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Thread: The New York Jets

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    Default Woody Johnson: Rex Ryan will coach Jets next season

    Not just as a lame duck either, at least based on a Daily News story which indicates they are working on an extension

    Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported that Ryan, with one year left on his contract, has an understanding with the team to work out an extension.
    This was absolutely the right decision. Ryan did an excellent job leading this team through a rebuilding season - a team many thought would win 2-4 games this year, to an 8-8 mark despite a line-up featuring 5 rookies including at QB. Apparently, Idzick agrees

    "To finish the way we did, in our estimation, a playoff-type atmosphere for us, guys responded," Idzik said. "Suffice it to say, we're very happy with Rex as our coach."
    Find this article at:
    Woody Johnson: Rex Ryan will coach Jets next season

    By Marc Sessler
    Around the League Writer
    Published: Dec. 29, 2013 at 04:34 p.m. Updated: Dec. 30, 2013 at 01:27 a.m.

    Rex Ryan is staying in New York.

    Jets owner Woody Johnson told reporters Sunday that Ryan will be back for the 2014 season on the heels of New York's 20-7 win over the Miami Dolphins.

    "We're going to keep Rex Ryan, and he'll be our coach next year," Johnson said, also adding. "I couldn't be prouder of this team."

    It's a major victory for Ryan, who coached the Jets to an 8-8 finish amid constant speculation about his job status. The lingering perception all year in Florham Park was that Rex wasn't John Idzik's choice to build around. The new general manager ultimately was won over by the play of a team that never gave up on its coach.

    Johnson said that Ryan knew his fate prior to Sunday's kickoff. The owner informed the players of his decision minutes after Gang Green knocked Miami out of the AFC playoff picture.

    "To finish the way we did, in our estimation, a playoff-type atmosphere for us, guys responded," Idzik said. "Suffice it to say, we're very happy with Rex as our coach."

    Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported that Ryan, with one year left on his contract, has an understanding with the team to work out an extension. Ryan wants it to be a long extension, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday, per a team source. There's still work to be done, Rapoport added, and the coach is due $3.3 million in 2014.

    However, Rex was vague when asked by reporters about whether or not he'll have complete control over the fate of his coaching staff. Mehta noted that Jets assistants are "still in the dark about their futures."

    Ryan's fifth season included some of his best work running New York's defense. A youthful line, led by Muhammad Wilkerson and rookie Sheldon Richardson, will be difficult to handle for years to come. Rex will continue to be the coach guiding them.
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    Default Jets to have as much as $40MM in Cap Space for 2014/15 Season

    For the first time in quite a while, it looks like the Jets will have some cap space to play with in 2014. Good thing too. This team needs big help at WR, TE, OL , and corner.

    But their are some bright spots too. The RB situation is much better than what I thought it would be leading into the season. The defenive front 7 are among the best in football, and hopefully, they will be getting their best pass rushing LB (Barnes) back next year. And while Cromartie under-performed as lead corner last year, he played the whole season with a debilitating hip injury. Perhaps if he can rehab the hip, he will have more in the tank than what his 2013 performance would otherwise indicate.

    Look for the Jets to make a big play at key receiver spots, and to bring in a competenent veteren QB - maybe even Sanchez under a new contract to continue to push Geno. They might even take a look at Manziel if he is stil around when they draft, but I doubt he will be. I think they will try to make it work with Winters and maybe look to pick up a medoum grade utility OL player to repalce Duccasse and add depth.

    All avenues are open - free agency as well as the draft. $40MM is a lot of cash.


    Analyzing key (read: large) cap numbers

    By Rich Cimini

    The league year begins in two months (March 11, to be exact), so teams have plenty of time to get their salary-cap house in order. In past years, the New York Jets had to slash salary to get under the cap, but not this year.

    Right now, the Jets are projected to be about $20 million under the cap. The preliminary projection for the cap is $126.3 million and the Jets have $106 million committed to it, according to By the time they get done dumping overpaid veterans, they could have close to $40 million in space.

    Here's a look at some of the Jets' key cap figures for 2014:

    Antonio Cromartie, cornerback, $14.98 million:

    Cromartie is entering the final year of a four-year, $32 million contract. In retrospect, it was a sound investment by the Jets, one of the better big deals doled out by former general manager Mike Tannenbaum. That said, there's virtually no way Cromartie will play 2014 under the existing contract. It calls for a $5 million roster bonus in March, and the Jets don't want to pay that much for a 30-year-old corner (almost) who recently acknowledged he may need hip surgery. He'd account for 12 percent of the team's cap under the current deal.

