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    I'm moving to new york in a few months, and I'm trying to figure out where to live. I grew up in nyc suburbs so I know the city fairly well, but I've been living down in philadelphia for a while now. Hopefully there's somebody out there who knows both philly and nyc fairly well and can help me out. Right now I live in the Graduate Hospital area of Philly (18th and Christian to be exact) in purported "up and coming" area. It's basically in a couple of block grey zone between a nice area and a not so nice area. To give an idea, my block has some recently built million dollar homes (a whole lot for philly), but it also has a chinese food store on the corner with bullet proof glass. It's great for me and my girlfriend because we basically feel safe, but we trade some less than savory aspects for a significant deal on housing.

    We would basically love to find a similar area to live in new york. Both my girlfriend and I are going to be working in the bronx, and we were thinking of living in either UES or UWS. We were thinking Harlem, but it sounds like Harlem might actually still be kind of dangerous. Can anybody reccomend some areas, or maybe some border blocks on the north end of either the UES or UWS that are fairly safe, close to nice stuff, but have the odd sketchy store front that would drive down rents a little bit?

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    It's a tossup, but East Harlem might be a little safer than Philly. I spoke to someone recently that went to a party on E. 117th. St. and she said all the boutiques that used to be on the UWS have moved around there (Mt. Morris Park area) because their old locations further downtown have been taken over by banks etc. You might try 130th. St. area.

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    I think UWS would be a nice fit. Its obviously a little further depending on what part of the bronx you work in but it has that same cultural feel as university city area. Central Park= rittenhouse/clark park, trendy center city/university city restaurants i.e. alma de cuba, fogo de chao, etc.= lincoln center and columbus square area restaurants and just the overall vibe of UWS is ethnic neighborhood enough similar to UPenn area but a little more affluent i.e. center city with exception of events and youthful attractions. I would suggest nice areas of brooklyn honestly but that train ride will be hell.

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    Hi all, I am thinking about moving to NY and I like what you have suggested. When it comes to rents, how much would you suggest I look at for a 1 bedroom.

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    Hey all, Thanks for the info, I'll check out the areas you mentioned. As I'm planning on working from home, distance from bronx doesn't matter.

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