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Thread: Please, help me to find a room in NYC.

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    Default Please, help me to find a room in NYC.

    I am trying to find a room in NYC and it seems that there are a lot of ADs concerning it.
    But the fact is I need a guaranty letter for US embassy, that can confirm I really have place to live in.
    Can somebody advise me something?


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    Thumbs up A Room in New York - come and live in Astoria, Queens! Cheaper than a hotel!

    Hi there,

    since you mention the U.S. embassy, it looks like you are referring to the fact that when entering the country, U.S. Immigration authorities require you to state exactly where you will be staying.

    I know that they changed the requirements approximately in 2008/2009, so that this even applies to cases when you are just entering on a tourist visa. (They have the ESTA website, as it's called, where you must go online and pre-register, even if you are from a country which falls under the 'Visa Waiver Program')

    The easy way to do this is to either book a hotel in advance or alternatively, consider a homestay - which is what we offer - where you will stay with a real New York family. Much better deal that a hotel ($$$) and more of an adventure too!

    Just like The Big Apple is a melting pot of different nationalities, so is our family.

    Check us out:

    We will be happy to prepare a formal letter, confirming that you have booked a room and will be staying with us.

    You'll enjoy Astoria, Queens! Great area....and only a 15 minute subway ride into Manhattan...


    номер в Нью-Йорке!
    pokoj v New Yorku!
    A Room in New York!
    Ett rum i New York!


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