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Thread: New York Giants

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    Green Bay scares the hell out of me. Plus, we'll be in Green Bay.

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    What's there to be scared about?

    The Packers are the best team in the NFL. With all of the preseason injuries, losing key players to other teams, and the projected strength of the Eagles, I figured that we would be lucky to get a wild card.

    But we got a home playoff game, first home playoff win since 2000. After the two wins to get into the postseason, there was pressure to win yesterday. Now we're playing with house money. Three "playoff intensity" games in a row, while ten Packer starters including Rodgers will have not played a game in three weeks. They're the better team, but all the pressure to win is on them. If the Giants play well, they have a chance.

    Just enjoy the game. I expect that the Giants will lose, but I won't be surprised if they win.

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    Their best game of the season. D showed up big time, and the Offense was solid in the second half. They ran the ball well, and came up with some very big passing plays as well. I give Eli a lot of credit

    The Giants are peaking at the right time. They are going to give Greenbay all they can handle next week.

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    DB Aaron Ross cleared on concussion exam. OK to practice.

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    The Giants remind me a little of Greenbay last year. They did not go into the playoffs with an especially great record, but they are much better than what their record indicate. They just might take Greenbay this week. It should be a good game.

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    Total non-sequitor (sorry).

    It is odd that i am now living in a place where I can see the stadium, in the distance, from my house but I am not a football fan.

    Every time I see MetLife now I think of my uncle who would thread his way through the back roads around Teterboro airport just to avoid the traffic on Route 3....

    Again, sorry... you may continue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddhead View Post
    The Giants are peaking at the right time. They are going to give Greenbay all they can handle next week.
    The Giants D Line will probably decide the game. Unless Eli has a bad game, the Giants will score. The way the Packers have been winning at home: It becomes a two-score game, and the D starts taking chances, looking for the turnover.

    So the Giants have to keep the score close, put pressure on Rogers and keep him from getting into a rhythm. Since Rogers likes to run if no one is open, I wonder if the Giants will put a spy on him. But that would take one man out of pass coverage.

    It would be nice if the Giants can maintain a running game that moves the chains, but although the running game has picked up somewhat, I haven't seen much evidence of a ball-control team this year. Hopefully they will pop a few big running plays to keep the Packers honest, but I don't see the run as a key.

    Giants can't afford any turnovers. Don't care about special team runbacks; just catch the ball.

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    Greenbay was 14th in the league in rushing yds per game defense - but they were 26th in yds per attempt given up in defense (4.7). I guess this is because they were constantly playing in front, forcing their opponents to throw more than what would be optimal. Still, I have to think the Giants will be able to run the ball pretty well and keep Rodgers off the field.

    I agree that pass rushing Rodgers is trickey and that the Giants may assign a spy on him. If Eli plays well, and I think he will, the Giants will be in this one until the end. I think they have a shot.

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    Giants survived two incredibly bad calls by the refs, each of which almost changed the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    Giants survived two incredibly bad calls by the refs, each of which almost changed the game.
    I assume you mean the fumble that never was, and the roughing call. I agree. How they missed the first one,with replay, is beyond me. But a great win by the Giants.

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    Yeah, those two.

    I guess the layoff affected the Packers. They seemed lazy on several plays. On the TD pass at the half, besides allowing Bradshaw to cross the field and get out of bounds to set it up, look at where the Packer DBs are when the pass is thrown.

    At 8 seconds on the vid, Nicks is turning for the ball. The Packers only had two DBs in the end zone, and both were blocked off by Nicks. No one was in front except the Giants' Cruz, and he later said that he thought about making a play for the ball but realized that Nicks was in good position.

    Five Packer DBs were still outside the end zone.

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    ^Shades of the famous 'helmet catch'. I almost posted a deliciously obnoxious Sunday Daily News cover mocking the Jets, but I thought it bad luck.

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    Check out the faces in the stands.

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    What a game. A good hard fought game, with few exceptions. Looking forward to doing battle with the Cheatriots again.

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