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    I will be visiting NY for the 6th time at Easter and I was hoping to get a few alternative ideas. I have done all of the obvious 'tourist' things to death so was hoping for a few inside tips. I was hoping to spend a week 'living as a New Yorker' (forgive the expression).

    In an effort to achieve this I have abandoned hotels and have opted for a rental apartment in the Lower East Side. I am also looking to get tickets for a baseball game (Yankees aren't playing during my stay so looking at the Mets - can you buy single game tickets?? Can't see them anywhere)

    Are there any other suggestions which might be of interest to me? I am definitely a nightlife person but happy for any ideas.



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    D, Mets single game tiks aren't on sale yet. If last year is an indication, they won't be on sale til March. Only, multi-game & season tiks being sold right now. Too bad they're your second choice.

    I'm not a NY resident, but I can tell you if you're bored with tourist spots, the next thing to do is basically hit the streets. Walk, bike, drive, ride, whatever, but walking will enable you to stay close to the places & things you may want to do on the spur of the moment. Tourist buses & rental cars will leave you feeling somewhat detached from the experience. There are places I've discovered because I had parked my car & was walking to someplace else when I came upon something I didn't know existed.

    There are other people on this forum who can give you better details on sight-seeing, nightlife, etc. if they're inclined. Otherwise, search the internet extensively & you'll get a great deal of info on what to do when you're here.

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    Try going here:

    for single game tickets. Stubhub is a marketplace where buyers who are holding tickets, and sellers meet virtually to exchange tickets. Holders of Mets season tickets and other package plans who are not able to attend particular game(s) will post tickets for sale on that site, often at reasonable prices.

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    Default generally sells comfortably above the face value of the tickets though, so unless you want to see a game that is in particularly high demand, you might just want to wait and buy it from the Mets website. As Maria said, single game tickets are generally not on sale until the season starts, it's just season tickets, multi-game packages and stuff they sell this early.

    You should find it pretty easy to pick up a single game ticket once in the city during Easter.

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    Let's go Mets!

    I'd also suggest hipster bowling -- you have your choice of classic Bowlmor in Greenwich Village, new Bowlmor in the old NY Times building, or The Gutter in Williamsburg.

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    Go to Chinatown, and hit up Nom Wah Tea Parlor on Doyers Street. They just re-opened after a six month renovation, and it's well out of the way of the major touristy areas.


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