself on, there is absolutely no excuse to ignore an individual's basic human rights. Here is what Peggy Ganong had to say about Sfarzo's abuse: "My guess is that Frank Sfarzo TM hopes to get some sort of career mileage out of this. If he held himself to real journalistic standards and reported under his own name, things might be different."

    In other words Peggy Ganong believes that using a pen name is justification for being beaten in your own home by a gang of thugs. This is the mentality of those who have built up hatred for Amanda Knox. These people never hesitate to attack anyone who believes in Amanda's innocence. This hatred stems from misinformation distributed to the media early on by Mignini's office for the sole purpose of destroying Amanda Knox. The ongoing hate campaign, that continues to this day, was brought to life by the authorities in Italy abusing their power under the guidance of Giuliano Mignini.

    I would not give Peggy Ganong's website any attention at all if it wasn't for the fact that journalists such as Andrea Vogt have used the site in search for material, even quoting one of the website's members as an "expert."

    The truth has now been told. There is a campaign to manipulate the media in Perugia, Italy, but this campaign has not been organized by the Knox family, instead it has been organized by those put in charge of overseeing the wellbeing of the people of Perugia. The world needs to take notice; this campaign to suppress information must end immediately.

    Source: Ground Report

    Is this stuff really going on?

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    Giuliano Mignini, looking good in a bib ...

    Somebody thinks otherwise (and probably thinks GM spends his weekends HERE) ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    Is this stuff really going on?
    ^ Having some real details, some context and alternative viewpoints would create a clearer picture. The author of the article is Bruce Fisher who runs the blog "Injustice in Perugia"


    This a long article but I think worth posting rather that just a link. Actually I think it's a must read.

    Andrea Vogt for the Seattle Post Intellegencer:

    Amanda Knox case creates a police investigation at home

    Police are investigating complaints from a Seattle woman who says she was intimidated and threatened online because of comments she made about the Amanda Knox case.

    The unredacted Seattle Police Department report, obtained by, names a primary suspect and quotes the woman as saying that that the suspect "is engaging in tactics meant to intimidate," along with "the tacit consent" of Knox's stepfather, Chris Mellas. The report names Mellas, but he is not a suspect.

    According to the report, the tactics include "veiled threats" and attempts to disable a Web site dedicated to the criminal case in Perugia, Italy.

    The development marks an escalation in a ferocious "blog war" that has been brewing for more than a year as Knox faced a murder charge, then went on trial. The blog war has recently become particularly vicious and personal in Knox's hometown of Seattle.

    The battle in the blogosphere has divided the online community into two factions: those who question Knox's innocence, and those who do not. In Italy, the media have dubbed them "innocentisti and colpevolisti," or "the innocents and the guilties."

    Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, are currently standing trial in Perugia for the slaying of Meredith Kercher. Kercher, a college student from England, was studying in Italy, as was Knox, a University of Washington student. The two shared an apartment.

    Seattle police Sgt. Mark Worstman has confirmed that an investigation into cyber-harassment is still open and cautioned those who are concerned for their security to consider avoiding online debates and community forums where aggressive behavior is being allowed.

    When interviewed him, Mellas denied any involvement and said he is not connected to and does not know the person named in the complaint. In fact, he said he and his family also have been harassed online.

    "I have not approved or disapproved because I don't have any part to play in it," said Mellas, who is a computer-network manager at Bellevue-based real estate development company.

    "There's a bunch of idiots on both sides of this whole silly blogworld. It has degenerated beyond belief, and frankly an article that is going to highlight this is only going to make it worse. But I don't really care, because I don't pay attention to it," Mellas said. is not naming the suspect because he has not been charged with any crime. He did not respond to efforts to reach him by phone or by the e-mail addresses listed in the police report.

    West Seattle resident and professional translator Peggy Ganong, who moderates the discussion site Perugia Murder File under the online name "Skeptical Bystander," complained to police two months ago, saying she was being harassed for her involvement and for comments she has posted on sites that question Knox's innocence.

    "I am supposed to somehow get behind the home team. It is as simple as that," said Ganong, who lives just a few blocks from the Mellas and Knox families. "But I had ongoing doubts, I continued to express that opinion, and that's when I became a target. But the fact that it has spilled over into real life, well there's something scary and terribly wrong about it." The sites that question Knox's innocence and defend court proceedings in Perugia are Perugia Murder File, a discussion board co-moderated by Ganong, and True Justice for Meredith Kercher, founded last September by New Jersey financier Peter Quennell.

    "The True Justice site was created because Kercher had become so intensely forgotten, as the huge and well-funded effort gathered speed to paint Knox as the 'real' victim," Quennell said. Quennell said more than 20,000 people have visited his site.

    A number of individual bloggers also write about the case. There are two main blogs in defense of Knox. One is Italian Woman at the Table, a reader blog by Seattle freelance writer Candace Dempsey. Dempsey's blog was initially about cooking but added true crime to its menu as the debate picked up steam.

