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Thread: The New York Jets

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    Wow, what a roller coaster season.

    This defensive front 7, particularly the front line, is as good as it gets. Wilkerson, Richardson and Coples are monsters. And with Davis in the game, the LB's are suddenly no longer slow. They harassed Brees all afternoon.

    Offensively, they really ran the ball incredibly well. Of course that is the Saints achilles heel. Still,I am adding Chris Ivory to my ff team next week. I love the way he runs

    The pass offense was effective in spots - at least Geno held onto the ball. Remarkably, it is worth noting that the Jets managed to beat arguably the best team in the league with their top 3 WR's and top 2 TE's on the sidelines.

    Looking pretty good for Rex in 2014.

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    I wonder has any team win-loss-win and so on....for an entire season?

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    Default Idzik Pleased With Performance of Ryan and Jets

    Startling comments from Idzik on Rex, considering the best thinking of pundits and fans (myself included) on his prospects for 201 before the season began

    November 4, 2013

    Idzik Pleased With Performance of Ryan and Jets


    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — John Idzik committed a bit of a Freudian slip Monday while mentioning how many challenges Geno Smith has confronted during the last nine months — er, nine games.

    “Feels like nine months,” Idzik said, laughing.

    The inconsistency wears on the players, the coaches and their fans, so it must wear on Idzik, the general manager, as well. But as the Jets entered their bye week, at 5-4 and holding on to the final wild-card spot in the A.F.C. after their 26-20 victory Sunday against New Orleans, Idzik said he was pleased with practically every facet of the team — from the resilience of Smith to the cohesiveness of the overhauled coaching staff to the leadership of Coach Rex Ryan.

    “I wouldn’t say it’s a surprise to any of us in the building,” Idzik said during a 22-minute interview session, his first time speaking with reporters in more than seven weeks. “We feel real good about our group and the way we’ve come together in a short period of time.”

    Idzik reserved his most effusive praise for Ryan — who is under contract through 2014 but is unlikely to enter next season without being fired or given an extension — although he would not commit to retaining him next season. Idzik said Ryan had done “very well” at squeezing victories out of a team that has dealt with several injuries; significant off-season turnover, including the departure of Darrelle Revis; and a staff with three new coordinators and 10 different coaches over all.

    “Rex has pulled it all together,” Idzik said. “He’s our leader.”

    Speaking about Ryan’s role in integrating in-season pickups like Josh Cribbs, David Nelson and Zach Sudfeld, Idzik said: “They’re productive in a short period of time. That’s a tribute to Rex.”

    Idzik, who inherited Ryan as a condition of accepting the position in January, has the authority to recommend a change to the owner Woody Johnson and hire his own coach. Ever since, Ryan’s job security has lingered as an issue — and it will, until his status is defined. Asked whether he felt comfortable enough working with Ryan to continue their partnership beyond this season, Idzik said that “we’re living in the moment” but that “it’s been a joy to work with Rex.”

    Idzik said that “there is always that hum in the background” for long-term issues, like Ryan’s standing and Smith’s viability as a franchise quarterback, but said that it was more important to handle matters day by day, game by game.

    “You let things play out, and that tells you a lot,” Idzik said. “And so far, through nine games, I think our roster, our team, our staff, our building has responded pretty well.”

    For the last nine months, Ryan has deflected every question about his job status, and he did again Monday. He said that it was inappropriate for him to act selfishly and think about his future when he was surrounded by players and coaches focused on the present.

    “Our job’s incomplete,” Ryan said. “We have a long way to go.”

    He added later: “It’s just full speed ahead. I’m not looking down the road. I’m just looking at what’s right in front of me.”

    That is also how Idzik addressed questions about Smith, the quarterback he selected in the second round in April. In his rookie season, Smith has shown flashes of promise but also a penchant for turnovers. Idzik acknowledged Smith’s inconsistency but said that he was pleased with how he has handled the scrutiny that comes with playing quarterback in New York.

    Asked when he expected to learn whether Smith was the team’s best option moving forward, Idzik offered no timetable. He said he did not feel obliged to make a decision on Smith after the season just because of the quality of quarterbacks who are expected to be eligible for next year’s draft.

    “When was that moment in time where everyone woke up and said, Wow, he’s the guy long-term? You just knew. You just knew,” Idzik said, referring to Saints quarterback Drew Brees. “That’s an accumulation of experiences and events over a period of time. I think it’s a feeling you get in the building as to where we are as a team.”

    From watching Smith over the last six months, David Lee, the Jets’ quarterbacks coach, has a strong feeling about him. Lee has often spoken about Smith’s performance in bracing candor, offering frank assessments of his progress at various junctures of his development, and he said Monday that he was encouraged because Smith rarely made the same mistake twice.

    “I’ve had long enough to feel good about him and his future here with us,” Lee said.

