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Thread: The New York Jets

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    Default The New York Jets

    I'll probably get killed for this but J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!!

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    Default Why the Jets Picked Plaxico Burress Over Braylon Edwards

    Edwards had a teffific year last year, in fact you could argue that he played better than Holmes. I would have taken him over Burress in a heartbeat, but I guess they got Plaxico on the cheap.


    August 1, 2011, 8:15 am Why the Jets Picked Plaxico Burress Over Braylon Edwards

    So the deed is done. The Jets made a big splash by signing wide receiver Plaxico Burress to play opposite Santonio Holmes. Edwards, a key player for the Jets in the last two seasons, will not be back. And the speculation? It’s that the Jets wanted Burress over Edwards primarily to grab attention in the New York market and get one-up on the Giants, their co-tenants at the New Meadowlands Stadium. The reasoning hints that Edwards wasn’t flashy enough for the “Hard Knocks” Jets. They even gave Burress the No. 17 worn by Edwards.

    It kind of makes sense that it’s all about the P.S.L.’s, right?

    Except that it doesn’t. The simple reason in this salary cap era is that signing Burress was primarily about money. This was not about the Jets showing Edwards any disrespect. Was Edwards going to sign with the Jets for the reported $3 million it took to sign Burress? Nope. While the temptation is to compare Edwards to Burress, the more realistic comparison for Edwards is with Santonio Holmes, who signed a 5-year, $50 million contract. Even with Edwards’s recent legal issues, he should still be able to exceed $3 million in guaranteed money in the free-agent market. The Jets just can’t match that right now, especially since they needed to sign Antonio Cromartie (which they reportedly have) on a budget getting smaller by the day.

    For the Jets, there is little financial risk with the Burress signing. The only one will be whether the offense will lose any of its potency without Edwards. It is a legitimate question. Burress, a dynamic player throughout his career, is nevertheless almost 34 and has not played in the N.F.L. in almost three years. The upside is that once he gets into game shape, Burress should pose many of the same matchup problems for opposing cornerbacks as Edwards did.

    If the temptation is to say Edwards’s recent legal issues affected the Jets’ decision, that doesn’t ring true. By all accounts, Edwards turned the corner last year after his D.U.I. arrest. He was at his best late in the season and in the playoffs. Edwards’s problems with drops seemed to have largely disappeared. At age 28, Edwards is a complete player who is in his prime.

    The Jets’ signing of Burress doesn’t change that. Whether or not Edwards can secure the free-agent contract he wants in the coming days remains to be seen. He didn’t help himself after a court hearing in Ohio last week resulted in an extension of his probation and could have resulted in jail time. Even if Edwards can get a long-term deal, it is possible he won’t be able to command quite the same dollars.

    Maybe Edwards should settle for a one-year contract. He could always test the market again next year, possibly with more leverage. And one year is a long time in the N.F.L. Just ask Holmes, who was in high demand in this free-agent market only 15 months after almost being released by the Steelers right before the Jets acquired him for a fifth-round draft pick.

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    Default Source: Antonio Cromartie, Jets agree

    Jets have lost some valuable contributers this year including Brad Smith and Drew Coleman. Cromartie can sometimes drive you crazy, but on balance he is a talanted playere. Considering they failed to sign Asomugha, this was huge.

    Sunday, July 31, 2011
    Updated: August 1, 10:35 AM ET
    Source: Antonio Cromartie, Jets agree

    By Rich Cimini

    Rebounding from the Nnamdi Asomugha snub, the New York Jets moved to fill their vacant cornerback spot, coming to a contract agreement early Monday morning with Antonio Cromartie, according to a league source.
    He will sign a four-year, $32 million contract, according to a league source -- $4 million per year less than Asomugha's deal with the Philadelphia Eagles and $1.75 million per year less than Johnathan Joseph's contract with the Houston Texans. NFL Transactions Analysis's division bloggers react to all the big NFL free-agent signings and trades throughout the frenzied post-lockout period. Blog
    Insider: Instant analysis
    Scouts Inc.: Free-agent tracker

    The Jets appeared to be in a bind after losing out on Asomugha, who shocked many (including the Jets) by signing Thursday with the Eagles. If they had failed to re-sign Cromartie, it would've created a major issue in the defense.

