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Thread: 201 East 57th Street

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    This is idiotic.

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    The developers, who will soon be sent to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, have already managed to put glass around the corner on the third floor. Such atrocity has not been seen on the face of the Earth since the Rwanda genocide.

    These photos are not for the faint of heart. They were taken at great personal peril on the 28th of April.

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    I thought I read not too long ago that a bank branch leased space on the ground floor.

    I think the air rights were sold to the neighboring Place 57, so don't ever expect a taller building to rise here. And if the city ever decided to overhaul the current to somehow allow towers at such sites, expect lots of lawsuits.

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    Isn't this whole area about to be upzoned by 30% by Bloomberg?

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    He's doing his damnedest to make sure it is before his final goodbye from NYC politics:

    New zoning rules. No more views

    Broker Pulse
    January 19, 2012

    The city is studying a rezoning of commercial properties in Midtown East to replace “aging” smaller stock ...
    The city’s plan appears to be based on somewhat dubious premises that all buildings in the area that should be landmarked have been and that all corporations desire very large floors ...

    What the City Council Proposals Really Mean

    Historic Districts Council
    April 30, 2012

    The City Council is holding a public hearing at on Wednesday, May 2 at 10am at 250 Broadway to contemplate 10 bills which, if passed, will greatly change the workings of the Landmarks Preservation Commission in some very damaging ways ...

    ... there are four bills which together seek to impose a strict timeline on the LPC’s deliberation of potential landmarks and historic districts ...

    ... These bills would seem to answer the longtime community complaints about lack of attention to community requests. In truth, if these bills are adopted in tandem as written, they would risk overwhelming the LPC scant resources and could result in thousands of potential buildings in dozens of historic districts being rejected out of hand. Currently, there are literally thousands of buildings in potential historic districts across the city ...

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    Gosh, I hope that ^ misguided plan doesn't go through. We'll lose for sure a lot of the nice older buildings that makes New York classy and non-generic.

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    This measure would be great for replacing aging 50's office stock. They should modify it to allow upzoning only on sites occupied by structures built after 1945, excluding individual landmarks. This way, the pre-war stock in the neighborhood is unaffected; if anything, its owners may benefit from selling air rights to their neighbors that might be looking to redevelop under the new upzoned codes.

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    May 5 2012

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    I just don't understand the desire for all that clear glass going down almost to the floor plates. This will definitely be beaming out some bright lighting, probably 24/7 to display + sell whatever will go in there.

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    So they traded beautiful 19th century masonry for some tacky store windows? What a coup. What a brilliant outcome.

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    These guys are anuses.

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    Default 2 March 2013

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    What a sharp kick in the nads.

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    "Give me the IAC building but make it look like shit." - Developer?

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