    It will not be Lee who determines Smith’s future. That responsibility falls to Idzik, who said he was pleased with the Jets’ record but hardly satisfied.

    “If you have a feeling of contentment or complacency, you’re at risk,” Idzik said. “We’re not going to have that feeling in this building.”

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    The good news is Mark Sanchez wants to be a Jet in 2014. Says he has a bionic arm. I wonder if his tackle has a bionic butt.

    I don't know weather to laugh or to cry.

    This team needs offensive talent and not just at QB. The receivor corp is a mess - Stephen Hill may as well be invisible. And the o-line nees a major rehaul especially the left side. This is Brick's worst year.

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    Jets are making the same mistakes with Geno as with buttfumble. They need to allow him total freedom to fail, and hopefully he leads them to victory. They can't win by restricting all his play opportunities because they are afraid of an INT. When you play not to lose, you never win

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    The problem with that statement is it does not recognize the problems Geno has had when the opportunities have been presented to him. I would buy into it if I felt they held the reins back because of their offensive philosophy, however, earlier on, Smith threw the ball quite often, downfield with disasterous results. He leads the league in turnovers.

    Right not he is not an accurate passer. Several times today, he missed wide open receivers. I think his confidence is shaken by his poor performance, and he needs time to regroup. He has tools, but he makes poor decisions, throws into coverage, and suddenly can't hit the broad side of a barn.

    the analogy to Sanchez is correct though. Like Sanchez, Smith is suffering from a confidence crisis.

    He is not helped by the fact that the Jets have real personnel problems on offense - not just a QB, but at WR, TE, and the left side of the line. With Holmes out, and Hill totally ineffective, they have no real break away play makers at the skilled positions. The best part of their offense is their running game, which is why they run the ball so much. Regarding their passing game, Nelson seems to be their go to guy; which in itself is a real problem.
    Last edited by eddhead; December 1st, 2013 at 05:26 PM.

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    Yes, that is another way to put it.

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    Jets are done for the year in all but mathematics. In reality, thier season just before the game started when Miami upset New England.

    Unlike the Giants, the Jets played pretty hard yesterday, but in the end, were undone by mistakes and ineptitude by the offense. We still do not know if Geno has it in him to lead this team - he shows signs and has plenty of raw talant and althleticism, but he makes a ton of mistakes. Still, many high performing QB's had rough rookie seasons, including Peyton Manning, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw ... the list goes on. Geno will have the next two games to prove he is the Jets franchsie QB, but regardless of how he does, it seems likely that the Jets will bring competition to camp next year to continue to push. But it won't be Sanchez

    Still there are at least some positive outcomes from this season. This team has one of the best defensive front 7's in football, period. The anchors of the line, Wilkerson and Richardson are very young, and if the Jets can manage the Cap will dominate for years to come. Harrison was a surprise, Davis played extremely well, and after losing weight in the off-season, Harris returned to a top performer at Middle Linebacker. Coples showed flashes. Pace completley vindicated himself in a reduced pass rushing role after a sub-par season in 2012. It should also be noted that Barnes, projected in preseason to be their best pass rusher missed the entire year with an injury.

    They are good, and they are deep.

    This unit fatigued late in the year - they spent an awfully long time on the field because of the offense's ineptitude, but this is the strength of the team and will be among the elite units in the league for years to come - even if the Jets do not hold onto Pace or if he retires.

    The secondary played surprisingly poorly. Comartie was hurt most of the year and I have to think that effected his play. Milner is not looking like a great Round 1 pick right now. Allen has potential at saftey and was in position to make several big plays if he can only hold onto the ball. Reed looks like he is through. Kyle Wilson was solid in a nickle role, but remember he was a 1st round pick a fewyears back and more than this was expected of him at the time he was drafted.

    Chris Ivory looks like the real thing at tailback. I love the way he runs powerfull and fast. - he is everything Shawn Green wishes he could be. He is also a hell of a blocker, virtually annhilating many a blitzing linebacker. And Powell is also very solid and runs very hard.

    They could use a 3rd down back however, as niether are particularly gifted pass receivers.

    The O-line particularly the left side disappointed. It is time to give up on Vladamir Ducasse, and Brian Winter really sturggled as his replacement. After many seasons playing at or near pro bowl levels, Fergueson played poorly. Mangold is still the best, and Colon was solid and showed outstanding leadership traits.

    The jury is out on Geno. On the whole, he was disappointing, but the Jets did little to surround him with play makers. Without Holmes, their receiving corp was abymismal. The one bright spot was Kerley who has a real shot at being a star in the league.

    This was a solid year for Ryan - I really thought he did well. If the Jets continue to play hard over the next two weeks, as they have for most of the season, winning at least one of those games, he will likely be asked back. This team's problem was personnel not coaching.
    Last edited by eddhead; December 16th, 2013 at 03:23 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddhead View Post
    Geno will have the next two games to prove he is the Jets franchsie QB, but regardless of how he does, it seems likely that the Jets will bring competition to camp next year to continue to push. But it won't be Sanchez.

