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Thread: Drawing of Manhattan

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    Default Drawing of Manhattan

    I have a large AutoCAD dwg file of Manhattan showing every block and lot and building footprint from I believe 1996. The level of detail is very good. I would like to upload it or somehow make it available to WNY if anyone is interested or could use it for something, but the file is too large at 24MB. Any suggestions or interest?

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    Default cad map

    Hi I m a french architect actually working on NY, I would be very interseted to have this cad map of NY in order to send it you can use "yousendit" a free software taht is able to send large files.
    My email :
    Thank you and sorry for my english!

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    Default Re: Drawing of Manhattan

    I'd also be very interested in having this map!

    I can provide hosting space on my website, if you'd like somewhere to upload it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wgavinrobb View Post
    I can provide hosting space on my website, if you'd like somewhere to upload it.
    That file size is too large for the wny forum: if you do host this map please post a link to your website here so we can view it via your webpage
    - thanks.

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    Seems only first time visitors to WNY are interested... I thought there could be some use for it as a resource available to users of this site. And it is to scale, which is useful for checking building and street widths

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    Couldn't have gotten through thesis without that file. I always wondered who drew it.
    I also have a 3-d model of Manhattan.

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    Default manhattan map

    I am an architecture student from Venice.
    I also need the map of manhattan.

    could you help me to get it??
    it would be very helpful


    Alberto Corrado

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    Default Manhattan DWG

    I am an architecture student from Boston and I am doing my thesis in Manhattan.
    I would love to get the dwg file if at all possible. Let me know if it is still available,
    it would be a huge help.

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    Here is a file for Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Has all the streets and such, but does not include individual lots.

    And as for hosting, you can just upload a file to a site like this one, and post the link in the thread. Makes it easy, and nobody has to host it personally or email it around.

    There are a bunch. just google around.

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    Anyone willing to host the original file from this thread using the method above?

    I think it would be nice to have this thread open as a CAD library.

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    Default nyc drawing

    I'm a student at Pratt in the architecture program... is there any way I can get a copy of this map? Thanks,

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    I'm an italian girl student working on a thesis in south street seaport neighborhood and I would like too to have this map. how can I do it?

    thank you very much


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    Default hey

    could u please send me the detailed drawing of manhattan if u have it... im struggling a lot for my thesis...


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    I am an architecture student working on a project in Manhattan like many of the other posters, I too would like a copy of the original file posted by AGS. I recomend using Drop box for posting the file and then sending out a link to others through email or this site. My email address is please email me the file as posted by ags or contact me to let me know how to attain it. This would be a huge help.

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    If asg is busy. You can pm me your email address and I'll send it through yousenit.

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