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Thread: Newcastle upon Tyne, England

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    Default Newcastle upon Tyne, England

    Just some shots of Newcastle.

    Newcastle has some of the finest Georgian Streets in the UK. Though spared somplete devastation by 60's planners some fine buildings were lost to the Urban Motorway , the vast city centre Mall (Eldon Square) and numerous office buildings. T Dan Smith was the visionary at the time and hated the old which he wanted swept away for new plazas etc. He was eventually jailed for corruption kick backs from property developers.

    I'm going back soon so will add some more photo's.

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    Remembering HISTORIC NEWCASTLE - Old Photos, Maps, even Stories

    Link to Skyscrapercity page which you can see many jems that were razed in the name of progress, or just looking into times gone by. Over 70 pages and counting.

    Newcastle "As it might have been"

    various scheme proposed that were either half built or thankfully abandoned. The ones from before World War II look quite grand.
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    Nice looking city, Rational Plan; I guess its grimy industrial past is in the past.

    Its bridge famously emblazons bottles of an excellent beer.

    Amazingly [over?]-pedestrianized.

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    It's not that pedestrianised compared to some. The main Photos are all radiate from the Earl Gray Monument, which is where the main Metro interchange is. The actual pedestrianisation only extends for a couple hundred yards in most directions. It sets off the Historic buildings. The other photos are either of new developments that have a pedestrian plaza in their centre; the last two photos covers a new pedestrian street at Northumbria University and has transformed a motley collection of buildings(with some judicious refurbishment and new build) into a cohesive spine for the University. The main shopping street is also pedestrianised.

    People like pedestriansed streets over here, most have been a big success. I know, even in New York opinion is divided over the small schemes that have been done, and some don't think a city is not real unless it is choked with cars.

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    Some more photos from my camera phone.

    The Big Market, now home to some of Newcastle's most boisterous and cheapest bars. A place of scantily clad people in February, vomit, drunken sex and a good chance of being beaten up, and thats just from the Ladies. But on the other hand house triple and mixer for 2.95 at Sizzlers.

    Four takeaways together

    Moving Northwest this transitions to the bottom end of Grainger street, once prime retail but declined once the department stores drifted North to the Eldon square Mall and the Metro system diverted suburban shoppers from the Central station direct to the centre. Here the street is on the up after the new Leisure Complex (now with the city centres only cineplex), the Gate, plus the Bottom end if the Eldon Square Mall has been rebuilt losing multi storey car park, a market. The horrible brick and concrete has been replaced by badly detailed stone and glass Department store and new big box fashion stores.

    Concrete Hotel and shopping centre due to be replaced some new Hotels.

    we move on to Percy street, which became the back of the Eldon Square Mall and has declined. This left the rather magnificent old Co Op department store out in the cold. Today only the ground floor is used for a Co Op supermarket, rumours swirl of a conversion to a luxury hotel.

    We move along Percy street up to Haymarket. This area was blighted by plans for long standing plans for a Western Motorway. Though this plan fizzled out in the 70's it deadened development until the 90's when they did build a new boulevard from Redheugh bridge to St James Stadium, cutting through the maze of one streets in the West End. In the Last few years this is where most of Cities Office buildings and apartments have started to Sprout.

    East on Blackett Street leads to the Actual Eldon Sqaure which was an elegant Georgian sqaure. Only one side survives the rest is dominated by the Mall. It actually looks better than it did. In the recent expansion and refurbishment the Square now has some restaurants and a new low shopping arcade that links to the new bus station. The square is now buzzing with Pedestrians.

    Back to the centre and the Monument Metro Station where the retail setting is much richer.

    Up to Northumberland street and the city's main retail pitch.

    South of Nothumberland Street is Pilgrim street once home to one of the cities 30's picture palaces, but the Odeon is now derelict, with campaigners locked in a battle with developers who want to demolish most of the East side of the Street for a New Mall and Offices.

    (My sister lead me crying out of here at a showing of Bambi when I was five).

    South of Big Market is the Cathedral and while an office area is also home to some the cities better bars, which they are desperately trying market as 'The Diamond Strip'.

    Grey Street head from the Monument down to the Quayside in a long Elegant curve. Nice bars and restaurants here.

    Down to the Quayside, once part of the drinking and clubbing circut. With the relaxation of drinking licences people don't need to go bight clubs to continue drinking these days so the clubs on the quayside lost out to those in the city centre. What with the increased residential the area is seeing more restaurants.

    The area around the Station

    Plus the Angel of North which greats travelers from the South outside Gateshead.

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