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    Lately while working I've been tuned in to "Tales of Tomorrow" a ground-breaking sci/fi-mystery progam from the very early 1950's, now available for viewing at Internet Archive.

    It is fascinating... "Tales of the Future" must have been Rod Serling's inspiration for Twighlight Zone.

    It was performed and broadcast live. It's raw, cheaply done and full of flubbs. Little time for rehearsals. But the dialogue and acting is wonderful. The shows are filled with actors just starting out on their careers (Paul Newman) well has some from the silents (Esther Ralston) and the 1930's...Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, Franchot Tone

    This is a great example: "Appointment on Mars " (1952). We get a skinny Leslie Nieson, Brian Kieth (using his real name Robert Kieth) and William Redfield. All unknown at the time. They all went on to solid careers. Watch it... it's like being at a scruffy off-b'way play or sitting in on a scene at Stella Adler's acting class:


    Here's another. "The Window" (1952) This is brilliant television. Rod Stieger.

    "A TV show broadcast is interrupted by what appears to be live video of a murder in progress"

    The full list is here:
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