    Dempsey was one of the first U.S. bloggers to post key court documents. She is now writing a book on the case. The other defense site is Perugia Shock, the first blog about the case, which started Nov. 2, 2007. Perugia Shock's comment threads are home to some of the most heated Knox-related exchanges online.

    Perugia Shock is hosted on a California server and financed by an American firm, according to the Perugia-based blogger who covers the case and operates the site under the alias "Frank Sfarzo."

    While fans say his blog poses alternative theories rarely discussed in the mainstream media, critics say his minimalist moderation results in an out-of-control comment section where posters "out" those who wish to remain anonymous, track their ISP addresses to reveal their physical locations, pose as people they are not -- someone posted as Kercher, the victim, once -- and make threatening posts about each other, as well as about the major players in the case, including Knox, her family, journalists, lawyers and prosecutors.

    "Sometimes I briefly let my guard down, but I try to cancel when the comments are offensive or if people request it," he told

    While Italian Woman at the Table and Perugia Murder File require registration to post, Perugia Shock allows anonymous postings. There, people who leave anonymous comments have launched threats and accusations that cut both ways. A number of women associated with this case have been attacked online, not only for their opinions, but also for real or imagined physical traits.

    Ganong and Seattle trial lawyer Anne Bremner have been targeted with a particular zeal, although Bremner said the positive feedback she has received has far outweighed the catty remarks. Ganong chalks it up to the fact that they are both outspoken, albeit on different levels. Bremner has appeared regularly on national television as a legal analyst for high-profile cases such as Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson and Mary Letourneau. On this case, she has been a vocal supporter of Knox, posted a letter on Perugia Shock and often represents the ad hoc Friends of Amanda group in media appearances.

    "I am not a public personality," Ganong said, "but I do somehow represent the other side -- this whole other class of people in Seattle who are not on the bandwagon and are not buying the 'railroad job from hell"' argument that Knox is being wrongly prosecuted. Ganong told that it wasn't just months of targeted, rude remarks that pushed her to file the report. She finally went to police after posters published her husband's first and last name, the approximate location of their home, information about their family life, as well as shopping and personal habits, much of which had been gleaned from public-records searches, Facebook and other online portals.

    Before filing the report, she repeatedly requested that the profane comments and posting of personal information stop. Her exasperated husband, a Seattle accountant, even met Mellas for a beer in a Seattle tavern to talk face-to-face about various messages that had been posted.

    But Mellas said he had no control over the blogosphere and actually had much bigger things to worry about.

    "I told him I have nothing to do with it. I said proceed with whatever it is you are doing, find out who it is and at that point you'll know I am not doing anything, and it is not coming from my network either, as far as I know," said Mellas, who helps manage a network with more than 400 computer users. "Granted, I don't sit around all day and audit all the network traffic."

    "Those people are not going to get the answer until they get the authorities involved and get some logged ISPs and find out where it is really coming from. I hope that when they do that they make that known."

    It is not the first time Mellas' name has surfaced in a blogging controversy, however.

    Before Perugia Murder File existed in its current form, it was moderated as a message board called The True Crime Weblog Message Board by one of the nation's foremost true crime bloggers, Steve Huff. Huff now blogs professionally for the Village Voice Media's True Crime Report. At one point the posts became so aggressive that Huff decided to do something he rarely does -- post the IP address of the person commenting. The IP traced to a block of IP addresses managed by Mellas, and Huff took him to task publicly, claiming he had written or authorized the comments himself. Mellas, however, says that his work as a network manager overseeing an IP gateway means several hundred people are using computers (and IP addresses) that are linked to his name. He said someone could easily be impersonating him, pretending he or she is associated with him or writing messages without his knowledge, since several hundred people could access the Internet using the block of IP addresses he manages. An Internet Protocol address is an identifying number assigned to computers participating in an internet network.

    Huff said one of the intimidating private messages accusing him of slander was sent to him via the contact form by "Mr. Anonymous," who claimed to own the e-mail

    The contact form captured the IP address of the sender and was traced to a block of Internet Protocol addresses managed by Mellas, Huff said. While the message could have from anyone within his large network, Huff said he believes it was sent or approved by Mellas.

    A similar address,, which is cited in the police report, was also used to send two vulgar messages to a Newsweek reporter covering the case in Perugia. The message, sent from a Blackberry device, ended with the postscript, "You sound like you were abused as a child."

    According to Ganong, the threats online and to her own personal inbox are originating from the same Hotmail and Gmail addresses.

    Another Seattle area couple, Kathleen and Randy Jackson, are also considering filing police reports. Both post under aliases on the Perugia Murder File site and have been criticized for attending a recent fund-raiser for Knox. Jackson, who said she is a former victim of sexual assault, said she went to the event because she felt Kercher's memory was being overlooked in the effort to raise money for Knox.