    Cromartie says he wants to retire with the Jets. To stick around for '14, he can agree to significantly reduce the $9.5 million he's due to make in total compensation. If not, he probably will be released with the chance to return. Free agency would allow him to shop around and establish his market value, weighing it against the Jets' interest in bringing him back. Despite a sub-par season, Cromartie still is a good No. 2 corner and the Jets don't have anyone on the roster capable of starting opposite Dee Milliner. It makes sense for both sides to find a compromise and strike a new deal. If they cut him, they'd save $9.5 million in cap room, but a good chunk of that would go toward signing his replacement.

    Mark Sanchez, quarterback, $13.1 million

    Sanchez still has three years left on his contract, thanks to the ill-advised extension he received in March 2012, but there is no security remaining in the deal -- meaning no guaranteed money. As a result, they can release their former franchise quarterback without wrecking the cap. They'd get hit with a $4.8 million charge in "dead" money, but the overall savings would be $8.3 million. That probably will be the end result, and it will happen before a $2 million roster bonus is due in March.

    Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the two sides get to that point. Conceivably, the Jets could throw Sanchez a lifeline -- after all, they need an experienced quarterback to play behind or compete with Geno Smith -- but they'd want him to take a massive, pride-crushing pay cut. Sanchez says he wants to stay with the Jets, but at what price? He probably could land a one-year deal in the $3 million neighborhood on the open market, assuming his surgically repaired throwing shoulder checks out.

    D'Brickashaw Ferguson, left tackle, $11.7 million

    He's not going anywhere. In fact, it would cost them more not to have Ferguson on the roster than to have him -- a $13 million hit in "dead" money. After restructuring a couple of times, he's probably un-cuttable until 2016, the next-to-last year of the contract. Fortunately for the Jets, Ferguson still is a productive, if not elite player.

    Santonio Holmes, wide receiver, $10.75 million

    The guaranteed money from the ridiculous five-year, $45 million contract he signed in 2011 has disappeared, meaning Holmes soon will disappear as well. Holmes took a $3 million pay cut last offseason, and he said he'd be willing to take another (how magnanimous), but he probably won't get that chance.

    The Jets will save $8.25 million in cap space by dumping him before a $1 million roster bonus is due in March, and they won't let that opportunity pass by. Based on the past two seasons (43 receptions, 17 games missed), Holmes is a $1 million-to-$2 million-a-year receiver.

    Nick Mangold, center, $7.2 million

    This is a large cap charge for a center, but it's managable. Mangold remains a Pro Bowl-caliber player, so there's no reason to think about his ouster. But the contract may have to be addressed next year, when the cap number balloons to $10.4 million. He's signed through 2017.

    David Harris, linebacker, $7.0 million

    He'd be in trouble if he had the same cap number as 2013 ($13 million), but his charge drops to a managable $7 million, the final year of a four-year, $36 million contract. The Jets overpaid for Harris -- he's not an elite linebacker -- but he bounced back after a disappointing 2012, justifying the final year of the deal. He still has tremendous value to the defense; in fact, he missed only two snaps in 2013.
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    Reports have it that Michael Vick is being viewed as a potential back up to Smith. Unless he agrees to take about an 80% pay cut, Sanchez should be gone prior to a roster bonus due on March 25.

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    Default Jets sign eric decker - Pats sign Revis

    Anybody else surprised at the Jets' signing of Eric Decker? He is coming off a terrific year, especially in the red zone, but he also had maybe the greatest QB ever throwing him the ball, and Demaryius Thomas drawng double coverage from the other side. He won't have that luxury on the Jets where he will likely be the one drawing the double.

    He is a nice reciever but the Jets are paying him as a number 1, and seem intent on playing him that way. I always felt he is more of a top level number 2 or maybe a 1A - not quite a 1, but perhaps I am wrong.

    But the real reason I am surprised by the signing is the draft is believed to be very deep at top quality WR's, even at no. 18 where the Jets draft. Maybe the Jets saw something at the combine that led them to think that at no 18, the selection pool would not be as hot as everyone else thinks it will be, or maybe they plan to a play for another receiver with their first round pick (they definitely need 2) .
    We'll see, but is is kind of curious

    As for Revis 1 year at $12MM is not a bad deal for the best CB in football, and one of the best all around defensive players in the game, which is what I think he is. He literally changes the way teams approach playing football by taking the oppossing team's best receiver out of the game altogether, allowing doubling on he number 2, and even playing 8 in the box to stop the run.

