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Thread: Need help to recognize the photo!

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    Default Need help to recognize the photo!

    Hi dear Yorkers! There is an image attached below that I cannot figured out the author, the place, the time it was shot (suppose the author name will be enough to know the other details ). I can only imagine these things and it totally drives me crazy because it reminds me.. ugh, well, it reminds me a lot of positive emotions

    Pray for your helping hand!

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    I'm thinking it might be this building -

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    Just a guess, but it looks like she looking at a photo mural...I remember seeing an arieal mural of New York in a resturant in my hometown and the way it was displayed was like you were standing on top of a building in New York. However with your pic, like I said its only a guess.

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    I am pretty sure this is a view from the WTC. See the third photo on the link below.
    Not sure who the photographer is, though. Everyone who's ever been up there probably has a photo like this.

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    It's got to be the WTC from that high up.

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    Must be the WTC, since looking at the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bride Below... It reminds me of a sad sory that happened in 2001, it shocked my brains and changed me to be a better person ...

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