    This was a solid year for Ryan - I really thought he did well. If the Jets continue to play hard over the next two weeks, as they have for most of the season, winning at least one of those games, he will likely be asked back. This team's problem was personnel not coaching.
    Watching the unfolding mess at the Washington Redskins highlights the fact that the head coach-QB relationship is probably the most important in all of sports, especially now as the NFL has become more and more QB-centric. Shanahan and RGIII are both talented, but the relationship is broken. They are useless together. Add an owner and GM into the mix, and it gets worse.

    Whatever the abilities of Sanchez, Ryan had several years to establish this link with him, and failed. I don't care how good the defense is, or how they can run the ball; I don't think you can get a team to a championship level unless you make the QB your voice in the huddle.

    I see the same thing happening with Smith, who like Sanchez, shows promise.

    Then there's the Ryan-Idzik relationship. Idzik has already made comments distancing himself from Ryan. He's in a no-lose situation, and a GM shouldn't be in that position.

    It might work out for the Jets next year if they don't replace Ryan, but I think it's a big roll of the dice, and could be another wasted year. It will be harder to do now then when Idzik was first hired; that's why I thought the new GM should have brought in his own people.

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    Rex's future with the Jets remains unknown. Generally, Idzick has been noncommittal but he at times he has been complimentary of Ryan, calling him a great teacher and leader. Of course that is when the team was 5-4 and heading into the bye.

    Remember, most followers pegged this team at 4 wins tops, before the season began - and that was before Sanchez went down, maybe 2 wins afterward. ESPN ranked them 32/32 before the season started - basically the worse team in the league.

    Ryan has been plagued with poor personnel for the past 3 years, this year included. The reason the QB/head coach relationship is so important is because the QB is the most important position on the field. I wonder how Ryan would have fared with an established QB? Despite your comments about a lack of relationship between he and Sanchez (a point I would challenge) the Jets did manage to make it to back-to-back AFC finals beating AFC Superbowl favorites (the Pats and the Colts) along the way with an underdeveloped, if not over-hyped QB. Not too shabby.

    From the onset we all knew this was a rebuilding year (or as Idzick would put it a building year) for the Jets. They took the year to shed themselves of high priced talent, get young and position themselves for next year. Indeed, assuming Sanchez, Holmes, and Cromartie go, the Jets could have as much as a $40MM in Cap space to play with next year.

    But back to Ryan. The potential for his ongoing tenure with the Jets is a crapshoot. In my opinion he has done an excellent jog this year, and if performance alone drove the decision, he would probably be OK. But the he is not Idzick's guy and that works against him. Still, if he manages to get to 7 wins it is going to be hard to fire him. If he knocks the Dolphins out of a wild card in week 18, it will be very hard to fire him

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddhead View Post
    I wonder how Ryan would have fared with an established QB?
    Sidesteps what he has shown as his weakness. He doesn't have Aaron Rodgers; he has Geno Smith, who needs development.

    Despite your comments about a lack of relationship between he and Sanchez (a point I would challenge) the Jets did manage to make it to back-to-back AFC finals beating AFC Superbowl favorites (the Pats and the Colts) along the way with an underdeveloped, if not over-hyped QB. Not too shabby.
    And he destroyed it over the next two years.

    Going into the fifth year of his contract, no one can state who is the starting QB. And if he comes back, he'll be lame duck, not a good situation for any coach.

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    ... or maybe you are laying too much of Sanchez's failure on Ryan. Perhaps he just never was that talented. You have stated that both Sanchez and Smith show promise. In Sanchez's case I am not so sure. In Smith's that remains to be seen.

    The other thing Ryan has going for him is a desire for continuity. I can't see Ryan going and Morninhweg staying - which means 4 offensive coordinators in 6 years.

    Not that it won't happen, but it works to his favor.

    I do think he did a very good job with in a challenging team this year. Even the defense featured 7 new starters this year including several rookies. The fact they have preformed this well is works in his favor.

    I think it is 50/50 ... if the Jets play well over the next 2 games it will help his chances. His players are all pulling for him and that helps too

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    If you're going to state (repeatedly) when discussing Ryan, that he took the Jets to the AFC championship game twice, I think you have to concede that it was a rookie and 2nd year QB that was on the field during the playoffs.

    Eliminating the benefit of hindsight, Sanchez showed a lot more potential going into his 2nd year than Smith has right now.

    Smith has to change that, and it's going to be Ryan's #1 job to help make it happen.

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    Sanchez certainly showed more potential as a Rookie than Smith has to date. What Smith has going for him is raw talent - he has a cannon arm, and great legs. But Sanchez showed more.


    I no sooner got the words on the page when Geno burst for an electrifying 17 yard run. Sanchez is an athlete, but he couldn't pull tht one off.


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