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Thread: middle class White/Catholic neighborhoods in the Outer Boroughs???

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    Discussing real estate in terms of race or religion is illegal, but asking a question about the demographics of a neighborhood is not.

    The thread title was poorly worded. When I saw a particular religion, I thought that religious support was requested, maybe schools for children. That puts a different aspect on the question.

    That wasn't the case anyway. The question was corrected to basically not wanting to be the small minority that sticks out in an area. Nothing wrong with that.

    The city provides this information:

    IronMike: Go here.

    The map is clickable. You mentioned Throgs Neck in another thread. Click on section 10 brings up a closer view. Throgs Neck is part of Bronx CD 10. Click on bronx CD 10 brings up a profile page.

    The third tab DATA RESOURCES has demographic, economic, and housing profiles.

    You can get this info for any neighborhood.

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    i was wondering....

    what neighborhoods are undergoing gentrification?

    i mean say I was to look for a condo with a swimming pool/jacuzzi/fitness center/balcony in the shared portion of the building. In Mahattan this would be millions, but i atually saw a couple on nytimes real estate going for under 400k (1 bd that is) in western Queens and the Northern Brooklyn area. In a gentrifying neighborhood could this be had cheaper?

    Bed-Stuy maybe? The South Bronx? gentrifying does mean that in 10 years it will be a decent neighborhood right?

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    hard to predict the pace of gentrification... I think DUMBO gentrified much more quickly than I would have expected, while Long Island City has been on the edge of being "the next hot neighborhood" for two decades now.

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

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    i thought Long Island City was a decent neighborhood? I know the condos aint exactly cheap!

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    Hi, I live in Bay Ridge. Its a nice white middle class hood. About 90% white. It was voted one of the safest hoods in all of NYC. I like it, its affordable and believe it or not, quiet for NYC. The R train is about 40 minutes to Wall Street and about 1 hour 20 mins to uptown. The views are also scenic. A lot of the people here are Italian or Russian descent, but there are also other types of immigrants.

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