    I know Revis has a good relationship with Ryan, but a very poor one with Idzick whom he felt disrspected by, which I am sure influenced both the Jets and Revis in their decisions to not do a part deaux. R

    On a different note Revis is playing with his thrid team in 3 years, has a one year contract which could lead to a 4th team in 2015, and is beginning to look like a hired gun at this point - and that is on him.

    Boy, Tampa looks good in all of this don't they? Thet paid Revis $16MM last year, gave away a number 1 to the Jets who turned out to be a monster player and defensive rookie of the year, and came away with nothing in year 2. What a disaster for them. They do clear up $16MM in Cap, but still this qualifies as an unmitigated fail.

    Conversely,the Jets look pretty good in letting him go to Tampa. The trifecta and ultimate idignity to Tampa Baywould have been signing him back in 2014 for $12MM giving them both Sheldon Richardson, and Revis, but it was not meant to be.
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    Losing Austin Howard was huge - both figuratively, and literally.

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    The Jets should make a play for Nicks. Sure it is a gamble, but they can probably get him for 1 year at a relative bargain price. That would free up draft space for a corner, safety, or another wide out.

    They have the cap space, why not take a shot?

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    Sanchez was just released according to Sportscenter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishInNYC View Post
    Sanchez was just released according to Sportscenter.
    The writing was on the wall, especially after the Vick signing.

    I think Sanchez has a chance to be a good QB with a fresh start, but given his recent history, he was not going to succeed with the Jets. Chances are he'll get picked up, but his chances of landing as a starter are almost nil. The odds may have been better had he been released earlier, but by this time, most teams have filled key QB vacancies.

    I do think the Jets screwed him, first by not setting him up with a top-notch and proven QB coach and OC, as they have done with Smith, and later on by waiting so long to give him his release. Frankly, I also think Idzick wanted to avoid a Sanchez / Smith competition because if Sanchez outplayed Smith in pre-season, the Smith draft selection would look to be suspect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eddhead View Post
    The writing was on the wall, especially after the Vick signing.

    I think Sanchez has a chance to be a good QB with a fresh start, but given his recent history, he was not going to succeed with the Jets. Chances are he'll get picked up, but his chances of landing as a starter are almost nil. The odds may have been better had he been released earlier, but by this time, most teams have filled key QB vacancies.

    I do think the Jets screwed him, first by not setting him up with a top-notch and proven QB coach and OC, as they have done with Smith, and later on by waiting so long to give him his release. Frankly, I also think Idzick wanted to avoid a Sanchez / Smith competition because if Sanchez outplayed Smith in pre-season, the Smith draft selection would look to be suspect.
    There are few if any places for him to land as a starter, not least with the draft coming up. I think we'll hear his name pop up here and there over the years as he bounces in and out of rosters and we'll say "remember that Sanchez guy who played for the Jets 5 or 6 years ago?"

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    As I mentioned, the Jets kind of screwed him by waiting so long to give him his release. At this point most teams in need have already made moves to pick up starting and even 2nd string QB's so he is in a kind of a tough spot for this year. He just signed on with the Eagles and is listed 3rd on their depth chart but I wouldn't be surprised if he moves into the back up spot by the time the season starts

    He will get another chance to reinvent himself at some point - someone will get hurt and he'll step in. He is a talented guy - his problem with the Jets is he was too slow to work through his progressions and not good at looking off receivers. If his primary was open or on timing plays he was fine. But if the primary was covered or the play blew apart, he often waited too long to get to the 2nd or 3rd option. I think his head was screwed on wrong. I also think he was under coached. Shotty's scheme was to complex, and Sporano was a moron. This is one area where Rex has to take the hit.

    But on another team, under less pressure, with a different coach, who knows? The guy has is an excellent athlete with a pretty strong arm, and has showed remarkable ability in his first two years to turn adversity into opportunity.

    I guess we'll see, but I would like to see him do well.

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    Default Chris Johnson lands with Jets

    We're not sure how much he has left in the tank, but this is a great gamble on the Jets' part. If he can return near to form, even in a limited role, he is a steal at $4MM.

