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    Hey Everybody,
    I'm planing move to NY the next year, just for a short time (one year, so so). I'm looking for suggestions of fashion and art schools that offers short courses.

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    Parsons is the best, then there's FIT, and Pratt in Brooklyn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stache View Post
    Parsons is the best, then there's FIT, and Pratt in Brooklyn.
    That pretty much explains it all, although I prefer Parsons and FIT through research and people I know who went there, !

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    since you are not seeking a degree ( i assume) make sure to check out those schools continuing adult programs... otherwise they require admissions like any college would. for art make sure to check out the art students league here:
    you can take courses there without getting a degree and they've been around forever.

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    Thumbs up LIM College

    I don't know what type of fashion you're interested in doing, whether it be the business side or the designing aspect. If it's the business side of things, like I'm interested in, I would look into LIM College as well. It's an incredible college with a lot of history and many people I have talked to in the industry have suggested this college to me, as well as Parson's & FIT like stache suggested.

    I visited LIM during my trip to New York in February and was astounded by place. I got a private tour of the main building (12 East 53rd Street) from an actual student attending who (from what it seemed) knew everything possible about the college. Like I said though, LIM is a fashion business school and does not focus mainly on the designing aspect.

    It's always good to visit the colleges! I visited FIT in February as well and it's just amazing how much you can learn in only a few hours of getting a tour and talking to students, professors and admissions counselors.

    Good luck with your studies and your move!

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