    "It had been announced everywhere as this high-profile fund-raiser, so I wanted to go where this big news was happening and show a different side of Seattle, because I grew up there, and I was embarrassed," Kathleen Jackson said.

    But after the couple did an interview on a local Seattle television station covering the event, the negative attention grew fiercer, but oddly, just toward Kathleen, who posts on Perugia Murder File as "Professor Snape." Randy, an educational technology professional at the University of Washington who posts as "Fly By Night," is just as active on the forum. "Both Kathleen and I talked to the reporter, but only she's been called out," Randy Jackson said. "These individuals seem to more frequently target women."

    Kathleen Jackson said using an anonymous online identity allowed her to express her strong views on the case. But when other anonymous posters began speculating about where she lived and worked, she began having second thoughts.

    "Now that they want to find out who we are and tell the whole world, well, why do they want to do that?" she said. "I think they are trying to intimidate us to stop posting." Supporters of Knox also have been targeted. Participants at Italian Woman at the Table spar, but controversial comments are often resolved briskly with Dempsey's delete key. Until she began requiring commenters to register, she says, she received chilling death threats from anonymous posters certain of Knox's guilt. Posters have inaccurately described her credentials, said Dempsey, and "outed" personal information about her family.

    After seeking advice from local police, she implemented behind-the-scenes safety measures, but has not filed a formal report. Dempsey warned that those who blog using their real name should expect to have their privacy violated on the "no-rules Internet." "Anybody who writes about a murder case will attract angry posters who are sure they know who did it," she said.

    That is exactly what happened to Huff, who decided it wasn't an online community he wanted to court. "I've been a little shocked -- but not that shocked -- all along at the way the Knox/Kercher case has broken down to something more akin to a pitched political argument than a debate about a terrible, violent crime and the possible guilt of one of the accused," Huff told in an e-mail. He's been particularly surprised by the network newsmagazines' "pro-active efforts" to smear the prosecutor while painting Knox as "some innocent pixie college girl." "There's some larger statement afoot in that about American views and our culture of looks over authenticity, in my opinion," Huff said. Huff said his opinion about guilt or innocence in the case is still flexible -- he can see both sides and thinks the case could go either way, but the vicious online harassment -- present from the onset but particularly intense just prior to the start of the trial -- prompted him to dial back his participation.

    "It was so pervasive and distasteful to me that as a blogger and now as a journalist I've all but washed my hands of covering the case," Huff said.
    Last edited by Fabrizio; April 25th, 2011 at 07:24 AM.

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    Who cares what's going on in Seattle?

    The question remains: What's going on in Perugia with the prosecutor and the police?

  13. #298


    ^ You posted an article this is about Mignini and about Frank Sfarzo and his blog.

    You headed the post with "Well, as long as Frank Sfarzo was mentioned..."

    The article I posted does not mention Mignini, but it does mention Sfarzo and his blog.

    Your question ending that post was "Is this stuff really going on?"

    I felt that the article I posted adressed some of that issue. If it is true that:

    " (Sfarzo's blog) Perugia Shock's comment threads are home to some of the most heated Knox-related exchanges online.

    Perugia Shock is hosted on a California server and financed by an American firm, according to the Perugia-based blogger who covers the case and operates the site under the alias "Frank Sfarzo."

    While fans say his blog poses alternative theories rarely discussed in the mainstream media, critics say his minimalist moderation results in an out-of-control comment section where posters "out" those who wish to remain anonymous, track their ISP addresses to reveal their physical locations, pose as people they are not -- someone posted as Kercher, the victim, once -- and make threatening posts about each other, as well as about the major players in the case, including Knox, her family, journalists, lawyers and prosecutors."

    ^ If this is so, then I can see how it could be targeted by the authorites if someone complained. We have stong defamation laws and (I believe) owners of websites are legally resposible for comments made. But I'd like more details. The article you posted contains few.


    You wrote: "The question remains: What's going on in Perugia with the prosecutor and the police?"

    I have no idea.
    Last edited by Fabrizio; April 25th, 2011 at 12:10 PM.

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    So does anyone actually have an answer? That's why I asked, the source not being completely credible.

    You know, a police report? Was this guy arrested or not?

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    I wish I could have back the 5 minutes it took me to read that unimportant, unremarkable article. I should have known better.

    The article I posted does not mention Mignini, but it does mention Sfarzo and his blog.
    In one line!.
    Just another pointless boomerang back to the US. Mignini is one more ridiculous aspect of this case, and the prick is pretty much indefensible. I guess that's why we were distracted into talking about the Seattle blogosphere instead of the actual prosecution and police conduct.

    You wrote: "The question remains: What's going on in Perugia with the prosecutor and the police?"

    I have no idea.
    Maybe it would useful to read a bit about it, instead of concentrating on superficialities like cartwheels and kisses.

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