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Thread: If you could give a short extension to one subway line, which would it be

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    Subways are expensive, it makes sense to build them in areas of highest demand. These were just ideas to relieve congestion in Manhattan and open up new areas. Plus Manhattan is great North South but East West is not so hot.

    I redrawn the map to rejig the L and 7 line to different cross streets, plus add another North South line along 5th avenue from Washington Square up the east side of Central Park and then west to Columbia.

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    Ah, I see. I was thinking otherwise because I see SBS-type service more as a style of service that should be standard for buses throughout the city. The fact that the MTA hasn't adopted at least the better spacing and the pre-boarding fare system of the SBS is beyond ridiculous.
    I think I've basically removed this thread from its original intent, so let me help get back on track: I would like to see the 7 train extended to Hoboken (entering via 9th Street, then down Garden? Clinton?), transforming the New York City Subway into the New York Metropolitan Subway. Hoboken is more dense than most of the areas in the city near the end of subway lines and also has high demand for New York access. Although it would easily be the most expensive extension proposal, it would capture a very high percentage of people using the NJT 126 bus route, most of the Hoboken ferry riders, and a good bit of PATH riders at Hoboken Terminal; these couple Hoboken stations should be within the 30 busiest stations, maybe even the top 20 depending on additional induced transit demand. Perhaps just as importantly, a project like this would be a further step towards true regional transit.
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