    Allusive with great speed and surprising power, Johnson is also an excellent receiver. Has the potential to be LT redux.


    After a relatively conservative first month of free agency, the New York Jets made one of the splashiest moves of the offseason, signing former Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson to a two-year deal worth up to $9 million, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

    The base value of the deal is $8 million, and includes another $1 million in incentives, according to league sources. Johnson's deal has a team option for the second year at $4 million, which would have to be picked up in February 2015, a league source told Schefter.
    The team took to Twitter on Wednesday to confirm the signing:

    "I've always been a big fan of the Jets," Johnson told the team's official website. "There was some thought into this, but just at the end of the day, I was comfortable here. I just felt like it was the right situation."

    Released April 4, Johnson generated little interest on the open market. He visited with only one team -- the Jets -- and wrapped that up Tuesday. The team wanted to get him signed before the start of its offseason program next week. No other team was identified as a serious suitor.

    "I see this as a team on the rise," Johnson told the team's official website. "This is a winning team. They didn't make the playoffs last year, but I think they were a game out of the playoffs with a rookie quarterback. So I feel like this is a team that can do some good things."
    For years, Johnson was one of the sport's elite players. He has rushed for at least 1,000 yards in his each of six seasons, including 2,006 yards in 2009. But declining production, coupled with a large salary, led to his ouster.

    The Jets were reportedly one of four teams that inquired about trading for Johnson, but they didn't want to pick up his salary ($8 million) or surrender a draft pick, not when his release was expected.

    New York finished sixth in rushing last season and has every running back returning in 2014, yet felt the need to add more speed. Johnson, 28, is one of the fastest backs in the league, although he's coming off a season in which he averaged a career-low 3.9 yards per carry.

    Johnson's health is a question. He underwent surgery in late January to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee and resumed running only about a month ago. He said after the season that he first hurt his knee in Week 3. He didn't miss any games and became the fifth player in league history with 1,000 rushing yards in each of his first six seasons. Obviously, the Jets feel confident he will regain his explosiveness.

    There's also a question about Johnson's role. He was a workhorse with Tennessee, averaging 290 carries per season, but he likely will have to accept a reduced role as part of a committee approach. The Jets' other veteran backs are Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory, who rushed for a team-high 833 yards. Ivory's power game should pair nicely with Johnson.

    "I think I'm going to fit in pretty well," Johnson told the team's official website. "Just talking to (offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg) and to (coach) Rex (Ryan), who's a guy that likes to run the ball, I think I'm going to fit in very well. We talked about all those things, catching out of the backfield, getting the ball to me in space."

    Johnson's pass-catching ability is another reason the Jets signed him. He's not a prolific receiver, but he averages 45 receptions per season. With 42 catches last season, he was one shy of the Jets' team leader, wide receiver Jeremy Kerley. Johnson had as many receiving touchdowns as any player on the Jets.

    Johnson became the Jets' third high-profile addition on offense, joining quarterback Michael Vick and wide receiver Eric Decker.
    Once known as CJ2K, Johnson brings star power to the position, the first true breakaway back of the Ryan era. Ryan coached Thomas Jones and LaDainian Tomlinson, both accomplished runners, but they weren't home run threats.
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    Default Most Popular NFL Coaches

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    I realize 'hope springs eternal' but I have a very good feeling about this team. For the most part, I agree with Idzik's approach to build for the long term through the draft and resist the urge for quick fixes, but think is should be employed more as a guiding principle than a hard rule. Specifically a short term fix involving signing a quality shut down corner (Revis or Comratie for instance would have been nice), might have been an appropriate exception to the rule. The youth and inexperience of the secondary in general and the lack of proven reliable corners is the biggest vulnerabilty on this team.

    As to Geno, I expect a big improvment. If he reverts to early rookie season form through game 3, look for Vick to step in.


    CORTLAND, N.Y. — On the eve of training camp, the Jets checked into their dormitories at SUNY Cortland with the things that would sustain them for the next three weeks: laptop computers and flat-screen televisions, video-game systems and beloved pillows, and, to a man, an unshakable confidence in their prospects for this season.

    The Jets arrived here last year teeming with a “we’re better than you think we are” defiance, and to a degree they were proved correct, overcoming the foibles of a rookie quarterback to finish at 8-8. On Wednesday they started unpacking family photographs first, and then the expectation that they have the talent to reach the playoffs for the first time since the 2010 season.

