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Thread: Stay in Manhattan or Move to San Francisco?

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    Question Stay in Manhattan or Move to San Francisco?

    Hi all, new here:

    I have a relationship with a man who lives in Manhattan, but I have 2 sons whom I'm unable to see very often, in San Francisco. My partner has indicated that he's fine with whatever I would like to do, since he's retiring soon.

    I live in Upstate, NY now ... and after looking at all of the restaurants, stores, events, etc. that NY has to offer, I think I'd love it there for those reasons ... but San Francisco has much to offer also, and I can be near my sons finally.

    Finally, to let you know, we could always travel to SF to visit sons, just wouldn't be able to share day to day life with them, which I've missed. We would be able to visit them at least 2-3 times a year.

    Opinions and suggestions welcomed.

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    San Francisco. Nothing beats family --unless your sons are semi-imprisoned.

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    You're going to do what your heart tells you, & I think it's telling you you want to be near your sons. If your guy is retiring, I'm guessing you're either his age, or somewhere near it, which makes me think your sons are grown. Maybe late teens, early 20s. If that's the case, they may be able to come see you as often as you can go see them. If not, after all the extraneous things of life fall away, family's the only thing that matters. Think of it this way: You can live near your sons & visit Manhattan 2-3 times per year, or more, instead of the other way around.

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    San francisco. Your partner is fine with SF. You've got nothing to lose,and the kids will be grown before you know it. Now's the time.

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    Spend at least a month in S.F. to see of you like it. You might wind up wanting to live in Marin County etc.

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    Thanks everyone ... many good ideas. Gosh, after today, and knowing they're expecting a 9 point earthquake along CA line soon, thinking I should have a place in NY so the boys can come to me, if they need to.

    Much thinking ahead.


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