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Thread: The Willow Hotel - 120 West 57th Street - by Roman & Williams

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastMillinocket View Post
    This is a turd. Genocide on 57th Street.
    It's the Hotel Carter of the future!

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonlawyer View Post
    These developers are huge d.i.c.k.s. They razed a stunning building and are replacing it with a banal POS. At least BP's POS on 8th Ave didn't result in the loss of nice structures.
    I already forgot the beauty that was on the site before. I think my mind blocks out traumatic urban memories.

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    The real atrocity on 57th will be if Solow or a future purchaser of his buildings near 5th raze them.

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    From the Facebook page of R&W. There will be additional "black vertical struts" applied to the facade, running up at the mullions, I assume.

    Hate away, but I'm still optimistic about this building.

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    I am also optimistic about this project: this firm does fine work on everything from product design to buildings. The building they did on Elizabeth Street is very well done; this one will not likely be as highly refined or detailed - but nice enough to say the least.

    I spotted this blog that features many of their past design projects: mostly interior design.

    Also, here - these folks have an exquisite aesthetic, there is something special here.
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    The massing of the building ain't that great, but it's nice to see a little texture on the panels and nice big windows with black muntins. It's all about the windows on this hotel.

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    So far the facade looks much better than I expected. Early renders made it look almost as bad as ye olde Kaufman/Chang hotel.

    Pros: Surprisingly detailed texture, great windows, subdued/dignified color scheme, well-ordered looking facade, maintained street wall, and jusging by the execution so far, the crown looks promising.

    Cons: Demolition of an old beauty, broken streetwall cornice line, the massing is average at best, lot walls are likely to be plain concrete, and though I like the color scheme, it might end up being a bit too somber; however, I find the latter acceptable at this site as I always liked 57th Street's tall, narrow, and brooding canyon.

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    YIMBY strikes once more, this time to show us the cladding going in.

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    I love the cladding on this, it makes excellent filler... one of my favorites of all the projects going up now, after seeing the base.

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    nice shade of lipstick on a pig

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    Quote Originally Posted by babybackribs2314 View Post

    I love the cladding on this, it makes excellent filler... one of my favorites of all the projects going up now, after seeing the base.
    These two architectural/product/interior designers do nice work. I tend to favor toward modernism in architecture &
    interiors ; still, I find their aesthetic to be very refined - despite the strong historical/traditionalist bent in everything the design.

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    Default 29 July 2012

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    I can't wait for something to be built on the Director's Guild site in order to block that horrible time share.

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    The set-back looks awkward but the facade is beautiful. It looks like it's been there since the 1920's.

    I'd say Roman and Williams want to recall the facades of the old artist-studio buildings in the area like the one next-door to it. Or the Hotel des Artistes.

    The somber black is chic's much more "57th street" than the clown-suited 157.

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    The DGA is truly awful. Somber-black is definitely chic, as well. This is almost at its roof or already there!

    Full update below.

    Willow Hotel August 2012 Construction Update

    Click image for larger version. 

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