    “I feel incredible about this team,” Coach Rex Ryan said, but in fairness, when has he not? For Ryan, entering his sixth season, lauding the Jets in training camp is as much a rite of summer around these parts as an excursion to Doug’s Fish Fry.

    This time, though, his convictions could be steeped in the tangible as much as the amorphous. Ryan, who praised his team’s off-season commitment — for the first time no players failed the conditioning test, and only two (Willie Colon and Antwan Barnes) will begin camp on the physically unable to perform list — could be overseeing his best roster in a few years, with a relentless defensive line and an upgraded set of playmakers.
    It is natural to project that the Jets will be, should be, a better team this season, even if they still have flaws that could in the end prove ruinous to their playoff hopes.

    For one thing, their secondary, long a strength under Ryan, is laden with unproven (safety Calvin Pryor, their first-round pick), inexperienced (cornerback Dee Milliner) and injury-prone (cornerback Dimitri Patterson) players. The early six-game stretch in which the Jets face Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady could be defining.

    For another, as much as the Jets are pleased with Geno Smith’s progression — Ryan said Smith was “way ahead” of where he was last year — they remain uncertain how he will perform this season and whether he represents their long-term solution at quarterback. That is why the Jets signed the veteran Michael Vick and are delighted with the progress of Matt Simms and the draft pick Tajh Boyd.

    “I don’t know if we’ve had a better quarterback situation since I’ve been the head coach here,” Ryan said.

    Smith, the incumbent, holds the advantage in the so-called competition with Vick, and unless he falters badly — and is noticeably outplayed — he will probably start the season opener Sept. 7 against Oakland. Neither the Jets nor Smith has publicly acknowledged these prospects, but Vick seems resigned to accepting, for the first time out of training camp, a backup job.

    “I still feel like I’m a premier quarterback in this league,” said Vick, who, according to the offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, is expected to receive about 25 to 30 percent of the snaps.

    Yet, Vick said, it will be imperative that he takes more mental reps during camp to prepare for what could be his new job.
    “I’ve got to find inner peace within myself, and I have to find things that keep me motivated and stimulated on the football field,” he said. “Even if it’s just being in that backup role, that should stimulate me to put myself in a position to be even better.”

    Ryan did not offer a timetable for his decision on his starting quarterback and will let training camp, and the preseason games, play out. Things can happen — bad things, like the season-ending shoulder injury that Mark Sanchez sustained in the third exhibition game last year, which thrust a raw Smith into a starting role.

    What Ryan is no doubt curious about is the burst of running back Chris Johnson. Johnson missed off-season workouts while recovering from an operation to repair the torn meniscus in his knee. The Jets intend to be cautious with him, perhaps limiting his participation at camp and during in-season practices to keep him fresh. But Johnson said he had been cleared to participate at full speed in Thursday’s workout. He dismissed the perception that, after averaging a career-worst 3.9 yards per carry for Tennessee, he had entered a decline.

    “I don’t know too many guys that have been playing with a torn meniscus since Week 3 and still ran for a thousand yards,” Johnson said, adding, “Now that I’m back, I’m just ready to play some football.”

    So, too, are his teammates, who have embraced the possibilities for this season.

    “We look good on paper right now,” defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson said, “but we’ve got to prove to everybody that we can do these great things on the field.”

    The Jets signed the veteran defensive end Jason Babin to a two-year deal to bolster their pass rush while Antwan Barnes recovers from knee surgery. Babin, 34, released this off-season by Jacksonville, had seven and a half sacks last year for the Jaguars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddhead View Post
    The #1 spot is actually a placeholder for "Whatever Coach Won the Last Superbowl"

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddhead View Post
    I realize 'hope springs eternal' but I have a very good feeling about this team.
    ^ For a team that came 29th (Giants were 28th) in points per game, 25th in yards per game and 31st in pass yards per game......the only way is up I guess!

    I find them impossible to like this time of year but I don't begrudge the Jets a good season. I'm a bit over the whole Brady/Bill dominance in the AFC East. A change would be nice.

    That said, there is yet another quarterback contest...I think you are generous giving Smith the first two starts regardless. They''ll have Vick under center by Game 1 if the preseasons go wobbly at all.

    You are going to see a resurgent Bills this year and a Dolphins team that will likely make steady progress. AFC East could be a must watch division this year.


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