Check out the Photograph to Screen Print Class @ Gowanus Print Lab!

Learn how to translate your photographs in to screen prints in Gowanus Print Lab's three-hour “Photograph to Screen Print” class. The CMYK 4-color printing process uses ben-day dots and halftones to render shadow and light in with uber-cool newspaper, comic book aesthetic. Achieve fine detail with your CMYK prints, or manipulate the dot pattern to give your image a gritty, vintage, or pixelated look. Great skill for those who work with collage too!

You will leave this class with the digital formatting and the screen printing know-how needed to pull your very own prints, all materials included.

Visit http://gowanusprintlab.com/Lasting_Impressions.html for more information.

Gowanus Print Lab offers many more studio and digital classes to help you reach creative nirvana, in addition to daily, weekly, or monthly screen printing studio rental.

Gowanus Print Lab
54 Second Avenue, Brooklyn