    The Jets will go into the 2011 season with the same tandem as last year, Cromartie and All-Pro Darrelle Revis.

    Though Cromartie drew strong interest from the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers, teams that would've made him the No. 1 corner, the six-year vet elected to stay in New York and took to Twitter early Monday morning.

    "They say Cro is back, Cro is back all #GangGreen fans say is Cro...," Cromartie tweeted. "I'm on my FLT headed home glad 2 b a JET...let's go win a Superbowl."

    The Jets have re-signed two of their Big Four free agents, Cromartie and wide receiver Santonio Holmes. They lost the versatile Brad Smith to the Buffalo Bills, and receiver Braylon Edwards is unlikely to return now that wide receiver Plaxico Burress has agreed to a one-year deal with the team.

    After missing out on Asomugha, retaining Cromartie became the Jets' best option to place on the other side of Revis. The Jets did not seem to think former No. 1 pick Kyle Wilson, coming off a shaky rookie year, was ready for a starting role.

    Cromartie played well in 2010, especially over the first half of the season, but his inconsistency chafed the coaching staff at times.
    He finished with three interceptions and recorded a team-high 18 pass break-ups, but he also committed the most penalties on defense and surrendered a team-high seven touchdown passes.

    The Jets acquired Cromartie, 27, last year in a trade with the San Diego Chargers. The price was steep -- a second-round pick -- and it would've been embarrassing if they had lost him after only one year.

    He was considered one of the rising talents in the league in 2007, when he was an All-Pro in his second season after getting an NFL-leading 10 interceptions, but struggled on and off the field. Cromartie's tackling was an issue in San Diego, but he vowed to get better when he came to New York, and clearly improved in that area although he led the defense in penalties.

    Cromartie was also dealing with paternity issues at the time of the deal, with seven children by several women, but the Jets advanced him $500,000 to help clear that up. He has since married reality TV star and model Terricka Cason, and often tweets about the joys of family life and his faith.

    The Jets reported for training camp at their facility in Florham Park, N.J., on Sunday, with their first practice scheduled for Monday afternoon.
    "Ok guys taking off c u guys at Florham Park," Cromartie tweeted. "God Bless u all...Jet sailing 2 be a JET...goodnight 2 some and good morning to others I'm out."

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    Default With Mason in the Wings, Cotchery Senses His Time Has Passed

    Cotchery was a class act and a damn fine receivor. At this stage in his career, Mason can't touch him. But there is concern over his health, and the Jets will net about $2.5MM in salary cap space for a third receivor. Probably a good business move, but Cotchery deserved better.

    August 4, 2011, 4:35 pm With Mason in the Wings, Cotchery Senses His Time Has Passed

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Resigned to his fate that he would be cut, Jerricho Cotchery’s thoughts Thursday drifted to an August afternoon in 2008. With Brett Favre en route to his introductory news conference in Cleveland as the Jets’ new quarterback, Chad Pennington stood before the Jets’ offense and, in one of his final acts as their starting quarterback, gave a heartfelt and emotional speech.

    “It was a tough deal for a lot of people,” Cotchery said. “He was a great leader for this team, and he got released.”

    Almost three years later exactly, his teammates were offering similar tributes to Cotchery. A scheduled visit to Jets headquarters Thursday by the free agent Derrick Mason foretold bad news for Cotchery, one of the team’s most dependable receivers and respected players.

    Cotchery, 29, was bracing for his release, waiting only for Mason, 37, to pass his physical exam. Mason, familiar with Coach Rex Ryan from their time with the Baltimore Ravens, would supplant Cotchery as the Jets’ No. 3 receiver.

