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Thread: castellon, costa azahar, SPAIN

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    Default castellon, costa azahar, SPAIN

    All about costa azahar, in Spain, mediterranean

    Situated on the Spanish Mediterranean coast is Castellón, the northernmost province in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Castellón, whose littoral is known as Costa del Azahar, is a land of great contrasts.
    Contrasts that formed as a result of the geographical layout. Although the capital is called Castelló de la Plana, in fact the province has more mountainous areas than flat ones. Thus, opposite the coastal strip that displays an infinite green carpet that is dotted by orange orchards, the interior is wild. Regions rich in history and monuments, and endowed with extraordinary spots that fortunately remain untouched by man. They have the same aspect today that they did centuries ago, when they were visited by medival men and women.

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    _1190192 by Vicent Clausell, en Flickr
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    Bejis, Castellon interior, landscapes

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    Nules beach

    nules by mannuel ruiz, en Flickr
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    olas by pretphoto, en Flickr
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    Moncofa is sea, Moncofa is beaches, to lie down to the Sun, to listen to the soft ripple of the waves breaking in the shore while the soft breeze of the sea throbs in your forehead, it is a moment to be left to go for the senses. Moncofa possesses a great quantity of maritime parks, walks, zones of scattering and sports fields.
    Moncofa is a small sample of the Mediterranean culture, it is to enjoy the friendship, to enjoy the small things, the passion of the fire and of the gunpowder, the solemnity of the processions and the clamor of the people who expresses and enjoys the art, everything forms a part of a few holidays in those who conjugate the art with the most absolute amusement.

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    Moncofa est mer, Moncofa est plages, s'allonger au soleil, écouter le murmure doux des vagues en cassant dans le bord tandis que la brise douce de la mer frappe dans ton front, c'est un moment de se permettre de porter par les sens. Moncofa dispose d'une grande quantité de parcs maritimes, de promenades, des zones d'épanchement et de champs sportifs.
    Moncofa est un petit échantillon de la culture méditerranéenne, est de jouir de l'amitié, de jouir des petites choses, la passion du feu et de la poudre, la solennité des processions et la clameur des gens qu'il exprime et jouit de l'art, tout fait partie de quelques fêtes dans celles qui se conjuguent l'art avec le divertissement le plus absolu.
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    Playas de Nules:

    Nules's beaches, placed to approximately 4 km of the population, there receive every year in summer numerous visitors who enjoy a few calm places and who have to see nothing with the habitual hustle of the rest of our coasts.
    This surprising landscape is opened to the blue and hot Mediterranean Sea by beaches of clean and transparent waters that are very estimated by all those they approach up to them to enjoy them, well with an agreeable bath or practising sports as candle, waterskiing, scuba diving or windsurfing. Nules's beaches are, no doubt, some of the most relaxing places of the whole Coast Orange blossom (costa azahar).

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