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Thread: Helicopter Flight Over London in 720p HD.

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    Default Helicopter Flight Over London in 720p HD.

    From SSC Forum Member 'SalgoVernale'

    It just goes on and on and on....and remember your only seeing London north of the Thames, so probably no more than 60% of the whole city...!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for posting. Good video but I am afraid London always looks pretty bad from the air. It doesn't have that etched from stone effect of Paris or the soaring towers on NY. It is a shame because I always find London to be spectacular at ground level.

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    I agree with you, Alonzo. NY looks much better from the air, but London looks much better from the ground. This is a great video nonetheless.

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    Default Living Camera

    Following a helicopter ride in 360 3D, an astounding London panorama drawn entirely from the beautiful mind of artistic savant Stephen Wiltshire.

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    Video embedded:


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