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Thread: Acting student moving to NYC

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    Smile Acting student moving to NYC

    Hi! I am starting at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts this fall. I can't stay in student housing and need to find an apartment. I have visited New York a few times, but I don't really know the area too well.

    I'm a certified pharmacy tech and will need to find a job in a pharmacy. I am 21 and moving out of my parent's house for the first time. So I am kind of nervous and slightly unsure about what I am doing. Should I secure a job before I find an apartment?

    I am planning on moving there in August from Florida. I don't mind living with a roommate. I just need to find one. I would prefer to live in Manhattan. I am originally from Boston so I know how cold it is and how loud living in a city can be.

    I know that I will only be able to afford a place the size of a shoe box, but I have always wanted to move to New York City so I don't care how small the apartment is.

    What is good area to live in? I'd like to be around other artists, in a relatively safe area.

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    I'll field this since no one else has thus far, but I am sure you can get better info from others.

    You should have no problem finding roommates, which will greatly enhance your choices for location and type of living space, though it will mean loss of privacy of course. Most all places will be artist-friendly. My instincts would take me toward the Lower East Side or almost anywhere in Brooklyn. Read some threads in this forum on specific Brooklyn neighborhoods (or those in other boroughs), and see what catches your eye.

    You'll find something. Since you're young and have a sense of what you're about, you should be able to uncover a great set up.

    Good luck!

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    Lower East Side, Hell's Kitchen, Chelsea. As hbcat said, Brooklyn might be a good option too, if you're willing to sacrifice the Manhattan experience. Williamsburg is hipster-ville, which kinda sounds like your crowd.


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