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    Hi All,

    Im a 31 year old irish man hoping to move to nyc in april 2011 and would like to find out about woodside queens and the irish community there? i'l only be in new york for 3 months and will be looking to get a job! im willing willing to do any job so long as it buys me food and pays the rent! not too fussy also if anyone has information on the irsh cummunity in ny and if like in ireland they look after their own? it would also be great to make a few friends before i arrive so dont be shy! any help advice or information would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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    Hi, I'm looking to do something similar to you, moving from Scotland to NYC for a few months with the hope of working over there, I was just wondering what visa you are getting? I have had a look and can't seem to find one that will let me do this. Any info you have found on this would greatly help!

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    Woodlawn in the north end of The Bronx is a very Irish community. It's been that way for 75+ years.


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