    “He means the world to the team and the organization — I mean, from my eyes,” cornerback Darrelle Revis said.

    Revis added: “He’s done a lot for this organization. He has a clean record. He’s not out here getting in trouble. He’s representing himself the right way. You’ve got to try to at least reward a guy, keep him on the team as long as you can because those guys, you want to try to replace them, but you really can’t.”

    In seven seasons with the Jets, Cotchery evolved from special teamer to standout receiver, catching 358 passes for 4,514 yards and 18 touchdowns.

    Perhaps his most memorable reception occurred last Nov. 14 in Cleveland, when he tore a muscle in his left groin early in a play but hopped nine times on his right foot to get open and made a crucial diving catch.

    Cotchery missed two games with that injury and was also hampered by a herniated disd in his back, which required off-season surgery and landed him on the physically unable to perform list.

    He said he expected to play soon, but for another team, not the Jets, the only organization he knows.

    “Everyone wants that dream scenario where they want to play their entire career with one team,” Cotchery said. “But it doesn’t happen that often

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    Maybe Burress will accidentally shoot Mason.

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    sigh. I think I am going to be very lonely in this thread. Or mocked brutally.

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    There must be some Jets fans on this forum. Meanwhile, it might help if the coach dropped all the douchebaggery.

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    Say what you will about the couch, but under his leadership the team has made the AFC finals 2 years in a row. Considering where this franchise was, that is an accomplishment.
    But if I were not a Jets fan I would probably feel the same way about him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddhead View Post
    Say what you will about the couch,
    Wow, talk about Freudian slips.

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    Default Braylon Edwards agrees with Niners

    It would seem the Jets had a choice regarding the following one year deals:

    Edwards who had been in their system for 1.5 years and was coming off a terrific season - for $3.5MM
    Burress who had been out of football for 2 yrs, will have to learn the Jets' system, and never had the kind of season Edwards had for $3MM

    They went with Burress. I don't get it

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- From one former Michigan man to another, Jim Harbaugh is asking Braylon Edwards to grow up and be accountable for his actions. Like they were taught in Ann Arbor.

    Edwards is asking for a chance to contribute with the 49ers under Harbaugh.

    San Francisco signed the wideout to a $3.5 million, one-year contract Thursday, and he joined his new team on the practice field for the first time -- albeit a little late and wearing No. 81, the number formerly worn by Terrell Owens.

    "Listen here, that number's temporary," declared Edwards, who has worn No. 17. "I'm not trying to be known as the next him."
    The Niners announced the acquisition of Edwards shortly after practice began, then he emerged from the locker room less than an hour into the workout to join newly signed quarterback Alex Smith and the others.

    "Pretty crazy in the middle of practice to see him run out and jump in there," Smith said. "It's just another addition to a strange year. It's great to see him. He's a great player. The more he can add to this team the better."

    The 49ers will certainly count on the veteran receiver to make an immediate contribution for a franchise that hasn't had a winning record or reached the playoffs since 2002.

    And they're counting on him staying out of trouble, too.

    "He's hit some potholes," Harbaugh said. "You don't want that to spiral any further down. It's kind of time to start doing all the little things right, that he knows of and he's capable of. He's a good guy."

    A Cleveland judge spared Edwards jail time last month, but extended his Ohio probation by one year for violating terms by driving drunk in New York City last September.

    In January 2010, he pleaded no contest there to aggravated disorderly conduct after being accused of punching a friend of NBA star LeBron James.

    While on his 18-month probation from the Cleveland case, Edwards was charged with driving while intoxicated in his Land Rover in Manhattan in September 2010. Police said his blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

    He also has been linked to a bar fight in Michigan on Monday night, though Edwards didn't want to go into details of what transpired, saying, "At the end of the day that situation will take care of itself."

    Edwards was asked if he expects to face a suspension from commissioner Roger Goodell stemming from his run-ins with the law off the field. The two had yet to speak.

