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    Default Trump and the Mexicans

    Around a year ago, Donald Trump began his campaign by stating that "...the Mexicans are SENDING us drug dealers and rapists..." and that he was proposing to stop illegal 'immigrants' from violating our borders and pouring into the USA like they had some inalienable right to do so. ( He never said that the rapists and dealers were ALL Mexicans, only that Mexico was allowing millions of illegals to cross the border, doing NOTHING to stop them-- thereby "sending" them to our country).

    This upset a lot of people who immediately tagged Trump with the dreaded "RACIST" badge, and the slurs and condemnation of the businessman-turned-politician began. The huge population of illegals who have seen their free ride in America become threatened by Trump's proposed wall, and his plan for the deportation of the worst of them, have been building their anger against the man for months, as have their liberal American sponsors who don't care how the tide of illegals is upsetting the social contract in the Border States and elsewhere.

    I saw this on the TV news tonight...

    All this anger and fury seemed to come to a head last night in Albuquerque, where, at a Trump rally, the Mexicans finally got even, not with Trump but with his supporters--citizens who wanted to go to his rally.
    Mexican gangsters disguised as protesters ( maybe SOME were Salvadorian or Columbian or whatever, but most were Mexican, no doubt) attacked Trump supporters as they approached the hall where the rally was being held, then rioted, stoned the cops and burned police cars. They went wild in the streets, screaming and aggressevly emoting their anger, filling the air with the smoke from their tires and defying the cops,who finally had enough and broke the mob up

    These "protesters"-- waving Mexican flags-and burning American flags-- did their best to intimidate and frighten innocent rally-goers by introducing Mexican-style political violence into our structured democratic process. They carried vulgar 'FCK TRUMP' signs, chanted the same in poorly accented English and demanded the release of El Chapo Guzman, an actual drug dealer, murderer and rapist who is due to be extradited to the USA. If it wasn't so unpleasant a moment, it would have been funny as hell.

    Most of the rioters are probably non-citizens, illegals, who cannot vote in our elections anyway and who were described by the Albuquerque police ( many of whom are Hispanic, by the way) as plants, phony anti-Trump stooges and paid, professional agitators who are ignorant of our peaceful political campaigning.

    I am not excited by Trumps ascendancy, but he IS a real candidate for the Presidency and not someone who should be abused by these non-American, anti-American thugs.
    I AM a big fan of American democracy, the kind that gives power to the voter without the intimidation of the mob, the kind of a process that encourages a peaceful transition and allows the candidates to address the voters by exercising the free speech all of us are guaranteed by our Constitution. Protest is part of that free speech deal, but protest coupled with violence, intimidation and riots is not.
    Especially when it is a bunch of flag-burning non-citizens doing the violence.

    Those mobsters seemed to overlook all that. In their zeal to shut Trump down by frightening the citizen, they set their cause WAY back and are introducing a grim situation into our country.

    I imagine a lot of people who read this will think that I'm somehow anti-immigrant or racist for pointing all this out, but I don't really care about any of that. What I care about is keeping the country civil as we deal with the problem of illegals, and as we freely go to vote in a new leader. Paid foreign agitators have no place in this scenario.
    We are NOT Mexico. We are American and we can handle our immigration problems and our politics without their input.

    A solution can and will be found, whether it's by Trump or by Clinton ( although I don't think Clinton will do anything more than Obama has done), but it won't be addressed until AFTER our elections.

    Who really are the RACISTS in this situation?
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