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Thread: New York Giants

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    Only 4 arrests at the parade.

    The UK's Daily Mail reported that this Patriots fan was arrested...

    ...but he would have been in handcuffs. Turns out he was escorted away from the parade.

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    For you X and O folks, breakdown of the play of the game from video.

    Sorry, there's a commercial.

    Manning to Manningham pass

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    Whitney Houston at Super Bowl XXV

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    With all of this Linsanity that has taken over the NYC it made the withdrawal from football a little easier.

    I cant believe my Giants pulled it off again. While the similarities to 2007 are uncanny I must say that this season was a bit more umm how could I say.... ambigious. With all of the come from behind wins that they had each thrilling game came down to the wire; 9 comeback wins and 4 near comebacks loses. The defense was a huge weakness but they finally got their crap together just in time and Eli was on our team giving us a chance in every game. Thankfully in Eli we ended up with a master in situational play, a player that does not only not need a playbook hes does not even need a perfectly executed play to pull off a first down, significant yard gain, a TD. Its seems like when the play goes to shit he gets even better. There is nothing more admirable in sports (or life for that matter) than someone who is at their best when the situation is at its worst. And lets not forget, he throws the BEST deep ball in the NFL.

    That same deepball that gave us the greatest Super Bowl play of all time gave me 2 other classics:
    The Hail Mary to Hakeem Nick at the end of the first half of the Green Bay playoff game. To me that was the most exciting play of the the season because it was so unexpected. I did not see that TD coming at all and just through sheer surprise and joy I nearly lost my voice/energy at halftime of that game. That unexpected great play will go up there with Mike Piazza's three run homer against the braves, Venturas Grand Slam single, Larry Johnsons four point play againt the Pacers, Starks dunk over Jordan and Grant and of course, Eli-Tyree; braded memories of uncontrolably intense sports joys.

    Manning to Manningham. While similar to Eli-Tyree in up to the yards it covered (38) it was completely different in that it did not require a series of near miracles, but pure sheer skill on Eli's arm to exact that pass and Mario's footwork and presence of mind to ensure he was inbounds. When people say to me that Eli is just lucky I just point to that play as an example that you cannot keep getting lucky in the such similar manners.

    Time to enjoys my Super Bowl paraphernalia and Linsanity....

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    QB Eli Manning restructures contract for Giants

    Associated Press

    Eli Manning has restructured his contract with the New York Giants to give the Super Bowl champions more cap room, a person familiar with the decision said Thursday.

    The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because the team has not officially announced the quarterback's deal.

    Under terms of the restructuring, the Giants will guarantee $9 million of Manning's $10.75 million salary in 2012. The move allows the Giants to divide the guarantee over the final four years of the contract, reduces his base salary to $1.75 million and clears roughly $6.75 million in cap space, the source said.

    Manning had a career season in 2011, leading the Giants to their second Super Bowl title in five seasons. He threw for a career-high 4,933 yards, and led seven game-winning drives in the fourth quarter.

    Manning's last game-winning drive came in the 21-17 win over the Patriots in the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. He ignited the 88-yard title drive with a pinpoint 38-yard pass to Mario Manningham.

    The Giants were over the cap, so the extra money will give them some wiggle space for free agency.

    New York made punter Steve Weatherford its transition player last week. Three other starters are also free agents: tackle Kareem McKenzie, linebacker Chase Blackburn and cornerback Aaron Ross.

    Manningham, defensive end Dave Tollefson, defensive tackle Rocky Bernard, cornerback Terrell Thomas and safety Deon Grant also can walk.

    General Manager Jerry Reese also has to decide what to do with two-time Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umenyiora and running back Brandon Jacobs, who have big contracts and are key cogs, but they are no longer starters.

    "We try to make good football decisions," Reese said during a recent conference call. "It would be great to make splashy moves in the offseason, but our goal is to make good football decisions and that's what we try to do every year. We don't just think about our personnel for the current year. We think a couple years down the line and that's important."

    Umenyiora is slated to earn $3.975 million next season in the final year of a seven-year deal he signed in 2005. He had nine sacks in nine games in 2011.

    Jacobs is scheduled to earn $4.4 million next season, plus a $500,000 roster bonus.

    óCopyright 2012 Associated Press

    I heard that the Giants and Jacobs couldn't reach an agreement, and they released him.

    He's 30 years old, but a big running back (265) ages fast in the NFL.

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    1. Osi and Giants squabble over contract extension.

    2. Osi fires his agent.

    3. Osi and Giants come to terms on contract extension.

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    He must've had one of these....

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    Default The celebration continues!! the Giants will reveal this tonight:


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    First half was really ugly. Eli was terrible, 3 INTs. The third was a killer - with the Giants down 17-13 and driving toward a score before the half, a 60 yard pick-six with 8 seconds left.

    The Bucs almost broke the 2nd half kickoff, getting good field position and kicking a FG for 27-13.

    Two Giants drives stalled, and FGs made it 27-19 with 12:20 to go in the 4th Q. Then came the key defensive series for the Giants. Bucs were stopped with a fourth-and-one at the Giants 48, out of FG range. Punt put the ball on the Giants 12 yard line with 7:40 to go.

    It's been amazing watching Manning so many times shake off a bad game and seize a key moment. Third-and-two at the 20, Manning hit Cruz over the top down the right sideline for an 80 yard TD and 2-pt conversion. Score tied.

    Less than than 3 minutes later, another TD pass, 34-27.

    Right now, the Giants have no corners, and TB came right back to tie with a 41 yd TD pass, 34-34.

    Manning hit Nicks for 50 yds that set up a 2-yd run, 41-34.

    Manning finished the day with 510 yards, 3 short of Simms' Giants record. 295 yards in the 2nd half.

    What looked like a miserable day turned into a nice train ride back to Penn Sta, and dinner at Tracks.

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    Schiano need to 'class-up' his act.

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    The offense can't dictate what the defense should do, and it was a one-score game. But the QB sometimes indicates the intention to kneel to the defense. I think protocol should require the defense to indicate that they're going full-out.

    The problem was that the offense wasn't expecting it, and the Bucs came in low. No one on the defense made contact with Manning; he was knocked down by Giants falling. More injuries happen in these pileups than normal play execution.

    I'm on the fence about this.

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    I think it was a classless, bush league play instigated by a bush league coach. It is the kind of rah-rah, false macho, pop warner BS coaches push when they have nothing else to offer, just to prove how tough they are. The game was over and he risked serious injury on a play that meant nothing. I know Jaworski and Ditka came out on Schiano's side but that doesn't make them right either. I do not recall Ditka ever doing that when he was coach, and I wonder how Jaworski would have reacted if it were his butt hitting the turf.

    You can tell the TB players weren't too happy with it either. The most we got from one DT were words to the effect that they do what they are coached to do.

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    DL has to wake up tonight. Need a big pass rush, or the CBs will have big trouble with Steve Smith.

    Giants shouldn't have too much trouble moving the ball against Carolina, even without Nicks and Bradshaw. As long as others step up.

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    Hey, I drew that up pretty well.

    Good pressure on Newton, couple of sacks. Smith not a factor until late in the game.

    Brown (113 yds) and Barden (9 catches) stepped up.

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    Do the Real Refs come back next week?

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