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Thread: New York Giants

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    Another Patriots streak bites the dust.

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    Ochocinco should change his name again.


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    It's hard to find fault here.

    Toe to toe with the best team in the NFL, to the last 3 seconds. Almost ended another streak. When they're good, they're entertaining.

    But still...

    Get a gift from Arizona, and can't take advantage.

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    The Giants loss, end of story. If I could only really say that...they got hosed by some bad refereeing. I walked out of Giants Stadium yesterday happy but pissed off. That phantom hold call on the DB was insane.

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    It is not necessarily over... they still have 2 games with Dallas. If they play with the same intensitiy as they did yesterday, they might actually run the table and go 10-6. With two wins over Dallas, that could get them the division.

    As well as they played, you can't be too happy with allowing Greenbay to rusn down the field with 58 seconds left. I know Rogers is awesome, but someone needed to step up in the last minute. Still they played a great game and proved they can play withy anyone.

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    Well they were 10-6 in 2007. There's still hope.

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    Well, that was mildly exciting.

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    I swear my 8 month old child's firsts words are going to be "Fckn Giants" lol. Wow, what a win. Now to beat Washington this Sunday. One week at a time.

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    Did you get earplugs for your little one?

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    I was @ the game, no little one around....although I did beat the traffic...I stayed until the end.

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    ^ I am sorry to read that. What a horrible effort.

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    With about 5-7 minutes left in the game, there were about 100 people in the entire upper level, goal line to goal line, on the visitors side. Although, temperature wise it wasn't the coldest game I've ever been to, but it felt like the coldest game I was ever at once the sun went down.

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    In a perfect weekend, the Giants beat the Falcons, and the Lions beat the Saints. That would mean the Giants don't travel to Green Bay; they would go to SF, where they match up better with the 49ers.

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    I can see the Giants beatng the Falcons, but not the Lions beating the Saints in NO. The Saints are too good at home. Besides, if Detroit's D could not stop Greenbay's second team offence, I can't see them doing much against the Saints either.

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    Big D. A blast from the past.

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