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Thread: Proposed: 23 East 22nd Street - Flatiron District - Condo - by Rem Koolhaas

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    Default Proposed: 23 East 22nd Street - Flatiron District - Condo - by Rem Koolhaas

    Maybe starting a new thread will speed up the release of details on the new Koolhaas residential building!

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    Default Park views, $4,000/sf, $65M Penthouse . . . r_hour.php

    Rem Turns One Madison Park, Clock Tower Into Amateur Hour

    Friday, July 25, 2008, by Joey
    James Gardner might not like it, but the buzz surrounding Rem Koolhaas's still-unrevealed 23 East 22nd Street keeps growing, to the point where it's threatening to swallow up its equally new neighbor to the north, One Madison Park. Literally! Check out this detail about Koolhaas's 22-story design revealed in today's Daily News, explaining how the building will still have Madison Square Park views even though the 60-story One Mad Park is standing in its way:
    To give Madison Park views to buyers in the Koolhaas building, early architectural word is that Koolhaas designed the wide floors of the building to peek out around One Madison in a curvelike fashion. Prices are expected to hit $4,000 per square foot when the building opens sales in the fall. The penthouse price may hit $65 million, the annual payroll of most professional baseball teams.
    The building is going to bend around One Madison Park? Folks, we are officially living in The Matrix. And now, all within a few hundred feet, we have a skyline-altering glass tower with a $45 million penthouse, a landmark going under the Versace knife and emerging with rumored $3,500/sqft prices and a six-floor crown of its own, and a kurvy Koolhaas that will be more expensive than all of 'em. As Keanu would say, whoa.

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    Default And the first buyers are . . .

    Looks like a rerun . . . Step 1: announce Liev and Naomi are buying, Step 2: Sell out.

    From the Wall Street Journal:

    Watts, Schreiber Revise Condo Plans
    Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are relisting the two condominiums they'd agreed to buy at New York's still-unfinished One Madison Park high-rise. Instead, the actors now intend to purchase a larger apartment at the development's planned annex, says a person familiar with their plans.
    The two-bedrooms to be relisted, at $3.525 million and $4.15 million, occupy the entire 27th floor of the glass-tower luxury development, which overlooks Madison Square Park. The completed building will have a lobby designed by Rem Koolhaas and panoramic city views.
    The developer has allowed the couple to resell their contracts because they are upgrading within the complex, according to their listing agent, Wilbur Gonzalez of Brown Harris Stevens. The new apartment has four bedrooms and a roughly $10 million asking price; the entire annex building will be designed by Mr. Koolhaas.
    Ms. Watts got an Oscar nomination for the 2003 drama "21 Grams"; Mr. Schreiber is perhaps best known for his work in the 2004 remake of "The Manchurian Candidate." Spokeswomen for the actors didn't return calls and emails requesting comment.

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    Default Word on the street

    18 units available.

    9 in contract, 1 out.

    Public announcement, 1 month away.

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    Default From an FT article on New York Architecture

    Finally, there is One Madison Park, by Rotterdam’s Office for Metropolitan Architecture. It comes to us from the office of Rem Koolhaas, who brought us the superb Delirious New York in 1978, a book characterising Manhattan’s contribution to architecture as the culture of congestion. This is an eccentric, clever building, one to be taken seriously.

    The proposal (revealed exclusively to the FT) is typically provocative. Invoking a world of ziggurats and pyramids somewhere between Metropolis, Dada and Busby Berkeley, OMA brings us essence of Manhattan. It boils down to those steps, the set-backs and terracing so characteristic of the city – but used the wrong way round. Instead of set-backs, we have step-outs, a tottering tower cantilevered over its neighbours, allowing it to grab extra space from thin air while still permitting light to reach its neighbours.

    One Madison is the zenith of a burst of creativity from the world’s top architecture firms, each bringing to bear the intellectual, structural and aesthetic focus that has been so lacking in Manhattan’s architecture since the last great explosion of corporate expression in the early 1960s. It represents a quantum shift in attitudes to architecture, a sudden, surprising realisation of its role in defining and redefining the city. The question is whether that redefinition will enhance New York’s character or erode it.

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    Default Curbed/Rendering

    Rem Koolhaas' 23 East 22nd Street Partially Revealed

    Monday, August 25, 2008, by Joey

    On Friday, with a whimper and not with a boom, the Financial Times ran a story about new NYC architecture that, oh, by the way, featured the first-ever look at Rem Koolhaas' 23 East 22nd Street, the game-changing condo building that will rise behind its 60-story brother building, One Madison Park. The image did not appear with the online version of the story at first (perhaps to preserve a U.S. press exclusive), but now a Wired New York member has scanned and posted the photo, and the rendering has just popped up with the FT story. And we'll just say it: it's a letdown.
    The rendering, with a view of the 22nd Street façade from a downtown perspective, doesn't give us much of a whiff of the $50 million penthouse, the "balconies that stretch across multiple floors" or the "curvelike fashion" in which the building will peek out around One Madison Park in order to get park views (it looks more like it's shuffling out of the way). In fact, the massive and gleaming OneMadPark is cast as a dark and depressing monolith in this shot. We're sure there is much more on the way that will blow our little minds all over our laptop screen, but this ain't it. Thoughts?

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    wirednewyork had it first ; that's where curbed found it

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    Why does the FT refer to the Koolhaas project at 23 E 22nd as "One Madison Park" when that is the name of the tower next door?

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    Default Same Name

    Not sure whether the tower will be branded separately . . . but they share an address, an entryway, and all amenities (pool, theater, gym, etc.).

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    I see it being referred to as the "annex"

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    Probably a result of the FT's critic not having continuing coverage of NYC architecture. I read the article over the weekend, and it seemed very "on the outside looking in."

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    that cantilevering stunt makes it a jaw-dropper!

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    It really is a stunt.

    It's as inherently unstable as it looks. Tons and tons of extra steel are in this building to pull off the stunt.

    You could build the Statue of Liberty upside down and standing on its torch, but is it worth the effort?

    Ultimately, isn't this a stunt that's more literature than architecture? It's really just about as good described in words as actually seen.

    You could make the case that Koolhaas is not really an architect.

    Exhibitionist, perhaps.

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    Default Stunt?

    I could have this wrong, but it seems like more than a stunt. The building's shape solves a problem. The problem is that this tower had to be built on a spot virtually next door to another tower. A better spot for the tower would have been on the site right next door, to the east. It would have let folks in the new tower see north, up madison avenue, into the park, and toward the met life tower.

    Since he couldn't build on that lot, they used the air rights to build over it.

    Now, the top of the tower can have the improved views, and a slight distance from the 1 madison tower.

    You can argue about how successful this solution is, whether the tower should be built at all . . . but it doesn't seem fair to treat it as a pure 'stunt'. It's a legitimate architectural solution under some pretty tight constraints.

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    ^ What you're perhaps overlooking is that all Koolhaas' buildings are stunts. He seeks to frame every architectural problem in terms of how he can turn it into a stunt.

    The fact that you can identify the process that led there makes it only a bit less of a stunt. The exhibitionism comes first and the program is an excuse to rationalize it.

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