    "I don't know what his ruling will be on the situation," Edwards said. "If there is one, then I respect it and I will gladly take it, and once it's over with move forward and look to help this team be good this year."

    The 49ers liked his size: 6-foot-3, 214 pounds.

    Michael Crabtree is sidelined at the start of training camp for the third straight year, nursing a left foot injury sustained during offseason workouts that has him sporting a walking boot. Crabtree has yet to live up to the hype around him after he was drafted 10th overall in 2009 out of Texas Tech. After a 71-day stalemate between Crabtree and the team, he agreed to a six-year deal with $17 million guaranteed.
    Crabtree had 55 catches for six touchdowns and 741 yards last season. Josh Morgan and Ted Ginn Jr. are the two other regulars back from 2010, though neither has demonstrated the ability to carry the offense and consistently take pressure off running back Frank Gore.
    "It's official," Edwards said. "We have moved to the bay. I'm a proud member of the San Francisco 49ers."

    The 28-year-old Edwards made 53 receptions for 904 yards and seven touchdowns last season in his second year with the New York Jets. He spent his first five NFL seasons with Cleveland, making the Pro Bowl in 2007.

    He began talking to the 49ers Monday, then visited team headquarters Wednesday.

    "It just seemed like a good change of scenery. I've known Coach Harbaugh pretty much my whole life. He and my father played together, so that was another plus," Edwards said.

    "I think I've put myself in some situations I'm to blame for and coming out here is a good, fresh start to get clean personally with people that I trust and with a team that's supporting me through what they know I'm going through," he said.
    "When he played there and when I played there, we were taught how to be accountable, responsible, to know right from wrong. That's what I want to get back to, being the guy that can be accountable, that can be respected and who can be put in a position to thrive here and be a responsible guy for this organization."

    Safety Donte Whitner also said on Twitter that he has joined San Francisco, then sent a tweet to Edwards.

    "Bray I signed there today also...let's get a RING!"

    The 26-year-old Whitner, the eighth overall pick out of Ohio State in 2006, ranked fifth in the NFL with 140 tackles last season for Buffalo and also had one forced fumble, an interception and half a sack. He apparently had been close to signing with the Cincinnati Bengals.
    With the addition of Edwards, the Niners now have the No. 1 (Smith), No. 3 (Edwards) and No. 9 (cornerback Carlos Rogers) overall picks from the '05 draft.

    Second-year safety Taylor Mays, a second-round draft pick out of Southern California last year, was on the field for practice amid reports the 49ers are reaching out to teams across the league in an effort to trade him.

    Harbaugh acknowledged the 49ers have received inquiries about Mays over the past eight days.

    Harbaugh said general manager Trent Baalke spoke to Mays.

    "Taylor's a 49er," Harbaugh said. "There have been inquiries over the last eight days, enough to the point where you say, 'Let's check it out.' That's where we're at."

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    Not looking too good tonight. So far, the big difference between this team and the last two is the offensive line. They're just not as physically imposing as they have been in the past. They really miss Woody

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    Brutal game yesterday. Defense really disappointed and the o-line looked horrible. Sanchez was sacked 4x in the second half and was under pressure the whole game. They miss Woody; Wayne Hunter just can't block anybody, especially in pass coverage. Surprsingly, Colin Baxter was not horrible at C. Notwithstanding, this was a poor all around effort.

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    That O-line sucked, but the defense lost the game. I didn't realize Cro signed for the Raiders in the offseason, the guy had to have money on the game there's no way he could play that bad. Also Schottenheimer called a TERRIBLE second half, and Santonio Holmes called him out on it. "Schotty" as usual is wasting his considerable offensive weapons, can this clown finally get canned, PLEASE?

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    Jets still don't have a defensive line that can be a major force. I thought they might have fixed that in the off-season.

    You have to give some credit to the Raiders; they were an unknown factor coming into the game. They look like a good team.

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