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Thread: The New York Jets

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    Listening in on WFAN and a Jet fan calls up and asks about the Jets picking up Aaron Hernandez (since he was released by Patriots shortly after he was arrested)... I mean, like, WOW.

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    Meanwhile, Sanchez has more butt issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TREPYE View Post
    Listening in on WFAN and a Jet fan calls up and asks about the Jets picking up Aaron Hernandez (since he was released by Patriots shortly after he was arrested)... I mean, like, WOW.
    I refuse to be accountable for all Jets fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    Meanwhile, Sanchez has more butt issues.
    I just caught that. Jesus Christ.

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    I am a genuinely pissed. Putting Sanchez in at that time of an exhibition game was inexcusable.

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    What a joke. Smith throwing 3 picks and then tossing in your 'franchise' QB with 3rd string linemen to protect him? Clearly Ryan is as deluded as his boss.
    The running game was the only thing looking promising for the Jets.

    Not that Blue looked very special last night either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishInNYC View Post
    ... then tossing in your 'franchise' QB with 3rd string linemen to protect him? ...
    That is what upsets me the most about his going into the game at that point. I would buy the arguement that Sanchez benefits from competition and needs to be pushed if not for the fact that the second team offense was in the game at that point. I realize he has issues, but once you have established Sanchez as the starter, you cannot insert him into a meaningless situation and expose him to playing behind back-up offensive linemen, and running backs who are not used to blocking in game situations. If you are going to put him in there - already a dubious propostion, you need to protect him.

    Clearly Ryan is as deluded as his boss.
    I don't know if he is deluded, but he is clearly allowing the tenuousness of his situation, and the stress that comes along with it, to effect him. That much was obvious in the press conference following the game. In a situation he is normally pretty good with, he was downright unhinged. It was weird.

    ASIDE: Apparently, McKight was cut yesterday. What an enigma. The guy has a load of talent - if he had the head for it, he could possibily be a featured back. But what a head case.
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    It continues...the Jets picked up Brady Quinn (his 873rd NFL team) today and dropped Harrell 5 days after signing him.

    Why do they make even the 4th QB position a confusing mess?

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    To me it's an indication that they are through with Sanchez. If Quinn can get up to speed on the offense within a reasonable amount of time, they will either drop or trade Sanchez, eat his 2013 gurantee, start Smith and have Quinn serve as back-up and de facto mentor.

    Ryan and Sanchez are both done, it is now a case of when, not if. I think Idzik is willing to throw this season away to get some snaps in for Geno and justifiy dropping Rex at the end of the year. This is a total rebuild year for the Jets.

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    Just getting his lame ducks in a row.

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    Notwithstanding the fact that TB virtually imploded, I thought the Jets played pretty well today, especially defensively. Mostly, they hung in there.

    The players seemed really juiced for the game too. I can't help but think they played with chips on their shoulders. Rex too seemed to have a chip. I hope so. I miss the old blustery boisterous Rex who I thoght was very good for the team.

    Nice start, considering.
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    No nacho chips in this game

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    Not sure I understood that last post, GG.

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    How much would the Jets have paid before the game for a Pats score of 13 and Brady completing under 50%?

    Geno looked very rookie in the 4th quarter with the 3 picks though he was cursed with receivers dropping decent balls throughout the game.

    What a brutally ugly game.

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    Perhaps but there were actually some positive signs. This is the second week in a row the defense has played well, although at this point the Pats have no real depth on the outside, and clearly missed Gronk. This team is no longer scary on offense.

    The Jets missed Kerley; Clyde Gates should not be in the NFL. And I am getting pretty tired of watching Hill drop passes too. If the Jets had another receiver on the bench, the 1st qtr fumble probably would have landed him on the bench. Or should have.

    Geno showed enough signs to give us some hope, although he did have fits of inaccuracy. For instance, he did under throw a couple of deep down field passes that he appeared to be open for potential big yards. Still, he already seems to have more poise and pocket presence than Sanchez. And you don't see him hanging his head after making a mistake the way Sanchez did as late as last year for instance. He seems to exude the confidence Sanchez lacks. I like what I see from him.


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