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Thread: Drawing of Manhattan

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    Trying out FileDen to host this cad file... please report back if you were able to successfully download the file from there. Thanks.
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    Download OK -- but don't have the application to open it.

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    Thanks for letting me know - it's an Autocad 2010 file; maybe Autodesk's Free DWG Viewer will work for viewing only (I haven't tried it).

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    Downloading the AutoCAD file, this looks interesting. Although, wouldn't it have to be updated fairly frequently to "stay relevant" ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    Couldn't have gotten through thesis without that file. I always wondered who drew it.
    I also have a 3-d model of Manhattan.
    Care to share that as well?

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    Exclamation Drawing of manhhatan

    Hello! this is great!

    I am an architecture student as well. I am currently working on my thesis in Pratt Institute and could REALLY use this Manhattan drawing. Can you send it to me via email? or any other way...

    Contact me soon:

    Thank you!

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    Default post #17

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    Hello. I am an architecture student from Seoul. I'm currently working on a project in Manhatten and I've been looking for this for a month, without any success.
    desperately need that cad file including buildings. It would be a lot of help if you could send me the file.
    My email address is
    Thank you so much!!

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    Before typing a message about how you are an architecture student who really needs this file for blah blah blah, READ POST 17. Then read it again.

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    Default Please sendme a copy of that cad manhattan map

    I am an architecture student, i am designing a building in manhattan can anyone tell me where to find that detailed map of manhattan or e mail it to me please

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    can you send a copy my way

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    Default Architecture student

    please send me a copy of the manhattan drawing if you have it
    thank you so much I have a detailed drawing of philadelphia if anyone needs it
    thanks andrei

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    Hallo.I could have would you petition about transmission those map? I am student of the architecture. Much would her needed.I am sorry for my English.Much thank you.Mine e meil is:

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    Ahoj Andrei.Prosím tě, Sehnal jsi na netu Mapu manhattanu? Jsem Také Studentka architektury MOC bych ji potřebovala. Mohla bych Tě poprosit o zaslání dwg? Kdyby se slo?
    Děkuji moc. Můj meil je (

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