I'm always fascinated by old photos of the city. Recently I moved to Warren Street and I am very interested in looking at 50 or 100 year old photos of the vicinity. I am told that Warren Street was full of kerosene and gas lamp stores back in the day (butter and eggs were a few blocks north-west) and was curious if there are photos around from that era. Any suggestions on where I should look? I know that there are old NYC Tax photos from the 1930s, but apart from those (rather bland) photos, any idea if there are collections that I could search through (NY Historical Society? Museum of the City of NY?) to find others? I am willing to devote an afternoon to this and I'm happy to actually go to see a physical paper or print collection (not just internet searches, gasp!) and if I find something interesting I'll post it here. Thanks for your suggestions!

P.S. I posted this on the photos/videos forum but someone suggested that this is a better forum for such questions. Thanks.