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Thread: The New York Jets

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    I don't think they can afford both.

    At $3.5MM Cromartie was a relative bargain last year.The Jets should have signed him than - and I said so a the time. He was coming off a sub-par season marked by a painful hip injury that effected his ability to pivot in coverage. It clearly had an impact on his 2013 play.

    In contrast he had a very solid 2014 and will likely bring in between $6-7MM per year for 2-3 years. . He is 31, but in excellent shape, is still one of the fastest corners in a league and has demonstrated he can play press well - an increasingly demanded method because of an increasing reliance on inventive blitz schemes.

    I just don't think the Jets want to lock up that much cap space in corners when they need so much help elsewhere. They need help at RB, guard, more depth at corner and safety, a LB and another receiver. Plus ,the will probably drop another 4-5MIL on a Fitzpatrick. I don't think they will get or go after Mariota, but if they do, even the rookie contract for a 1st rounder is significant.

    I would love to have him though. He is great skills.
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    ... or I could be mistaken

    This defense has suddenly become very good

    Jets sign Cromartie for 4 years, at least $32M

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    I am so over this team....

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