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    This summer I am "required" to do an internship in New York City. I'm not sure at this point yet if I have a job, but am having a hard time finding a cheap (as much as possible), close-to-work to place to live for the summer.

    Friends in the city have recommended the NYU dorms, and I have followed up with other colleges (w/ summer housing) like LIM and FIT. I know it's New York, and I know things are going to be very expensive, but if anyone has ANY another idea of summer housing, please share. I'll look into anything!


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    How can you beat the NYU dorms?

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    I'm not saying they can be beat, I'm just keeping my options open and seeing if there is any other forms of housing that people know of.

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    Which area of the city are you working in?

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    Oh crap. Have been incredibly busy with school lately I forgot about this. Whoops!

    KenNYC, I will be working on Park Ave. a few blocks away from Grand Central. Any ideas?

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