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Thread: Canadian, still in university, hoping to move in the next few years. Help?

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    Default Canadian, still in university, hoping to move in the next few years. Help?

    I'm eighteen years old and still in my first year of university. At the moment I'm living in a quiet suburban town about an hour out of Vancouver. My first goal is to move to a different university in the city, and eventually to New York. However, I'm still young and indecisive. I'm working towards getting a BA, but I've yet to decide what I want to specialize in, although I was thinking a major in psychology with a minor in theatre (I love the arts, one of my main draws to the Big Apple). So, I have some questions.

    1) What sort of careers should I be looking for? Would school guidance counsellor or theatre teacher be a viable choice?

    2) What about health insurance? I don't know all the details about what people think down there, but I'm loving my "free" health care, and the thought of living in the US without insurance is a bit frightening, especially with the medical expenses (has anyone else seen the documentary Sicko? Scary stuff!)

    3) What would the price be for renting a small one bedroom apartment? Which borough/neighbourhood would be ideal for someplace cheap, yet safe? How would I go about finding roommates (if I don't have any friends on the same path as me by then)?

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! I know I'm starting pretty early, but I figure the earlier the better. I've been to New York once and it was love at first sight. I know it can be a rough place, and it will be a test of character, but I think it will be well worth it. As mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of the arts. I've seen several professional musicals (Broadway, Broadway Across America, Broadway Across Canada, etc) and I've always dreamed of being on Broadway. However, I know that that's a pretty far-fetched goal, so I figured it would be best to just get to New York first and get a stable job/career before pursuing anything concerning acting.

    Thanks again,

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    Can't really give you much advice on careers, since I'm not familiar with that area. I have a friend who works with casting for Broadway, and she absolutely hates it though, for whatever that is worth

    As for health insurance, typically paid by employer if you're a full time employee, or you get on a student program if you go to university. As for privately paid, it can be expensive, but it's so individualized it's really hard to give you a ballpark. Personally, being European, my choice of healthcare has been based on the possibility of going "back home" if I should come into need of expensive healthcare, as we also have free healthcare. Not sure if that'd be an option for you, though.

    As for rent; if you want to live a lone you should probably expect $1000/month as a minimum, if you want to live on Manhattan, even more. As for getting a roommate, craigslist seems to be the most popular option, but I suppose also one of the more riskier. Try to network a bit with people in the theater business, and you might find a better match for a roommate that way.

    As for far-fetched goal; only you can decide if it's worth it or not. Is it a difficult business to break into? Without doubt. And you won't get rich from doing it (unless you're that 0.001%), but heck, if you got a dream, you gotta follow it, right?


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